Capital One Affiliate Program: Is It Worth It?

Capital One transformed the credit card industry with data and technology over 25 years ago.

They currently serve over 100 million customers from various industries and are among the most prominent retail banks in the US.

As of April 26, 2023, Capital One Financial’s net value is $36.2 billion.

That is huge!

This company has multiple services apart from issuing credit cards. Services like Capital One shopping, auto, commercial, business, checking and savings, and more.

The founder of this company, Richard Fairbank, started Capital One with the belief that cooperation between employees and mutual respect brings out the business’s creativity.

There are tons of trusted customers who believe in Capital One because of their real-time intelligent customer experiences.

Their customers are the ones who helped them reach success by making themselves successful individuals with the help of Capital One’s advocacy and interactions.

This company has a pretty good image across the States and joining them as their affiliate will help you earn some extra money while in your comfort.

Yes! That’s right! Capital One has an affiliate program for you through trusted affiliate networks, which I have discussed below! Let’s have a look.

What is Capital One? 

Capital One Homepage

Let me give some details about this company because many don’t know what Capital One is, so to bring them on the same page, let’s begin.

It is a credit card company whose foundation was that no one should be excluded from the financial system.

Their company, community relationships, philanthropy, and, most importantly, customer support all demonstrate their intense dedication to financial inclusion.

They aim to alter banking fundamentally.

Capital One Affiliate Program

Capital One Affiliate Program Page

To join capital one’s affiliate program, you must already be a credit card holder of capital one. They have a variety of credit cards for you to select from.

The range begins from QuickSilver, Quicksilverone, Savor, SavorOne, Venture, VentureOne, Platinum, and Secured Mastercard.

They offer eight percent on every sale through links and banners provided to you. You will even get a cookie period of thirty days.

This affiliate program can be accessed and joined on a global level.

Official Website:

Affiliate Signup Page: FlexOffers, bank-rate-credit-cards

Commission Rates: 8% per purchase 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Affiliate Network/Platforms: FlexOffers, Bank Rate Credit Cards

How To Join The Capital One Affiliate Program?

To join their program, you have two options to choose from.

One affiliate program is offered by Flex Offers, where you can get an easy commission of eight percent on every extension that gets installed, along with a cookie window of thirty days.

You will even get access to uniquely curated banners depicting how easy it is to use credit cards.

Another network that provides a Capital One affiliate program is Bank Rate Credit Cards. This site has been active for other banks like Amex, Chase, Discover, and much more.

To get information about their affiliate program, you must sign up as an advertiser on their sign-up page and get approved.

Once you are in, you will get all the banners and text links. Apart from that, you will get to know the commission rate and referral duration too!

If you are wondering whether this company has a direct affiliate program to offer, I would want to burst that bubble because they have tied up with these two trust partners I have just discussed.

You can join their affiliate program only through them!

Who Can Join The Program? 

One of the essential facts to remember while joining their program is that you must be a verified credit card holder with them! You can choose any card from the options that I have already talked about above. 

If you are a capital one credit card holder and have an audience keen on finances and budgets, you might quickly get approved! 

You must have one eligibility criterion to be accepted. So it is imperative to fulfill their affiliate program eligibility criteria. 

In Conclusion

Would you believe if I said that Capital One holds the #9 rank across the states regarding banks? 

No doubt this company has a substantial net worth to brag about! 

It has millions of trusted customers that get financial services through them daily. 

The financial business this company is making is something to consider and earn some monetary benefits from! 

You, as their affiliate, can get an easy income just by promoting their credit cards while you’re on your sofa with no extra effort! 

So honestly? What is it that’s stopping you? 

Also, remember to apply for their credit card before registering for their affiliate program. There is a reason why I am mentioning that multiple times!

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Why should I join Capital One’s affiliate program? 

Making decent money while promoting money is a win-win! 

Not only do you make a decent commission, but you can also avail all the benefits that they let their credit card holders avail. 

Why is it important to be a Capital One credit card holder before joining the affiliate program?

It is a company policy. It is an eligibility criterion that one has to follow to become an affiliate. 
Every company has its own criteria for approving their affiliates, hence Capital One has this! 

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