13 Best MLM Jewelry Companies (To Make $$$)

In recent years, multi-level marketing (MLM) companies have gained considerable popularity in various industries, including jewelry. 

Multi Level Marketing or MLM is one of the great ways to earn money; if you want to associate yourself with this channel to earn money, why not start with the jewelry niche, right?

This article will help you to find some of the best companies in the industry.

And yeah, none of the companies have paid me to mention them; I have come up with the name after thorough research. 

1. Paparazzi Accessories 

Paparazzi Accessories is popular among all the girlies that love jewelry but can’t afford the expensive ones.

So, Paparazzi comes to the rescue. This company sells every piece of jewelry for just $5. Yes! FIVE!. 

You will get every type of jewelry at Paparazzi, from classic to trendy! From necklaces to anklets, everything you want to have in your closet.

Also, this company has an MLM business model where you can join their team and become a consultant. All you have to do is follow a three-step easy process.

First, you need to find a sponsor, then select a kit (these started kits start at $99 only and go up to $499); these kits always provide a higher value than what it is worth.

For example, if you get a Large Home Part Kit for $499, you will get 200 pieces of jewelry worth One thousand dollars. Lastly, invite your friends and family and start the party!

See, easy, right? This is how you can associate with the company, sell all the affordable Paparazzi accessories, and get a commission (on personal sales).

As a consultant, you can also hire new members to join your team. This will help you to sell products faster and earn that extra bonuses apart from the commission on sales. 

Official Website: https://paparazziaccessories.com

2. Stella & Dot

As a woman, this company inspires me a lot!

The founders of Stella & Dot started the business in a room with the dream of making it global one day. The company donates a considerable portion of its profit to charity and takes steps towards sustainability.

To make customer experiences smooth and more enjoyable, Stella & Dot has a new program where they hire people only for a particular market or city, train them to sell to the target audience, and give back to the community.

These hired people (called ‘Stylists’ by the company) will work on an MLM approach, where they will personally reach out to the individual customers and offer them services at community shopping events. 

Stella & Dot offers great commission to its Stylists and trains them in their home office to make bigger sales in their dedicated local areas.

The brand is currently offering the position of ‘Stylist’ in the US only!

So, if you are from Virginia, Washington DC, Boston, or nearby areas and are interested in joining the company (to earn commission on personal and monthly sales)- you can fill in the application and wait to get accepted!

Official Website: https://www.stelladot.com

3. Premier Designs

This brand caters to a range of fashionable and stylish jewelry; Premier Designs offers reasonably priced jewelry.

It is one of the oldest MLM jewelry companies, making it more reputable than the others. 

You can go through all the company’s designs as it is available on their official website, or you can personally ask the jeweler for the catalog. 

The prices of the accessories start from $6 and go up to $104, so anyone with any budget can get excellent products from the website. I think that’s cool!

The company also works on MLM design, where the commission is paid in a two-tier structure; the consultant and her team will get paid some percentage of the sales they made. 

And the company gives a chance to its consultants to earn extra incentives on top of the commission made on direct sales.

One more benefit of being on the Premier Designs team is you just have to make mouth sales, which means you sell the products through your words, and the company will ship you on your behalf! 

Official Website: https://kimspremier.com

4. Origami Owl

Origami Owl has all kinds of jewelry you can’t easily get in the market. From unique designs to quality products, this brand is known for all the good things.

When I saw their special Mickey and Miney edition jewelry, I realized this brand is definitely different from the others because they are trying to offer something unique that sets you apart from the crowd. 

The co-founders of Origami Owl believe that the brand will spread love and inspire all people around the world to achieve their dreams and, at the same time, empower everyone to bring positive change in their lives. 

The MLM scheme of Origami Owl is similar to all the other schemes we know. Here also, you will get a commission on direct sales and some amount when your recruit makes a sale.

You are allowed and encouraged to hire new people under you to make more sales of the company’s jewelry and get recruitment commissions & incentives (quite amazing, right?)

Official Website: https://thinkgoodness.com/pages/origami-owl 

5. Park Lane Jewelry

What I find best about Park Lane Jewelry is that it has the trendiest jewelry and, at the same time, vintage ones. One should look for this place if you want every kind of accessory in one spot.

The brand also gives you an opportunity to join them and earn a commission of up to 50 percent on all sales you make.

Weekly and monthly bonuses are also part of their MLM program, where you get paid for recruiting also. 

Work as much as you like, whenever you want, and where you like. Park Lane Jewelry will always support you with training and other promotional activities so that you can make a significant commission out of your sales.

Cash bonuses, vacations, free products, and luxury cars- you can do all these as well with the right motivation to work and excel.

Their starter kit for the partners is also very affordable (to each one of us!), and the delivery is available worldwide for your convenience and better reach. 

Official Website: https://parklanejewelry.com

Commission Rate: 50% pay

6. Silpada

Silpada is a silver jewelry-making company.

Over the years, millions of ladies have been thrilled by Silpada’s high-quality silver jewelry goods.

The company proudly pledges to the finest standards of craftsmanship because they are true to their roots and see every customer as a friend. 

The company has a variety of designs to choose from and the best quality materials, which will last longer than you would expect. They even have the option to buy goods wholesale. 

Talking about its MLM structure, the brand gives you a twenty percent commission!

Not only this but as its partner, you can get marketing and promotional assets to make a good number of sales in a short period of time.

Being its partner is free; you get incentives when you make more sales than required.

Building personal connections with customers and posting promotional content on social media to drive sales and build a team- is what is expected of you as a Silpada member!

Official Website: https://www.silpada.com

Commission Rate: 20%

7. Touchstone Crystal

Swarovski is everyone’s favorite, right? But what does Swarovski have to do with Touchstone Crystal? 

