9 Candy Affiliate Programs (Tasty Commissions!)

Want to sample a collection of affiliate programs that will be fun and interesting to market?

If you’re bored with the rat race of serious business and want a fun way to earn money, think of cool ways to utilize these programs!

Mmmmm…What a yummy niche! Sweets get a bad rap because of all those pesky dentists always trying to keep us healthy.

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but guess what? The dentists are in on it!

I mean, even they give lollipops to children as they leave. Sugar is a powerful drug, so it’s important to be careful.

Honestly, though, candy gets a hard second on my list of things that make me happy, second only to puppy dogs.

Sour patch kids, licorice, Hershey’s Kisses, Dark Chocolate, Peach Os, and KitKats; If you don’t like one, there’s always another. 

Fireworks will always go off in our brains when we eat candy. After all, the reaction is hard-wired into our bodies.

So what’s wrong with enjoying it every now and then? That’s what sweets are all about, just lay back, relax, and enjoy sucking.

No point in being too serious in life. No matter what, you won’t make it out alive. With no further ado, let’s see what this niche offers.

The Best Candy Affiliate Programs

  1. CandyStore.com Affiliate Program
  2. Sugarwwish Affiliate Program
  3. Candy ASAP Affiliate Program
  4. Bayside Candy Affiliate Program
  5. Old Time Candy Affiliate Program
  6. CandyLipz Affiliate Program
  7. Planet Candy Affiliate Program
  8. Japan Candy Box Affiliate Program
  9. Life is Sweet Affiliate Program

1. CandyStore.com Affiliate Program

CandyStore.com Affiliate Program

Candies are a great addition to parties and events or any place with hordes of people. Obviously, it’s much better to buy them in bulk for such cases, but there are many other cases to buy candy in bulk.

It might be better to buy a lifetime supply if you loved a particular candy from your childhood that you can’t find anymore. Well, CandyStore.com is perfect for those times.

The website sells all your popular branded candies in bulk. The company also makes its original taffy and other sweet stuff. Moreover, they can ship it all to you within a day for less than ten bucks. 

ShareASale is hosting this affiliate program. It only gives you a zero-point-five percent commission with a sixty-day cookie duration. It also comes with a full range of tracking functionalities. 

You’ll also get some digital assets for promotion, like a data feed. As usual, TM bidding and listing on coupon sites are not allowed. 

Since the orders are primarily wholesale, the commissions might be more than you’d think.

Niche: Wholesale Seller (US-only)

Company Page: https://www.candystore.com

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://candystore.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: 0.5%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

2. Sugarwish Affiliate Program

Sugarwwish Affiliate Program

Giving people gifts can be a real hassle. What is the receiver interested in? What do they need? What can they get value for years to come?

That’s why candy is a safe bet. Though many people are anti-sugar, Sugarwish brings you the perfect solution.

With their platform, you can pick a gift size and select some options. You will then get a link that you can share with the gift receiver.

With this link, the receiver can choose from the options and deliver it to their door.

Their packaging is good-looking, and if you sign-up as a corporate partner, Sugarwish will customize the branding on the boxes for you.

Personalization is the core of their business, after all.

They have all kinds of products besides candy, by the way, cookies, snacks, popcorn, coffee, tea, and even flowers and notebooks.

About the affiliate program, you can earn up to fifteen percent commissions with a thirty-day cookie duration.

They also offer exclusive offers, samples, and much more to affiliates. Check out the sign-up link below for more info.

Niche: Gift Boxes (USA-only)

Company Page: https://sugarwish.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://sugarwish.com/us/affiliates

Commission Rates: 10-15%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Candy ASAP Affiliate Program

Candy ASAP Affiliate Program

This company makes unique edibles that satisfy even the pickiest of sweet tooths. Candy ASAP has products like cookie dough balls and cereals, Dr.Pepper-flavored cotton candy, and chocolate-covered Gummy bears.

I think I’m dizzy from hearing those names! I don’t know what they might taste like, but they’re nothing like I’ve ever seen before. I would love to try their cookie dough bites, actually.

Candy ASAP makes very different and novel candies. If you or your audience are candy connoisseurs, y’all can’t resist trying these out. 

The affiliate program gives you a unique coupon code. Your followers can use this to get a ten percent discount, and you will earn a ten percent commission on their purchases.

A great option for YouTubers. The program is a small scale, though; the sign-up page is just a Google form.

Niche: Candy Manufacturer (International)

Company Page: https://candyasap.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://candyasap.com/affiliateprogram/

Commission Rates: 10% commission

Cookie Duration: Coupon Code System

4. Bayside Candy Affiliate Program

Bayside Candy Affiliate Program

Now sure, candy is awesome. But commercial varieties are still really bad for you. Since they are made in factories and require a long shelf life, a ton of unnecessary ingredients are added to give these effects. 

Also, who wants to give even more money to these big companies? Well, that’s exactly why I’ve added a family-owned candy store with real values. You can tell just by looking at their products.

Being a candy store, they have all your staples and crowd favorites like mints, rock candies, gummies, and sour stuff. They also have a whole bunch of sugar-free, salt-free, and other options like nuts.

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and quinoa, on top of all the dried fruits you can imagine, from kiwis to peaches. Bayside Candy also prioritizes good customer service and client relationships. 

I could not find much about the affiliate program except that it offers a standard five percent commission. The products are also shipped internationally.

I think most people would prefer this over your average Hershey’s-type company.

Niche: Family-Owned Candy Store (Worldwide)

Company Page: https://baysidecandy.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 5% rate

Cookie Duration: Unknown

5. Old Time Candy Affiliate Program

Old Time Candy Affiliate Program

Nostalgia is the very foundation of this brand. Old Time Candy is dedicated to providing special treats that delighted you as a kid.

