13 Affiliate Programs For Influencers (Big Payouts!)

There are two kinds of people in this world; people who influence and people who get influenced!

If you happen to fall into the first category, I have some good news for you.

Today I’ll be sharing a listicle of fifteen influencer affiliate programs that you can use to supplement your income from the content you create.

Yes, you have to be a part of their team, and following that will monetize your content. Sounds easy to me.

What do you say?

I think let’s check this list out!

Influencer Affiliate Programs

  1. Hubspot Affiliate Program
  2. Clickbank Affiliate Program
  3. Canva Affiliate Program
  4. Grin Affiliate Program
  5. Tapfiliate Affiliate Program
  6. SkimLinks Affiliate Program
  7. Affiliatly Affiliate Program
  8. Razer Affiliate Program
  9. Plantish Future Affiliate Program
  10. Olaplex Affiliate Program
  11. Mable and Meg Affiliate Program
  12. Youtube Affiliate Program
  13.  Panasonic Affiliate Program

1. Hubspot Affiliate Program

HubSpot was created in 2004 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, authors of Inbound Marketing, and recently celebrated their 15,000th customer. 

Their CRM technology makes it simple for businesses to collaborate, and the HubSpot Customer Code serves as a guidepost for online growth.

If you are an influencer, then their partner Program is an excellent technique to earn cash from your content while also assisting the small and medium-sized business community in flourishing.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

In the program, you get a commission rate of up to a hundred percent! Ever heard that before? Monthly plans range from fifty dollars to three thousand dollars, by the way.

As an affiliate, you can earn commissions for each eligible customer you recommend by promoting their software through blog articles, email newsletters, banner ads, and other digital material. 

Also, the cookie window here is a generous ninety days.

Official page: https://www.hubspot.com/

Affiliate Signup Page:  https://www.hubspot.com/partners/affiliates

Commission Rate: 15-100%

Cookie Duration:  90 days

2. Clickbank Affiliate Program

ClickBank is a reliable global partner for product sellers and affiliate marketers wishing to create, advertise, and scale their online businesses.

The firm has over 25 years of leadership, solution delivery, supply chain solutions, marketing, and technology experience.

You must have heard about it while searching for different affiliate programs because it manages a lot of affiliate programs.

ClickBank is the world’s leading affiliate marketplace, with high commissions(up to 90%), dependable payments, top-performing offers, quality products, accurate tracking, devoted support, and online marketing training.

You can sign up for a free account to gain access to high-quality products, dependable payments, high-performing offers, accurate tracking, dedicated support, and online marketing training. 

Let me tell you that it has over 4,000 exceptional items and $5.8 billion in affiliate commissions, making it simple for you to generate money without creating your own products. 

Also, you can join ClickBank to have access to unique tools and resources, an active community, and a FREE course that will get you up and running as an affiliate in half the time. Isn’t that amazing?

Official page: https://www.clickbank.com/

Affiliate Signup Page:  https://www.clickbank.com/affiliates/

Commission Rate:  Upto 90%

Cookie Duration: Not listed

3. Grin Affiliate Program

GRIN is the world’s first creator management platform, with tools for cultivating brand partnerships efficiently. 

It integrates with all marketing platforms, social networks, e-commerce solutions, and communication tools, and it handles all creator relationships in one location. 

The Referral Partner Program at GRIN gives partners exclusive access to GRIN service features, rewards, new product releases, co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers and webinars, and industry-specific capabilities.

Also, how can I forget about the commission? You get a ten percent commission on referrals like any standard program.

Official page:  https://grin.co/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://grin.co/referral-partner-program/

Commission Rate:  10%

Cookie Duration: Not listed

4. Canva Affiliate Program

Canva is an online design and visual communication tool that aims to enable anybody worldwide to design original content easily. 

They aim to be a force for good, making the world a better place through positive deeds, inclusion, and diversity are some of their principles. The heart of the company is in simplifying difficult things.

If you are a design enthusiast with a substantial readership and a design-related website and can generate sales for the company, join their affiliate program.

Anyone can make use of well-made digital assets nowadays, so Canva can be marketed very creatively to a variety of tech-savvy audiences.

