13 Antivirus Affiliate Programs (Huge Commissions!)

Antiviruses now are more than just programs that detect trojans.

But…is it really something you should know about?

Well, I don’t think so! We’re the ‘money’ people, right?!

So, given the amount of malware released yearly, it is not a good time to start earning money by joining an affiliate program.

And this is true – antiviruses is one of the oldest and most stable affiliate marketing niches. It’s always been there.

Hence, let’s move on to some fantastic antivirus affiliate programs.

Antivirus Affiliate Programs

  1. Sophos Affiliate Program
  2. Heimdal Affiliate Program
  3. McAfee Affiliate Program
  4. QuickHeal Affiliate Program
  5. TotalAV Affiliate Program
  6. Panda Security Affiliate Program
  7. SiteGuarding Affiliate Program
  8. Kaspersky Affiliate Program
  9. Webroot Affiliate Program
  10. 360 Total Security Affiliate Program
  11. Bitdefender Affiliate Program
  12. Malwarebytes Antivirus Affiliate Program
  13. AVG Affiliate Program

1. Sophos Affiliate Program

Sophos Affiliate Program

Are you worried about the security of your system and the information stored in it?

If yes, you should know about Sophos. Sophos is well known for securing some famous businesses globally.

They provide real-time protection against the most recent ransomware, malicious software, and hacking attempts — all evolving cybercrime.
For that, they use advanced technologies.

They designed it so that it can be used to secure personal Macs and PCs, and it is easy to use. Their foremost objective is to provide you with the finest level of safety possible using their services.

For their affiliate program, they provide a thirty percent commission per sale, and they have partners all around the world.

Moreover, they give access to their well-organized management team, which helps the affiliates to boost their sales and provides them with promotional materials too.
Besides that, it is absolutely free to join.

Official Website: https://home.sophos.com

Affiliate Website: https://home.sophos.com/en-us/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Period: Not mentioned 

2. Heimdal Affiliate Program

Heimdal Affiliate Program

Heimdal is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies.

They offer you access to a trustworthy platform where you can find the best cybersecurity solution for your company.

Sign up for their affiliate program through CJ or ShareAsale.
If someone visits the Website through your affiliate links and buys within 90 days, you will make a commission on the sale price.

Additionally, they will provide you with a selection of banners, links, or products for marketing purposes.

Official Website: https://heimdalsecurity.com

Affiliate Website: https://heimdalsecurity.com/online-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: Not mentioned 

Cookie Period: 90 days 

3. McAfee Affiliate Program

McAfee Affiliate Program

McAfee creates security software for PCs, servers, and mobile devices.

By considering individual needs, they offer multiple family plans with the help of which anyone can set protection for their identity online and enjoy online safety.

Check out their affiliate program to earn extra money from the software.
For their affiliate program, they offer a twenty-five percent commission per sale and forty-five days cookie period.

Remember to carefully read the rules before enrolling in any affiliate program, as each one has its own set of guidelines.

So don’t forget to check them!!

Official Website: https://www.mcafee.com

Affiliate Website: Click here to join

Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Period: 45 days

4. QuickHeal Affiliate Program

QuickHeal Affiliate Program

Quick Heal provides total cyber safety to their users against Phishing like attacks.

They have several plans, which include data breach alerts, safe banking, a wifi scanner, browsing protection, anti tracker, and more. It is amazing that you can use the Internet without any worry.

Not only that, but they additionally offer the option of parental control so you can keep control of your child’s access to the Internet.

If you intend to join their partner program, sign up through CJ.

The affiliates get their fifteen percent commission after every sale through your link and forty-five-day cookie duration.

The best part is that becoming a Quick Heal affiliate is completely free!!

Official Website: https://www.quickheal.com

Affiliate Website: https://www.quickheal.com/quick-heal-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Period: 45 days

5. TotalAV Affiliate Program

TotalAV Affiliate Program

Total AV is a company that offers you real-time protection from viruses, Malware & online threats.

By installing their app, you can easily protect three devices simultaneously.
Furthermore, they have constantly developed to provide the most recent malware solutions.

Total AV has one of the best antivirus affiliate programs to meet your needs beyond antivirus.

When a visitor completes a sale, you can earn up to $70 as a commission fee.
But the sale, on the other hand, consists of signing up for a paid account.

For a long time, their excellent security solutions have assisted affiliates in generating high conversion leads.

Official Website: https://www.totalav.com

Affiliate Website: https://www.totalav.com/affiliates

Commission Rate: $70 per sale 

Cookie Period: Not mentioned 

6. Panda Security Affiliate Program

Panda Security Affiliate Program

Panda Security Affiliate Program is the only company capable of combining advanced detection and cybersecurity techniques.

Furthermore, they have been incorporating their patented technology into their antivirus software.

Panda Security has the best antivirus software and affiliate program.

You can earn up to fifty percent profits on each successful renewal and sale, the highest in this niche.

They also have a management team that is always ready to guide their affiliates in every step.

