How To Sell Feet Pics On Craiglist (All Explained!)

I know the topic might sound a little sexual, but you might not know that people (generally women) sell feet pics for other commercial and professional use as well.

These pictures are taken in use for nail paint, shoes, heena, socks, and anklet advertisement as well.

Don’t get alarmed reading the headline!!

You can also sell your feet pictures if you think they are attractive, and what’s wrong with making some side money just by posting your feet pictures, not like anyone would know anyway.

If you are a beginner and looking for guidance on ‘How to sell feet pictures on Craiglist,’ then you are at the right place because, after thorough research, I have managed to complete this article.

Here I will give you detail about what factors to be considered before start selling, the steps you need to follow to make sales, and certain tips that will help you to sell!

First Things First – Overview Of Craiglist

Before you start reading how to sell on Craiglist, it is my responsibility to tell you what Craiglist is! (even though I know you know what it is!)

With over twenty billion page views monthly, Craigslist is among the most visited websites in the entire globe. You have heard of this website, I am sure!

Millions of people use it to find employment, housing, and other products; the website is a popular source of news (also, it is free to use, the best part!).

Craigslist has ad sections for housing, desired items, services, volunteer opportunities, gigs, and discussion forums. 

Craig Newmark formed Craiglist In 1995 (as you can see, the website got its name from the founder himself! Cool, right?)

It was created by him to share local events with his friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. Later in 1996, they changed it to a web-based service and added more classed categories.

It expanded in 2000 when other parts of America and Canadian cities started using it, and now it includes around 70 nations.

Can You Sell Feet Pics On Craiglist?

I’m not going to waste your time by stretching this answer.

So, yeah – here you go:

Yes, you can!

All you need to do is put up your ad on Craiglist for the target audience. The right audience will pay you for your feet pics.

How To Sell Feet Pics On Craiglist?

Let’s talk about the most important thing for which you are actually reading this article. I will try to keep it as short as possible without leaving out any important topic related to ‘How to see feet pics on Craiglist?’

Do remember that this part covers everything you would need, but in a brief way; if you want detailed information, then please read the whole article without skipping anything.

Create a Craigslist account; the process is simple. You just visit the website and fill in the details; in case Craiglist is blocked in your country, then use VPN (there are several VPNs you can use!)

Now the second step would be to prepare and capture quality feet pictures in order to sell. Make sure to use the correct angle, lighting, poses, and whatever you think would appeal to customers.

When you are all done with your pictures, start setting up your Craigslist advertisement (I have given all the details just below, read it carefully so you don’t miss out on anything!)

You need to ensure Craiglist’s compliance and policies while dealing, or else you will be kicked out.

Maintain privacy and security for your safety. Try not to disclose your real identity and deal with your customers without giving out much personal information.

Lastly, sell! Yes!!! Sell the feet pictures on Craiglist by following these steps and earn good money.

Setting Up Your Craigslist Advertisement

In this section, I will help you out with the advertisement part; trust me, this is a very crucial part of selling the end product (feet pics!).

Without great advertisement, there is no question of selling, so if you want to know ‘How to sell feet pics on Craiglist, then you first and primarily should know how to set up your advertisement.

Firstly, you will choose the right category by following these steps-

Visit the Craigslist official site for the specific location you are operating from, then browse the categories available. 

Search for sections that cover personal services, adult services, and products related to these; the categories on Craigslist may change depending on where you are, so go for the category that best fits your product.

The second step would be to create an attractive title and description for potential buyers-

To do that, you will initially choose a short and crisp headline to make it clear what you are selling. 

Examples include “High-Quality Feet Pictures Available” and “Attractive Feet Pics for Sale.”

Don’t forget to mention any distinctive features of your foot, such as its size or nail color, in the description. Make a point of highlighting what makes your feet pictures unique.

Throughout your description, keep a professional demeanor and utilize correct grammar and spelling. 

Include details like the number of pictures offered and any extra benefit you may be offering, like customized messaging.

You should make the terms and conditions of the transaction very clear, including approved payment methods, the delivery mode, and any additional costs that the buyer might have to bear.

These things are very important for clarity as it will help both parties to make a smooth transaction.

After describing the product, its time to price feet pics-

If this is your first time selling feet pics on Craiglist, then start with market research; find comparable ads on the website for the price range, and take into account your photographs’ quality and local demand.

As a newcomer, you always should launch with a competitive but affordable price, and with some time, you can gradually increase the price based on demand and consumer feedback.

I have one more idea to suggest where you can offer several pricing options depending on your plan. 

Examples of these plans/packages might include a certain number of pictures with certain colors or poses and so on.

The last step in setting up advertising includes sample images- 

Sample images help prospective buyers to understand what they might be getting from you, which is why you should show your foot images, including a variety of distinct foot positions and close-ups.

And make sure the examples you provide are of high quality and accurately reflect the condition of your foot photos.