Their affiliate program pays up to thirty-six dollars for each new Pro subscription that uses a unique referral link to sign up.

A website, mobile app, social network links, and app store landing page must be submitted as part of the application process.

They’ll send you a welcome email with guidelines, instructions, and helpful hints if you are accepted.

Also, Impact Radius manages this affiliate program.

Official page: https://www.canva.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.canva.com/affiliates

Commission Rate:  $36

Cookie Duration: Not listed

5. Tapfiliate Affiliate Network

Tapfiliate is an affiliate management software that assists thousands of businesses in becoming more successful by gaining loyal consumers and pushing their audience to promote their brand.

It is a subsidiary of Admitad, a market leader in online advertising solutions with extensive knowledge of the online advertising sector. 

It aims to restore balance to the ecosystem by reintroducing the human touch into advertising. This is something crazy.

With extensive guidelines, professional learning resources, and champion support, it has now become more than simple software. 

Software like this needs to be shared with people who can get benefits from this, like small business owners.

I think that would be great, and it becomes better when I tell you about the commissions.

You get commissions of twenty percent on each paying customer you suggest. To earn commissions, sign up and share your referral link. 

Remember that Commissions are only paid when referred consumers enroll in a premium plan, and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can send.

Official page: https://tapfiliate.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://affiliates.tapfiliate.com/

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: Not listed

6. Skimlinks Affiliate Network

Here is another great platform for you to monetize your content.

Skimlinks is the leading commerce content monetization platform, with enterprise leaders and SMEs relying on it. 

It automates affiliate commerce content, tracks over $2.5 million in daily sales, and immediately links to thousands of merchants.

It’s also completely free and simple to use, with fully verified privacy frameworks and GDPR compliance. That means it’s safe and secure as well.

The affiliate program provides exclusive commission rates, Social Media Monetization, and Publisher Insights to assist you in understanding how your content performs. 

The fixed commission structure is unavailable on their page, but they claim to provide the best ones.

Official page: https://skimlinks.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://merchant.skimlinks.com/network/affiliate-programs

Commission Rate: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

7. Affiliatly Affiliate Network

Affiliatly is an affiliate hosting platform that allows advertisers to track the activity and performance of their affiliates, generate links for them, manage their accounts, pay them with gift cards, and more. 

It is completely free, so it doesn’t require any investment. 

Affiliatly is a way for organizations to boost their revenue with affiliate marketing by developing and administering their own affiliate programs. 

Advertisers can even manage affiliate commissions and payments through it. Also, it interfaces with various e-commerce platforms and website builders, making everything so much simpler.

Check out their website to find out more about their program.

Official page: https://www.affiliatly.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-101/affiliate.panel

Commission Rate: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

8. Razer Affiliate Program

Razer is the world’s premier gaming lifestyle brand, delivering high-performance gaming gear as well as Blade gaming laptops.

Its console-specific gear and accessories create crystal-clear communication and reflexes with lethal precision.

Furthermore, Razer Gold is the leading virtual credit for gamers globally, with over 28 million registered users.

Their Affiliate Program is a terrific way to make money for gamers. This is the best option for gaming audiences on this list.

Affiliate Partners can earn up to three percent commission on each sale, with commissions paid on monthly net sales. 

Product returns do not qualify for commission payments. Affiliates can advertise Razer’s products through product data feeds, text links, and banners.

Official page: https://www.razer.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.razer.com/affiliate

Commission Rate: 3%

Cookie Duration: Not listed

9. Plantish Future Affiliate Program

Plantish Future is a tiny BIPOC, Queer, and woman-owned company that provides eco-friendly products, special programs, and long-term zero-waste solutions. 

They believe that perceiving ourselves as part of the land, water, and earth is fundamental to sustainability.

The company has an excellent Plantish Influencer Affiliate Program for influencers/bloggers who align with their values.

The program compensates you(influencers) for promoting their eco-friendly items to friends, family, colleagues, and others. 

It is free and straightforward to join, and you may earn ten percent profit by using related links or promo offers.

Customers who use your unique code will receive a fifteen percent discount on their order. It’s a win-win for both affiliates and customers.

