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Welcome to our affiliate disclosure page.

As you already know that besides providing marketing services, we also have a marketing blog and other resources to provide valuable information to the audience that are directly managed my Shivansh. With that being informed, we’d like you to know that some of the links that you click on and land to another website may be affiliate links. What is meant by this is that if you click an affiliate link, and decide to buy any product or service, we may receive a commission for that particular action from the vendor’s side. This doesn’t cost you any additional amount at all. We use those links only where they should be used instead of stuffing content with the same. Our only goal is to give the best value possible that we could and see our customers or audience satisfied. We only promote trusted companies like Bluehost, WordPress, Social Animal, Clickbank products, Amazon products, ClickFunnels, etc. We always work for you and your business’s growth…and we’ll keep doing it.

If you’re thinking about the intent behind using these affiliate links, then we’d like to clarify that we’re not inserting them only for conversions. We use them exclusively if our team member(s) have/has tried or used that particular services or products. The purpose is to assist you get better results and also to benefit the company to establish a better connection and name for being good at what they serve. So, if we’re referring or recommending them, and the company has an affiliate program…we take part and implement on our blog or pages.

Hope you got to know what we wanted to convey. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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