13 Tennis Affiliate Programs (With Big Payouts!)

Are you excited about a new affiliate program in a different niche that will make you some great money?

Well, what do you think about tennis, my friend? This sport is known to blend strength and accuracy seamlessly. 

I think whether you are a die-hard tennis fan or just a person who admires the grace of the game, tennis has its own magnetic charm that no one can resist, at least I can’t. 

Now, do you just want to fill the tennis stadium seats or want me to tell you how to change your love for tennis into money in your bank account?

If the latter one excites you the most, then I suggest you keep reading with me.

This article helps you to dive into the world of tennis affiliate programs. These programs allow tennis fanatics and marketers like you to develop a steady source of income. 

The list has many known and unknown tennis brands with good commission rates that will make you think twice about if you ever thought that Tennis is not your cup of tea.

Let’s discover the best affiliate programs together, then!

1. Wilson Affiliate Program

The first company I have on my list is called Wilson, started in 1913 by Thomas E. Wilson (and that is why the company is named Wilson).

And is a renowned brand known for its specialization in making and selling sports equipment and clothing for various sports like tennis, baseball, basketball, football, golf, and volleyball. 

Their apparel is used by tennis professionals worldwide, and that makes it a global retail company.

All partners that join Wilson’s affiliate program will be provided with customized links and banners for websites (to increase the commission and sales, of course!).

And don’t worry; this program accepts almost all websites as long as it doesn’t have any questionable content. You can also track all your sales.

One more good news is that if Impact supports your country, then you can join as an affiliate and make a commission of up to eight percent on all valid sales.

Not to mention a 30-day cookie window, monthly newsletters, and content for marketing support.

Official website: https://www.wilson.com/ 

Affiliate signup: https://wilson.com/en-us/explore/affiliate-program 

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie period: 30 days

2. Tennis Topia Affiliate Program

If your followers are looking for dedicated, personalized customer service in regard to tennis, then why would they go anywhere else if Tennis Topia exists in the same world?

It was established in 2006 and has been doing great work with a wide range of services, including customized rackets and giving advice related to injuries that improve tennis performance. 

Their team is filled with highly skilled professionals who have worked with numerous top-ranked Tennis players, and that is how committed they are to bring their knowledge to every customer. 

Also, Tennistopia employs multiple Master Racquet Technicians (MRTs) to ensure high-quality stringing, gripping, and customization.

The company offers an eight percent payout on all qualified transactions, and I think you can do pretty well with this one because they offer a lot of other benefits, too!

Official website: https://www.tennistopia.com/ 

Affiliate signup: https://www.tennistopia.com/service/affiliate-program/ 

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie period: Not mentioned

3. Top Tennis Tips Affiliate Program

This one doesn’t sell anything you can wear, but it offers predictions and probabilities based on statistical analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

You must be thinking, what does an outdoor sport like tennis have to do with AI and statistics? Then, I must add that it is a betting-related website that helps you to get live predictions on this game.

What’s astonishing to me is that they have a large dataset of 400,000 past professional tennis matches and a model that predicts player performance against another. 

If you want to access predictions, you’ve got to subscribe and place a small bet.

Clickbank manages this one, and you know where to go if this company is of interest: a default commission level of forty percent, a high conversion rate of 2.5 percent, and a refund rate of just nine percent. 

In my opinion, you are good if you join hands with Toptennistips.

You will also get custom banners upon request and a sixty-day cookie period policy.

Official website: https://www.toptennistips.com/ 

Affiliate signup: https://www.toptennistips.com/affiliates/  

Commission rate: 40%

Cookie period: 60 days 

4. Tennis-Point Affiliate Program

A place that inspires you is more valuable than anything, and that is what Tennis-Point has done for the last twenty years: inspire tennis players.

This isn’t a typical online store.

It offers a shopping experience like no other, a vast array of tennis gear, and the latest updates on all things tennis.

The website is also very cool and easy to use, even for elder visitors.

After knowing everything about the company, my affiliates want to know what the company has for them-

You will be able to enjoy up to nine percent commission on all your sales.

Things like regular voucher promotions, customized advertising materials, automatic banner changes, and personalized advertising will also be very accessible to you.

The affiliate team offers personalized assistance, enabling access to data on over 45,000 products.