Always watermark or blur the samples to prevent your photographs from being stolen, as this happens a lot in this industry (this is my personal advice to you!)

9 Factors To Consider Before Selling Feet Pics On Craiglist

Here are some aspects you as a seller should consider before you jump to Craigslist to make money selling feet pictures.

These factors will guide you to have a smooth business online. 

1. Analyze the Demand In The Market

You are required to analyze the market for foot photos by going through internet resources and surveying prospective customers. 

This will help you to find a market for feet pictures in your local area mostly. 

2. Consideration Of All The Legality

See, this is a sensitive matter in many countries because foot pictures are sexualized and sold in the same manner. So, you need to be aware of the rules that govern adult content in your country. 

You will have to read about age restrictions, consent regulations, and any other possible legal responsibilities you may have!

3. Personal Limits

Even though this is a very personal and delicate topic but always specify your comfort zone. Because people involved in things like these barely understand consent and boundaries. 

So, set up your boundaries before you start selling. You can decide to what extent you are willing to go; that is totally on you!

Choose your comfort level while interacting with customers.

4. Pictures Rights

Several sellers like to retain their rights to their photos while some people don’t. So you decide what position you will take on picture rights and usage. 

5. Privacy & Security

Apart from your feet pictures, you are not required to disclose much about yourselves – be sure to avoid any of your body marks as well…sometimes that can make you recognize too.

I mean it won’t do anything to you, but if you want privacy, you have got to take care of this stuff.

Remember that your security is in your hands!

6. Platform Guidelines

Be sure to follow Craigslist’s rules, guidelines, and policies!

Review what they want from the seller (posting requirements) and terms of service.

As an adult content seller, you minutely need to follow each and every guideline governing the sale of adult content on the website.

7. Pricing Policy

Before you set prices for your feet pictures- you have to do market research by analyzing your competitors.

This will give you an idea of what should be your starting price. 

8. Online Presence

If you don’t have much time to put on the internet, then you might not earn like other sellers because they are consistent with their presence. If you seem distant or absent, then you will lose customers. 

9. Time Commitment

Every good thing takes time; starting any business without giving proper time to it makes no sense.

So be ready to put time and effort into selling feet pictures on Craigslist. 

Think beforehand about how much time you can commit to your feet-selling service because it would require clicking and sharing the photographs, handling transactions, and answering questions.

Tips On How To Sell Feet Pics On Craiglist

After some market research, I have come up with some tips and tricks that you can use to sell your feet pictures on Craigslist to make a good amount of money.

For some, it can be a full-time business; others just do it for fun or part-time to kill their extra time; you will get recommendations for both from my side. 

I am going to write these tips in a general sense so anyone can make use of them. Go and read- 

  • What you post means a lot, as it is in the online arena, and people can only see what you post. That is why you should create a captivating title and description that emphasizes the distinctive features of your photos. 

Avoid language that might not be understandable, vague, or explicit in any sense, and write in readable sentences. 

Include information like the number of photos and their quality.

  • High-quality sample images: Don’t forget to include sample images in your advertisement. Aesthetics are very important today; make sure they are attractive to the viewer’s eyes. 

One more thing if you are possessive about your feet pics getting stolen or being used without your permission, then you can watermark them or any other option you find useful. 

  • Price range: To get a sense of the price range, you should find comparable ads on Craigslist. See the current demand for the product to understand what price would be best. 

I suggest you keep the price less than what is already surfacing in the market because that will help you to establish yourself in the business.

Also, you can create packages such as bundles or subscriptions.

  • Communication: Communication is the key to everything, as all of us know! 

Respond fast and in a professional manner to queries from prospective customers. 

  • Maintain privacy and safety: Craiglist has this thing where they allow you to use an anonymous email relay system which would help you to protect/hide your actual email address. 

This may sound bad, but it’s actually not because establishing clear boundaries with potential buyers is necessary; you never know how psycho that person might be!

Try to keep that ground and reveal less about your personal information to keep yourself safe. 

  • Customer service: You can offer extraordinary customer service to potential buyers without being too friendly with them, it’s called professionalism. Maintain that!

Be respectful, competent, and accommodating towards your customers so that they always come back to you. 

In Conclusion

My final thoughts on this topic would be- it’s great to sell your feet pictures through Craiglist. 

You actually can’t sell on this site because it is an advertising site; you will post ads here and get clients who are interested in buying your pretty, attractive, aesthetic, cute pictures.

And yeah, this is definitely a profitable business if you know the right ways to do it!

One last suggestion from me, please do not forget to put effort into your Craiglist advertisement because that will only draw lots of customers. 

I believe I have answered all the questions you had in your mind before reading my article; if you still think I missed out on something, don’t forget to tell me in the comments (I am up for criticism because I am a human, and I can make mistakes, unlike robots!)

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