11 Best T-shirt Affiliate Programs (Big Payouts!)

What a comfortable niche for you to work as an affiliate in, right?

This whopping $44.56 billion worth industry (worldwide) can help you earn pretty darn cool commissions while you’re in your comfort, considering clothes.

There are tons of T-shirt affiliate programs for you to join, but I have handpicked some of the most ‘comfortable ones’ and the best ones, while I was in my T-shirt; no kidding!

Interesting?! Let’s help you earn some good money!

T-shirt Affiliate Programs

  1. DesignAShirt Affiliate Program
  2. Chummy Tees Affiliate Program
  3. Printful Affiliate Program
  4. 80sTees Affiliate Program
  5. BathroomWall T-shirts Affiliate Program
  6. Crazy Shirts Affiliate Program
  7. Crazy Dog Affiliate Program
  8. TeePublic Affiliate Program
  9. Transfer Express Affiliate Program
  10. RedBubble Affiliate Program
  11. Placeit Affiliate Program

1. DesignAShirt Affiliate Program

DesignAShirt Affiliate Program

How about getting yourself a good quality, custom-designed T-shirt?

Would you believe it if I told you that you could even get your design to be a picture of your trip, a picture of your favorite animal, and so much more?

You can get customized t-shirts, outerwear, businesswear, specialty items like hats, beanies, towels, aprons and totes, athleticwear, women’s wear, children’s wear, and other promotional products like mugs, diaries, and so much more.

Their print service is high-quality, and they have even worked with giant companies.

They have an affiliate program that includes many benefits like a ten percent commission on every deal through your website and thirty days cookie duration for your visitors.

They even have a high average order value of 400$! That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Another intriguing fact about their affiliate program is that there is no minimum payment threshold or no minimum order required.

And you will receive monthly payments for every commission you have earned in the past months.

Official Website: https://www.designashirt.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.designashirt.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: 10% per purchase

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Chummy Tees Affiliate Program

Chummy Tees Affiliate Program

Another T-shirt company that started in 2010 has T-shirts for every occasion, let’s say a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, barbeque, and so much more.

They even have t-shirts for your gym outing, coffee, lazy t-shirts, and so much more.

They keep adding new eye-catching t-shirts to their collection every week.

What I found intriguing about the company was that they have t-shirts with jokes written on them that can help you have a good laugh when out with friends and family.

As their affiliate, you will earn a commission rate of $10 on every purchase through your website, and a cookie window of thirty days will be provided.

All the transactions will be done through Cash App or Venmo. To receive your payment, you must cross the minimum payout limit of $50.

Official Website: https://chummytees.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://chummytees.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: $10 on every sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

3. Printful Affiliate Program

Printful Affiliate Program

Printful is a printing company that helps you get your favorite prints on your t-shirts: T-shirts and other apparel like bags, mugs, phone covers, and more. 

Additionally, embroidery services are offered through Printful, a platform for individualized print-on-demand.

When your application to join Printful’s affiliate program has been reviewed, which could take two to five days, you will be contacted by email. 

Additionally, over nine months, Printful’s affiliate network offers a 10% commission on any order placed by customers you recommend. 

A revenue split serves as the foundation for the commission structure of the Printful Affiliate Program. You are compensated for the products and services your referrals purchase from Printful. 

  • B2B: You will be paid 10% for orders placed through a store created using your affiliate link for 12 months.
  • B2C: Earn 10% of the price of each distinct order placed or private purchase made through your affiliate link.

If you have any queries regarding the affiliate program, you can easily reach them out on their given email id.

Official Website: https://www.printful.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.printful.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: 10% per sale 

Cookie Duration: 12 months

4. 80sTees Affiliate Program

80sTees Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, the 80sTees deals with t-shirts with all the 80s attractions printed.

Now if you’re wondering what kind of 80s attraction, a movie, let’s say Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, Rad, Star Wars, and so much more. Or a famous 80s cartoon, thunder cats, Real Ghostbusters, and more.

Apart from comics and movies, it can be music, superheroes, retail brands, and much more.

They have an affiliate program to offer that includes an eighteen percent payout on every sale that takes place through your website’s custom links and banners and a referral window of sixty days.

They have partnered with an affiliate network called ShareAsale, where you can track all your real-time earnings through the unique ID provided to you.

For any other questions about affiliate programs, you can always hit them up on their given mail.

Official Website: https://www.80stees.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.80stees.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 18% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

5. BathroomWall T-shirts Affiliate Program

BathroomWall T-shirts Affiliate Program

Since most official band stuff is designed just for the crowd and they couldn’t find the desired T-shirts, Bathroom Wall was created.

Before they existed, there was no way to get something extraordinarily specialized or esoteric. Due to this, they claim that their t-shirts were created “by fans, for fans.”

That is also why they would never put one of a million musicians on a T-shirt, and you will never see them selling a T-shirt with a catchphrase.

Even though they may not all be fans of every musician whose music they sell, they all have a great deal of admiration for them.