Moreover, there are additional incentives and special affiliates discounts available.

Official Website: https://www.pandasecurity.com

Affiliate Website: https://www.pandasecurity.com/en/affiliates/default

Commission Rate: 50% on all qualified sales

Cookie Period: Not mentioned

7. SiteGuarding Affiliate Program

SiteGuarding Affiliate Program

SiteGuarding provides a Security service that guards against malware and hacker exploits on your Website.

Everyone is welcome to join their affiliate program. Signing up is simple; you have to click the join button on their signup page.

There is absolutely no cost to enroll in this affiliate program.

In fact, as an affiliate, you will be compensated for each product or service purchased via your unique affiliate link or banner.

For that, they are providing a fifteen percent commission per sale and 365 days cookie periods, which is impressive.

In case you need any guidance regarding their affiliate program before joining it, you can contact them via email.

Official Website: https://www.siteguarding.com

Affiliate Website: https://www.siteguarding.com/en/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 15% per sale

Cookie Period: 365 days 

8. Kaspersky Affiliate Program

Kaspersky Affiliate Program

Kaspersky helps keep your Internet use safe and private by providing a variety of security plans.

If you join their program, you can earn higher commission rates based on traffic volume and quality.

All sales are recorded for forty-five days following the referral. Even if a customer takes a little longer to decide to purchase, you can still earn a commission.

Official Website: https://www.kaspersky.com

Affiliate Website: https://usa.kaspersky.com/partners/affiliate

Commission Rate: 20% per sale

Cookie Period: 45 days

9. Webroot Affiliate Program

Webroot Affiliate Program

Webroot develops antivirus and computer security software for home and business users.

They provide advanced virus and malware detection at a very low cost. Affiliates also get an above-average commission rate on their products and services.

The plus side is that you can sign up without contributing any money if you so choose.

Simply create an account on LinkShare Rakuten to get started.

Their home-user software is reasonably priced, which is worth mentioning in your affiliate marketing efforts.

Official Website: https://www.webroot.com

Affiliate Website: https://www.webroot.com/us/en/home/affiliates

Commission Rate: Not mentioned 

Cookie Period: Not stated 

10. 360 Total Security Affiliate Program

360 Total Security Affiliate Program

360 Total Security protects your computer against viruses, Trojans, and other threats.

You can be confident that 360 will save you whether shopping online, downloading files, or chatting with friends.

You have to sign up through Cleverbridge if you wish to sign up for their affiliate program.

You can start distributing 360 product tracking links and banners once your account is approved.

When users click one of your links and buy something within ninety days, they will receive a thirty percent commission on the sale.

Isn’t it the easiest way to earn profits?

Official Website: https://www.360totalsecurity.com

Affiliate Website: https://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/affiliate

Commission Rate: 30% commission

Cookie Period: 90 days

11. Bitdefender Affiliate Program

Bitdefender Affiliate Program

Bitdefender is the industry’s most trusted expert in providing the best solution against cyber attacks.

They have introduced advanced technologies to give you the safest online working environment.

If you want to join, you can quickly sign up through their network partner, i.e., Impact.com.

From every generated sale from your referral link, you will get a twenty percent commission per sale and a cookie period of thirty days.

Before joining, remember to read all the terms and conditions.

Official Website: https://www.bitdefender.com

Affiliate Website: https:/bitdefender.com/partners/affiliate-partners.html

Commission Rate: 20% compensation

Cookie Period: 30 days

12. Malwarebytes Antivirus Affiliate Program

Malwarebytes Antivirus Affiliate Program

Malwarebytes Inc. is a software development company. They provide antivirus protection software for computers.

Want to join their affiliate program?
If yes, then you have to signup via commission junction.

After joining their program, you will receive a thirty percent commission on each sale; the cookie period is forty-five days.

They have one condition: your website content should be related to malware, computers, software, or the Internet.

Besides that, they offer access to affiliate marketing promos and e-manager, which enhance the sales rate.

Official Website: https://www.malwarebytes.com

Affiliate Website: https://www.malwarebytes.com/affiliates

Commission Rate: 30% on the sales

Cookie Period: 45 days

13. AVG Affiliate Program

AVG Affiliate Program

AVG provides the ideal digital data and device protection at the most affordable annual plans.

Their free benefits are also sufficient to keep any person safe from danger.
Join through CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) if you want to take part in their affiliate program.

After joining, you will receive a commission of up to thirty-five percent of the sale value if a customer clicks on your links and purchases within the sixty-day referral period.

On top of that, they treat their affiliates with incentives and bonuses.

Official Website: https://www.avg.com

Affiliate Website: https://avg.com/en-us/affiliate/become-an-avg-affiliate

Commission Rate: 35% per sale 

Cookie Period: 60 days

In Conclusion

Well, this is the final conclusion we’re looking at – and you don’t want to look anymore now!

Why? I’m going to ask you a question -why not?

Go ahead and help people secure their digital assets, and make some money at. thesame time!

Cheers to that!

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