Commissions are distributed through e-transfer or Stripe/Paypal. So create a PayPal account after signing up.

Official page: https://plantishfuture.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://plantishfuture.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: Not Applicable

10. Olaplex Affiliate Program

OLAPLEX is your go-to brand for all your hair-related needs, from hair extensions to hair color and accessories.

It prevents damage produced by S03, a protonated sulfate that consumes protein from the hair, by partnering with the single sulfur hydrogen bond faster than the three oxygen molecules can.

Have you ever thought of earning money just by referring? If not, then this is your chance. Especially if you have a primarily female audience.

They have an Influencer Affiliate Program for folks with at least 5K Instagram followers. 5k isn’t that much, so it’s kind of accessible. Now what will you get in return? 

You get free OLAPLEX items and up to fifteen percent of revenue through your unique code/link. 

I think that’s pretty straightforward, right?

Official page: https://olaplex.com/

Affiliate Signup Page:  https://olaplex.com/pages/collab-with-us-affiliate

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Duration: Not listed

11. Mable and Meg Affiliate Program

Mabel + Meg aims to assist people in attaining skin confidence via skin wellness, a better lifestyle, and a long-term commitment to positive transformation. 

Their products are meant to improve the skin immediately, creating a positive feedback loop.

They provide specialized treatments for specific skin conditions and are searching for beauty sites, blogs, and socially connected personalities to assist them in reaching new audiences. 

For that, they have an influencer affiliate program that offers a competitive base rate of nine percent compensation per sale and an above-average site conversion rate of three point five percent.

You also get exclusive affiliate-only discounts and promotions. Send an email to their team with your name, website URL, and any relevant social media links to get started.

Official page: https://www.mabelandmeg.com/

Affiliate Signup Page:  https://www.mabelandmeg.com/pages/mabel-meg-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 9%

Cookie Duration: Not listed

12. Youtube Affiliate Program

This is a very common software you use in your daily routine. Yes, even they have an affiliate program that you can use to add some cash to your accounts.

In simpler words, YouTube is a free video-streaming platform where you may easily watch internet videos. 

Not just this, but You can also make and share your own films with others.

As I said, it also has a partner program that provides creators with more tools, monetization features, and access to Creator Support teams.

To participate in this one, you need to:

  • Adhere to the YouTube Channel Monetisation Policies.
  • Reside in a country/region where the YPP is accessible.
  • Have zero active Community Guidelines strikes.
  • Enable the 2-Step Verification feature.
  • Have access to advanced features on YouTube.
  • And have one active AdSense account.

Ensure you stay active because if a channel has yet to upload a video or post to the Community page in six months or longer, it may be turned off monetization.

The commission rate is not fixed here; it will totally depend on the affiliates. YouTube is a powerhouse of online growth with highly engaged and loyal traffic.

If you are eligible, don’t miss out on the opportunities here.

Official page: https://www.youtube.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click Here & Follow The Steps

Commission Rate: Not fixed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

13. Panasonic Affiliate Program

Panasonic Holdings Corporation was founded in 1918 by Knosuke Matsushita as a Japanese international conglomerate corporation. 

Its products and services include consumer electronics, automotive and avionic systems, industrial systems, home renovation, and building.

Their Influencer Affiliate Program (PIAP) 2022 is a collaboration between Panasonic and its customers to engage and encourage their communities and live their best lives. 

The chosen influencers will receive exclusive discounts and opportunities to experience top Panasonic items. 

Also, other than that, the 25 chosen influencers will receive 5 Panasonic items for content creation, a contract for deliverables with the Agency, and at least two posts per product.

Trust me; they have a lot of rewards for their affiliates. You will get to know each of them once you become part of their team.

Official page: https://www.panasonic.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://panasonic-influencer-affiliate-program.html

Commission Rate: Not fixed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

In Conclusion

Are you still an influencer looking for new ways to make money? End your search now, sign up for any of the above-mentioned programs, and enjoy the growth in your bank account while creating the best content.

And, as you always say, like, comment, and follow. Leave a comment below and share your experiences with me and your fellow creators.

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