Official website: https://www.tennis-point.co.uk/ 

Affiliate signup: https://www.tennis-point.co.uk/service-affiliate.html  

Commission rate: 9%

Cookie period: Not mentioned

5. Pro Tennis Jobs Affiliate Program

A tennis coach, Jonathan Stubbs, created something special called “Pro Tennis Jobs.” At first, it only provided tennis coaches with the latest news, rankings, and resources.

But in 2013, Iggy stepped into the picture and decided to do something unique. Today, Pro Tennis Jobs is the place for tennis employment and classifieds – locally and globally. 

Do you know what’s best about this site? It lets you advertise for free. 

Alright, here’s everything on the affiliate program – You can score a fantastic thirty percent commission when the people you refer become members for the first time.

And the best part is whenever they renew their memberships, you will get a solid twenty percent commission. With a ninety-day tracking cookie, you can make some serious cash.

You can sign through the link given below, and the payment threshold would be just twenty-five dollars; amazing, right?

Official website: https://protennisjobs.com/ 

Affiliate signup: https://protennisjobs.com/affiliates 

Commission rate: up to 30% + 20% recurring

Cookie period: 90 days  

6. Do It Tennis Affiliate Program

From accessories to grips, racquets, and bags, you name it and Do It Tennis has it.

It’s quite amazing when you can go to one place and get everything because who likes jumping from one place to another and making a hundred different payments?

This is based in San Marcos, California, and began internet operations in March 2005 (quite early, if you ask me). 

Coming to its partners’ program, it offers a ten percent commission program with additional performance bonuses. (which are totally dependent on you)

Also, another great cookie period of ninety days! Ninety days is quite good in the niche, where thirty days is considered a standard.

If you are looking forward to joining the program, follow the link below, fill out the form, and your site will be reviewed for approval. 

When you are approved, you will be given links, logos, and banners for DoItTennis.com. 

Official website: https://www.doittennis.com/ 

Affiliate signup: Click here

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie period: 90 days  

7. Swing Tennis Affiliate Program

Do you want to know the cool world of SwingVision? Follow me, then!

It’s a mobile AI platform that was dreamed up by two students of UC Berkeley, and their dream has come true.

Now, what’s it all about? SwingVision aims to make all athletes feel like a pro, specifically if they have a tennis background, by helping them analyze their game. 

What this company does- they use computer vision tech to elevate your tennis game by giving you stats that big players use.

They make a whole tennis crew in your pocket! Need advice or want to know something? The app will help.

They have this thing, “Lifetime Pro Access.” where ambassadors get unlimited access to all the awesome stuff themselves (but with a five hundred dollars registration fee!).

So, when you bring in a referral who signs up for Pro Yearly, you get thirty dollars. Their team will always help you, starting from the registration to after-sale support.

Official website: https://swing.tennis/  

Affiliate signup: https://swing.tennis/ambassadors  

Commission rate: $30

Cookie period: Not mentioned

8. On Court Off Court Affiliate Program

This one is a good old family business that’s all about making training stuff for different sports. 

On Court Off Court have been at it for around thirty years, and all they do is make playing fun and easy. 

They even have these learning courses that are all about sports and yoga for a fit and happier world. 

And guess what? They have an affiliate program where they will pay you to promote them and their healthier way of living.

The company is associated with over ten million players in 100 countries (can you imagine the reach?) and over 2 million YouTube views.

Their affiliate program is handled well by ShareASale with a two percent conversion rate, an average order value of $230, and up to ten percent payout (commission rate). 

Affiliates can use the tradename and any marketing material they want to advertise (read the conditions first) and also get a thirty-day referral window.

Official website: https://oncourtoffcourt.com/ 

Affiliate signup: https://oncourtoffcourt.com/affiliate-program/ 

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie period: 30 days   

9. EleVen By Venus Williams Affiliate Program

EleVen is Venus Williams’s brainchild.

It’s all about making activewear that helps women feel awesome, comfy, and do whatever they want. 

Even though they have amazing tennis gear, they also have regular clothes for everyday use. Their main motto is to offer great quality, fit, and keep you sassy.

I won’t say men should stay away, but to all my women affiliates, you must try this company cos I know this will feel personal when you can help another girl feel better about herself.

Also, they love their affiliates.