As their affiliate, you can earn a commission ranging from 7.5% to 10% on every sale you make.

You will also get a cookie window for your links that will be 999 days long.

You must contact them through their affiliate program email for more information on their program.

Official Website: https://www.bathroomwall.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://bathroomwall.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 7.5% to 10% commission

Cookie Duration: 999 days

6. Crazy Shirts Affiliate Program

Crazy Shirts Affiliate Program

In 1964, Rick Ralston established one of the first businesses in the world to market the contemporary “T-Shirt,” utilizing original artwork that reflected the exuberant Island culture.

This is when Crazy Shirts’ legacy truly began.

Through the Crazy Shirts affiliate program, authorized websites can link to CrazyShirts.com and receive a two percent commission on any purchases made due to the referral.

This enables the affiliate to concentrate on content related to their area of expertise while giving the affiliate site a virtual e-commerce business to flesh out its own site’s services. Rakuten is the current affiliate network used by Crazy Shirts.

Official Website: https://www.crazyshirts.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.crazyshirts.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 2% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Crazy Dog Affiliate Program

Crazy Dog Affiliate Program

The products are incredibly comfortable and breathable since Crazy Dog T-shirts specializes in bespoke t-shirts and funny novelty t-shirts in various colors and styles printed on ultra-soft clothing.

Crazy Dog produces and prints every one of its designs in-house. They take great pride in assisting our clients and the neighborhood by operating their small businesses daily.

The affiliate program they offer has a commission payout of 10% on every sale your links makes. A cookie window of thirty days is also provided.

Official Website: https://www.crazydogtshirts.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.crazydogtshirts.com/pages/affiliates

Commission Rates: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. TeePublic Affiliate Program

TeePublic Affiliate Program

The largest independent creator marketplace in the world, TeePublic allows independent artists to sell the finest goods decorated with their artwork.

Their team, which has more than 15 years of experience, is quality-obsessed and has set the highest standards for the third-party fulfillment facilities that print and transport your artwork.

As their affiliate, you can earn up to 31% on your creations and up to 11% on TeePublic’s selection of designs created by current artists.

Official Website: https://www.teepublic.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://teepublic.com/signup/curator#signupAffiliateProgram

Commission Rates: 31% on personal designs, 11% on designs available on the website. 

Cookie Duration: Not given

9. Transfer Express Affiliate Program

Transfer Express Affiliate Program

The goal of Transfer Express is to support the expansion of garment decorators’ enterprises!

They use your heat press to make unique screen printed, digital, and rhinestone heat transfers applied to clothing such as t-shirts, bags, etc.

Additionally, they have a cutting-edge website that provides designers with the resources and materials they need to create and order unique heat transfer products, like screen-printed heat transfers, to decorate t-shirts and other apparel for sports teams, student bands, bands, small businesses, corporations, family reunions, events, clothing lines, crafters, and more.

To become their affiliate, you have to register. After getting the go-ahead, post your links, banners, or discount codes on your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube videos, and other social media platforms.  

You will receive a ten percent commission each time someone clicks on your link to make a purchase. It’s that simple!

Along with that, a cookie duration of thirty days will be given to you.

Official Website: https://www.transferexpress.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.transferexpress.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 15% per purchase

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. RedBubble Affiliate Program

RedBubble Affiliate Program

Australia’s Melbourne is where Redbubble was established in 2006. The dream was quite basic. Give independent artists a worthwhile new outlet for selling their works.

Today, they link millions of devoted followers with more than 700,000 artists and designers worldwide.

They print all sorts of apparel for you, like t-shirts, phone covers, shoes, and so much more.

Their affiliate program includes a payout of ten percent on every sale and a cookie window of thirty days.

To get into their affiliate team, you will have to sign-up through impact radius and get approved, after which you will get access to all the unique banners, text links, and a whole lot more for your website.

For any other information related to their affiliate program, you can mail them your questions, and they will get back to you in 2-3 business days with an absolute answer.

Official Website: https://www.redbubble.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.redbubble.com/p/398-affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Placeit Affiliate Program

Placeit Affiliate Program

Placeit is another company that prints various apparel, most importantly T-shirts because we are discussing T-shirt affiliate programs here!

They print on other apparel, like cups, bags, totes, etc.

You will receive $20 for every referred monthly subscriber, $50 referred annual subscriber, and

50% of one-time transactions as their affiliate.

The money can be withdrawn using a bank transfer or PayPal.

Once you’ve signed up and prepared your affiliate link, it’s time to capitalize on the opportunity and earn those commissions.

Official Website: https://placeit.net

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://placeit.net/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 50% payout 

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

In Conclusion

Well, if you’ve come this far, you definitely love the idea of getting profits out of t-shirts while wearing some, right?!

Fair enough – these are the top-notch and out-of-the-box companies you should check out totally.

Any further queries? Please use the comments section to speak to me and I’ll try to answer each one as soon as possible.

Happy t-shirt affiliate marketing!

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