You’ll find a huge variety of these older candies on their website. Like: Atomic Fireballs, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, and the extremely sour Warheads, to name a few. 

Tastes and smells can take you back in time and bring forth deeply buried memories. If you see candy from your past, try it out, and you’ll see what I mean.

This affiliate program has shared a lot of information. For one, it has a respectable conversion rate of 4.4%. It’s also hosted on ShareASale, which is always a plus in my book.

You’ll earn a ten percent commission with Old Time Candy’s affiliate program. There is a thirty-day cookie duration, and you’ll also get regular discount coupons for promotions.

The average order value is sixty-five dollars, and eAccountable manages the program. You can rely on them for affiliate support. Banners and links are also provided.

Niche: 90’s Sweets Shop (International)

Company Page: https://www.oldtimecandy.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://oldtimecandy.com/pages/affiliate-programs

Commission Rates: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. CandyBird Affiliate Program

 CandyLipz Affiliate Program

Do you have people from South Africa and nearby countries in your online community? This program might work better than American ones for you if that is the case.

CandyBird is a Candy and Nut store in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Their products are sold in beautiful and minimalistic packaging. I think that suits their candies as well.

All the snacks here are simple, made with a few ingredients, and kept as natural as possible. They also have some healthy options like flaxseed powders in their catalog.

The affiliate program pays competitive commissions that increase with sales. So the more you sell, the more you can earn. Obviously, you need the right kind of traffic for this.

This program is aimed at small businesses and individuals, so the products are all for 100gm packaging. I think the company itself is doing some pretty good work. Why not see if your audience would feel the same?

Niche: Candy & Nuts (South Africa)

Company Page: https://www.candybird.co.za/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.candybird.co.za/agents

Commission Rates: 5-27%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned by CandyBird

7. Planet Candy Affiliate Program

Planet Candy Affiliate Program

This Irish company has a very good-looking website with a complete range of products. Planet Candy is a one-stop shop for everything from bulk to novelty sweet food items.

What do they offer that we haven’t seen from the other companies on this list so far? That’s what I am focused on here. They provide baking supplies, soft drinks, and many other unique types of products.

I also like how they have categorized the candies according to the occasion. Besides that, they all have all of your other popular items, including nostalgia snacks. I think this is better for UK and EU-based audiences.

I really couldn’t find much about this affiliate program either. All I know is that they offer affiliates a standard five percent commission. Please contact Planet Candy after signing up through the link below to find out more.

Niche: Full-Range Candy Store (International)

Company Page: https://www.planetcandy.ie/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

8. Japan Candy Box Affiliate Program

Japan Candy Box Affiliate Program

Did you know that KitKat has over 300 different flavors in Japan? Believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Japan has a vast and unique snacking culture. You can find unique and creative candies and snacks here that are nothing like what you can get elsewhere.

The owners of Japan Candy Box know this very well. That’s why they’ve created this subscription-based snack box service in the US. Choose a plan, pick your interests, and receive a box every single month.

I am familiar with just how alien Japanese food is and how fun it can be to discover the tastes, flavors, and textures. What a great way to discover a foreign culture.

Their affiliate program offers you a five-dollar commission for every sign-up you can initiate. If you make content on anything related to Japan, this can be a real hit with your American audience.

Promotional materials and widgets are also shared with affiliates. 

Niche: Japanese Candy Store (USA only)

Company Page: https://www.japancandybox.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: https://www.japancandybox.com/affiliate/

Commission Rates: $5

Cookie Duration: Not Available

9. Life is Sweet Affiliate Program 

Life is Sweet Affiliate Program

Here, you can find ample options for all gifting needs in the UK and Europe.

This Candy store is based in New Hampshire and focuses on homemade delights and desserts. Life is Sweet is a family business that started in 2006. It was originally just a local sweet shop selling things like homemade fudge.

Today, it has expanded into pretty much everything you can think of. They sell cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, fudge, and even ice cream. Home-made is always better than a factory, so that’s a big plus!

They also sell candies and imported sweets. Life is Sweet also makes custom candy boxes. In fact, they have all kinds of other gift items, like cards for every occasion. 

The affiliate program is a part of Shopify Collabs at the moment. They’ve mentioned a ten percent commission rate. There is also a promise of discount codes, opportunities to collaborate, and discount codes.

This program is as good as any if you have a European audience. Did I mention that they have a Harry Potter-themed gift box? Check out their website to take a look!

Niche: Giftshop and Candy Store (UK & EU)

Company Page: https://lifeissweetcandystore.com/

Affiliate Sign-Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

In Conclusion

Wow, what a sweet list. Okay, I’m done with the puns now, sorry. 

Now that we’ve seen a few different options, let me categorize them to help you out a bit:

  • Programs #1, 3, and 4 are wholesale sellers that provide bulk orders. These are good for those in events and family-friendly spaces.
  • Programs #2, 8, and 9 provide amazing gift boxes, great for anyone who loves sweets.
  • I would say that the biggest thing to consider is the location where these programs are available. # 3, 5, and 7 are international programs with global shipping of products.
  • Meanwhile, programs #1, 2, and 8 are limited to the US, while #6 is based in South Africa, and #9 is based in the UK.

If you run a YouTube channel with a sizeable following, try to sign-up for one of these programs. Do a review of their products, and you might be surprised by the response from your audience.

The thing is that everyone loves sweets, at least those who can eat them without medical repercussions.

If you can figure out what your audience, network, or community is interested in, you can totally make some sweet dough from this list. 

Okay, now I’m really done.

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

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