Touchstone Crystal is Swarovski’s direct-selling company, and the best part is you can join one of the most loved jewelry companies for just $99. 

Touchstone Crystal has every type of gem and stone you have ever heard of! They have it from pink to purple, from aqua to brown, and most of the time, it’s on sale; another piece of news to be happy about! 

You get the opportunity to do your own business by selling Touchstone Crystals, where there is no time restriction, no place is specified to make sales, and you get a good commission on your personal deal. 

A member can also become a leader when they recruit people under them, and the leaders can earn higher than what they used to get as commission on sales. 

Jewelry discounts and monthly incentives are another part of their MLM scheme but take into consideration that you will only get paid if you make sales; there is no such thing as fixed income which you can have just by joining the company!

Official Website: https://www.touchstonecrystal.com

8. Magnabilities

The company was founded in 2008 to help jewelry lovers give the world of accessories without burning a hole in their pockets.

Basically, Magnabilities are interchangeable magnetic jewelry with just one necklace. You can get any many designs as you like.

The concept is simple; you get a necklace and several magnetic charms, so change as per your mood and the event you are going to!

The charms are available in so many designs, and they are not too expensive so that you can update your everyday look with Magnabilities.

To be a member, you have to host a party where your friends and family would come to buy this jewelry; this is how your first MLM would start with Magnabilities. 

Two hundred fifty dollars is the minimum retail purchase for the party, and the hostess will receive a $150 shopping spree gift certificate to buy anything from the store.

If you are interested, there are contact details on the official website. Connect with them to host a party. 

Official Website: https://magnabilities.com

9. Plunder Design

With Plunder Design, you can get a monthly jewelry box filled with the trendiest jewelry after subscribing to it.

This is one of the different companies I have put on this list because this looked cool and unique brand.

The accessories by Plunder Design have lots of variety, and every customer of the company is a fan of the jewelry because of its quality and durability.

Headbands, rings, earrings, and everything is available with the brand, and it caters to the needs of everyone despite of age and geographical location. 

The company also follows the MLM strategy to recruit members and make good sales.

Then the members are also permissible to enlist more people under them; this will increase the first member’s commission amount and make them the head of a group they have recruited. 

This brand also has the same procedure where you host a party and call your near & dear ones to the part to create networking and to make sales. 

Official Website: https://www.plunderdesign.com

10. You’Nique Jewelry

This company came into being eighteen years ago, and since then, it has been serving its customers well.

A mom had a vision of owning a jewelry business and went for it!

The founder made it happen after she went to several community parties and events, and one fine day, she got a call to go on a show with her jewelry.

That was the time ‘You’Nique jewelry took over.

Currently, their website is not active for you to place orders, but you can join the team to make sales and earn a lucrative income from it. It is also one of the MLM jewelry companies. 

Official Website: https://www.youniquejewelrybykristen.com

11. Sabika Jewelry

Sabika Jewelry is run by a woman who wants to help every woman out there and empower them through the MLM business.

The jewelry by Sabika is of good quality and celebrates womanhood and uniqueness. All the accessories are made with love and symbolize a woman’s dedication and strength.

You can be its consultant and earn a commission of up to 35 percent on all the sales you make! The company will also help you with selling and sharing tools such as marketing materials, hostess rewards, and personal websites.

They have virtual training programs, business centers, events, and home office support to grow with the company. 

Sabika virtual starter pack starts at just twenty-five dollars, so you can earn a commission with them by investing as little as $25. 

Official Website: https://sabika-jewelry.com

Commission Rate: 35%

12. Vantel Pearls

Another company on this list is Vantel Pearls- it is a well-known MLM jewelry brand that focuses on providing distinctive and stylish pearl jewelry.

By combining the excitement of opening oysters, revealing real pearls, and putting them into lovely jewelry pieces, the company offers its consumers a unique experience. 

Customers can choose oysters and find their own hidden gems during “pearl parties” that Vantel Pearl’s consultants arrange online after they become members.

The brand aims to create a feeling of delight so that each item of jewelry becomes a treasured remembrance for all buyers.

Every piece of Vantel Pearls jewelry is different from the others because they are made with very minute specifications to cater to every customer. 

Vantel Pearls take pride in the fact that it is successfully running its Direct Selling Association, or as we call it, MLM.

Every associate can earn a commission on sales made by them and some other financial and monetary benefits when the agents recruit new sales representatives under them.  

Official Website: https://vantelpearls.com

13. Fifth Avenue Collection

Fifth Avenue Collection is a renowned MLM jewelry company known for its high-end, luxury jewelry pieces yet at affordable rates. 

With a focus on quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, the brand offers a wide selection of elegant designs for both men and women. I fancy their delicate designs so much!

Consultants showcase the collection through in-person and virtual events, providing a personalized shopping experience.

Anyone can join the company’s MLM system to do business by paying $99 upfront. So yeah, that’s the fee to join.

Fifth Avenue Collection’s jewelry is often inspired by the latest fashion trends, ensuring that customers can find pieces that complement their style and make a statement. 

Official Website: https://us.fifthavenuecollection.com

In Conclusion

Understanding MLM can be quite difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can earn decent money with this business approach. I would advise you something before you get yourself into jewelry MLM.

  1. Firstly, always go for quality products. In this way, you can convince your audience to buy products without having to doubt yourself.
  2. Check the company beforehand to see if it’s worth spending your time and energy on or if it’s a fraud. 
  3. Read all the commission plans and policies properly so you don’t expect something else and get different amounts and incentives. 
  4. Give proper time to your business to earn considerable income from MLM business. 

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