You can be one of them and get all the love by spreading their word; affiliates get all the fresh products and tennis trends with product data feeds. 

You can join and promote for free with a twelve percent starting commission rate within a time period of thirty days to convert those leads into customers.

Moreover, you can enjoy exclusive monthly newsletters with special promotions and codes for marketing efforts. 

Official website: https://elevenbyvenuswilliams.com/ 

Affiliate signup: https://elevenbyvenuswilliams.com/pages/affiliates 

Commission rate: $30

Cookie period: 30 days   

10. Decathlon Affiliate Program

Decathlon: how do you pronounce it- is it de-ca-tha-lon or de-cath-lon? Please let me know in the comments, will ya?

Anyway, this one needs no introduction because everyone knows what it is; we all have been there for one thing or another.

Need a bottle, a bag, a mat, or anything, Decathlon has all the necessities. 

Plus, why wouldn’t it be famous? It has been striving since 1976 to make sports more accessible, offering over 70 sports and 10,000 products at excellent prices.

Now that it has its own affiliate program, the brand wants to help its affiliates earn by offering all the marketing assets and offering a six percent commission rate.

I agree that the rate is not that high, but if the brand name is attached to it, you can make many sales with a referral period of fourteen days.

Official website: https://www.decathlon.com/ 

Affiliate signup: https://www.decathlon.com/pages/become-a-partner 

Commission rate: 6%

Cookie period: 14 days   

11. Paragon Sports Affiliate Program

Why do I feel like this is one of the old companies that was started by a family?

Oh yeah, just looked it up, and it is!

It’s a family-run business in the world of sports, and they are very particular about quality.

The company has a vast selection of over 30,000 items, including over 300+ name brands (too many to choose from).

It’s also called a specialty store because they have local and branded products for you, my boy!

Now, here’s something you wanted to know- its affiliate program: they are offering up to eight percent in commissions, an average order value of $170, and a seven-day tracking window. 

Pepperjam is their networking partner who will provide all the assets to make a good commission once you are in!

Official website: https://www.paragonsports.com/ 

Affiliate signup: https://www.paragonsports.com/pages/affiliate

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie period: 7 days   

12. Holabird Sports Affiliate Program

Whether you are a fitness newbie or a pro, the Holabird Sports family is there for you to help you find the perfect fit. 

They are located in the main area of Baltimore. Plus, their staff is super friendly. Their stores and warehouses are always filled with sports equipment, all of which are super cool to use.

So, here’s everything I know about the Holabird Sports Affiliate Program – it’s your ticket to turning your passion into cash. 

You can promote their products through your blog, emails, social media, or whatever place you like.

I think the best part is that you can earn 5-10 percent on all the products you promote and sell at the end.

They have all the big names under them, with around 6000 products to choose from.

Also, you can enjoy a sweet 4.5%-5.5% conversion rate and an average order size of $95-$100 with a cookie period of thirty days.

Official website: https://www.holabirdsports.com/

Affiliate signup: https://www.holabirdsports.com/pages/affiliates 

Commission rate: up to 10%

Cookie period: 30 days   

13. Under Armour Affiliate Program

Under Armour is one of the most well-known brands in the world that is loved by almost all athletes because of its great quality, and now they are focusing on design as well.

Let’s know about the Under Armour Affiliate Program. 

If you have an approved website, you can link up with its official website and earn some great commissions on sales from your unique links.

Also, customer service, even for the product you referred to, is taken care of by the company only, so you have nothing to worry about.

Just a heads-up, though – you are not allowed to take orders on your personal website, but that is not a thing you must be concerned about because you will have access to reports to track your sales, earnings, and traffic.

In case you want in, read everything about the program, fill out the form, and wait; when approved, start with your earnings.

Oh, right, the commission rate would be five percent, and a cookie window for thirty days!

Official website: https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/

Affiliate signup: Click here 

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie period: 30 days   

In A Nutshell

There you have it: a great lineup of so many tennis affiliate programs to swoop into.

No matter if you just like tennis or are a tennis fanatic, this niche will certainly give you a chance to make some good cash.

From known brands like Under Armour and Wilson to Holabird Sports, you will find there’s something for everyone (because I don’t want anyone to miss the chance of making money).

So, if you want to try out a new niche or already have a tennis-related blog that is running fine, I suggest you try these affiliate programs.

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