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“Before going to the statistics and demographics, here’s what Shivansh Bhanwariya Digital really is: we are an affiliate marketing directory that helps affiliates find the best affiliates programs in various niches (from food, fitness, and fishing to SaaS and crypto…we cover it all). And this is where brands/companies come into play; we can promote your affiliate program to our audience in according to the verticals to recruit targeted high-quality affiliate partners!”

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Some Crucial Data You Should Know...

Here’s a recent snapshot of our monthly audience and geolocation info:

Important demographic data and charts you should know about the users that visit our portal.

Very small glimpse of the huge list depicting the number of potential affiliates we’re sending to major affiliate networks and companies, every single month.

These are the top traffic sources/referrers to our portal (including a few more social media platfoms).

Email Lists Information

Email List 1

Subscribers: 39,194+ Internet People

Open Rate: 27.43%

Newsletter Frequency: Twice/mo

Email List 2

Subscribers: 17,021+ Internet People

Open Rate: 21.06%

Newsletter Frequency: Twice/mo

So, What’s The Difference Between An Affiliate Marketing Agency & Us?

Well, according to AM Navigator and other credible resources, the cost of recruiting a single affiliate is anywhere from $22.50-$56.25 per affiliate!

Yes, and that’s the range a typical affiliate marketing agency would present.

But that’s not how it works with us. We don’t have to spend loads of resources doing outreach and filling content creators’ mailboxes for recruitment.

Stop overpaying for just affiliate signups. Time to try new & better stuff!

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Whether it’s a SaaS company, a CBD brand, a hunting accessories company, or a seafood store…we have valuable affiliate base for every niche.