The Home Depot Affiliate Program: Before You Join!

Before we begin talking about the affiliate program, let’s discuss a little about the company! 

Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank had no clue how ground-breaking this new “hardware store” would be for home improvement and the retail sector when they started The Home Depot in 1978.

They are pleased to have the title of the largest retailer of home improvement products today. 

They strive to provide exceptional service to our customers, associates, communities, and stockholders at more than 2,300 stores across North America. 

To the company, leadership entails just that.

You might be interested in joining Home Depot’s affiliate program if you run a website in the home improvement area.

You will find all the information you require about the program in this review to help you determine whether signing up as a Home Depot associate is beneficial or not.

Overview of The Home Depot Affiliate Program

Home Depot Affiliate Program Overview

It’s true that Home Depot has a top-notch affiliate program.

It’s ideal for home improvement enthusiasts, interior designers, remodelers, and other artisans who post their work online.

Whether you work on large or little tasks, if you utilize Home Depot goods, you should familiarize yourself with their affiliate program.

Having a website is the only prerequisite for participation in the program. According to The Home Depot, their program welcomes websites from all niches, but ideally, you should have a website focused on home improvement.

The Home Depot doesn’t confine its affiliate program to a certain set of industries. You could receive a commission for any item you purchase from their online store.

17 different categories have been created to separate the products. Then, numerous subcategories are created inside each category.

According to The Home Depot, its physical locations carry about 35,000 to 40,000 different items. However, you can advertise more than a million products if you are a Home Depot associate who only recommends items from their online store.

That is a lot. You may locate them on the Home Depot online store if you want to advertise a specific brand of home improvement goods.

Official Website:

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 1-8% commission, Up to $200 per lead

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Affiliate Network/Platform: Impact Radius

Promo Resources: Yes

Instant Approval: No

Minimum Payment Threshold: $50

How to Join The Home Depot Affiliate Program

How to become a home depot affiliate

For their affiliate marketing program, you register.

Once approved, you’ll receive a special link to include in your material.

You will receive a commission if you can convince your audience to go on to The Home Depot website and make a purchase.

An affiliate network hosts this particular program.

It was once managed by Commission Junction (now CJ Affiliate), but Impact Radius is now in charge of it.

Impact Radius offers the opportunity to join the Home Depo affiliate program. You may locate the program on the Impact Radius platform and sign up there if you already have an Impact Radius account.

The benefit of having an affiliate network host a company’s program is that you often receive excellent support from both teams of experts. You get access to the affiliate account managers at The Home Depot as well as any tech assistance offered by the Impact platform.

Only 24 hours are allotted for the cookie’s lifespan, and it utilizes the last-click attribution approach. As a result, you will not be compensated if a customer clicks on your affiliate link but then decides to use another affiliate link to complete their transaction.

Commission Structure and Payment Options

Depending on the product category, the Home Depot affiliate program’s commission rate ranges from 1% to 8%.

The average commission is only 1% (it used to be 2%) for most products.

On a few home decor items, Home Depot affiliates can make 8%.

All gift cards, made-to-order items, and in-store purchases made at Home Depot do not qualify for a commission from affiliates.

You can withdraw money from the Home Depot affiliate program through PayPal, checks, wire transfers, or direct deposits because the Impact Radius platform hosts it.

For checks, the minimum payout is $100, while for direct transfers, it is $50. The payout threshold for PayPal is only $10.

The Home Depot return policy requires a 90-day waiting period before you may receive your commission.

Tools and Resources for Affiliates

Banners of various sizes are made available to Home Depot affiliates. Because deep linking is supported by the Home Depot affiliate program, you can construct an affiliate link to any product page you like.

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not presently offer a technology that allows users to generate affiliate links from a browser window while visiting

It would be beneficial if Home Depot introduced additional tools since they not only make promotion easier but frequently also more profitable. We can only hope that Home Depot will soon offer some tools.

Marketing Strategies for Home Depot Affiliates

You can add numerous banner advertising and text links to your website.

Additionally, I’d argue that affiliate marketers may receive a daily product data feed in addition to the usual tools, so they can stay current.

As a Home Depot associate, you can market literally 500,000 different goods.

Everything you might possibly need for house renovations is available there, including paint, paint tools, tiles, wallpaper, carpets, landscaping supplies, lights, lightbulbs, screws for mounting light fixtures on walls, and a whole lot more.

Home Depot most likely has what you need and can market it if you have a specialization in construction, design, or home projects.  

Home Depot Affiliate Program V/S Competitors

The major companies that I can think of as Home Depot’s competitors are Amazon and Target! 

  1. Amazon Associates is without a doubt the first option that comes to mind. Home improvement-related commissions from Amazon Associates are set at 3%. Each program only keeps cookies for 24 hours. 

However, if a product is added to a cart, Amazon extends the cookie period to 90 days. Home Depot appears to sell fewer home renovation products than Amazon, despite the fact that it specializes in this area.

  1. Impact also houses the Target affiliate program. Depending on your monthly sales, the fee can range from 5 to 8%. For instance, your commission is 5% if you make less than 10 sales per month. Your commission is 8% if you generate more than 10.000 sales per month. 

The cookie lifespan is identical to Wayfair’s at seven days. Target is not a specialty store like Home Depot, despite the fact that it sells home renovation supplies.

Common Pros and Cons for Home Depot Affiliates 

Now there are tons of Pros and Cons while choosing Home Depot Affiliate Program

Let’s begin with the Pros:


  • Most home décor items have an 8% commission.  
  • Tied up with Impact to make things easier for you!  
  • PayPal is a withdrawal option.
  • It is a well-known American retailer of home improvements


  • Default commissions of 1%
  • Cheap home decor is widely available. 
  • 24-hour cookie window. 
  • Limited to sales in the continental U.S.
  • Items regularly run out of stock. 

To The Conclusion

For affiliate marketing, the home improvement sector has a lot of potential. You should, however, link out to locations where you may earn the most.  

On a personal note, I would say that definitely an attempt is made to offer home improvement affiliates an alternative to Amazon through the Home Depot affiliate program but it’s unquestionably not the best choice for you. 

Despite the abundance of products and respectable customer service, the cookie window of just one day and the default commission which is only one percent are both unsatisfactory.

The major drawback I think is the cookie period because the number of sales you make is significantly impacted by it! 

So yes! That brings us to the end of the article! 

Hope you make a wise choice! 

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

What is the commission rate for Home Depot affiliates?

Although it is 8% on some home décor items, the commission is 1% by default. Also, up to $200 per qualified lead.

Can I promote Home Depot products on multiple websites?

Yes! Of course! That is an option you can consider as it will just help you earn commission quickly and easily! 

What are the requirements for joining the Home Depot Affiliate Program?

There are no such requirements to join this program, anyone with a live website is welcome to submit an application. 

However, you will have to give personal and business data. You are also required to list any additional media assets you may hold, as well as the advertising strategies you intend to employ. 

How long does it take to get approved for the Home Depot Affiliate Program?

Generally, it takes a couple of days for Home Depot to revert to you with a definite answer! 

Are there any restrictions on the types of Home Depot products that affiliates can promote?

There aren’t many restrictions on what goods an affiliate can promote for Home Depot in order to earn commissions. An affiliate can promote pretty much anything from any of their 17 product categories that are available online.

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