A 6-Step Process to Start a Scalable Digital Marketing Agency

(From Scratch)

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Starting a new digital marketing agency is pretty exciting, but it gets messy and hard when it comes to execution. Things don’t happen the way you expect them to be. What should you do? Is there a step-by-step process that can make the journey much smoother? 

Fortunately, there is a checklist you can follow to separate yourself from the competition and establish a highly scalable agency.

Step 1: Consolidate Your Skills First

It’s significant to educate yourself to the very point possible and master all the necessary skills that come into play. 

Before you are a ‘Founder,’ be a great learner and an executor. Mastering all the concepts such as PPC (pay-per-click), SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization), CRO (conversion rate optimization), and more will help you differentiate from a lot of ‘Founders’ in the industry.

 On top of that, the level of confidence will rise, and your beliefs will become stronger to be impactful on the next person or organization.

Step 2: Become a Category King

Starting with multiple services is a direct ticket to failing miserably. 

Many big brands started laser-focused on one type of service and then expanded. The fact is that when you go after being specific, businesses are more likely to respond because you come up as an expert to solve the same exact problem that they are facing. 

So, choose the most appealing service and then move further. A strong example of this would be a company doing Facebook advertisements for only realtors or dentists. Heading to a prospect and convincing them about the buzz won’t work at all. 

On the other side of the table, if it’s particular and precise, it will make a huge difference.

Step 3: Build an Influential Personal Brand/Presence

Building a powerful presence is something neglected by the far majority of newcomers. 

If you’re a digital marketing agency, you need to be on the digital media for the better. Building a brand is going to be the top priority for any business in the rising competition. 

To go with stats, 77% of the marketing leaders say a strong brand is crucial to their growth plans. This is the golden era to make that happen while everyone is chasing sales. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop chasing sales. Initially, a new business or organization has to chase sales and short-term revenue or it will collapse. 

To build a brand in record time, setting up successful PR campaigns, using the power of social media marketing, and creating an evergreen content marketing strategy should be on the top of your action plan lists.

Step 4: Lead Generation

Lead generation is hard and there are diverse ways to generate leads. 

You want to go with the method that works softer for you. For a new agency, starting with a personal network is going to be beneficial. In case if it’s not the right fit, approaching a local business works well enough. 

The vital part here is prospecting. All of your strategies are not going to work if the right person who takes the decisions is not contacted. Also, if you have to close the deal, you will want to understand their problems, their life, and then pitch your service in the second place. 

For being a better entrepreneur, you will need to disrupt the industry. The way you disrupt the industry in sales is by caring. This approach works so well that the Seth Godins, Neil Patels, and other well-known leaders are utilizing it. You started an agency because you want to raise capital but people won’t pay you for that. 

They will pay you for solving their problems. When you are generating new leads, be sure to have a qualification process. It will help in making the business sustainable and stress-free. Other than this, never rely on one single channel while contacting a person. You always want to use a multi-platform system, for there is no one-size fit with sales. 

Hence, make sure to use emails, networking, video outreach, and messaging along with cold calls.

Step 5: Strengthen Relationships with Existing Clients

Just like your agency, there are thousands of others that are trying to be in contact with your existing clients and offering them better deals to be able to convince them. 

If you don’t build a bond with those amazing people, you might lose some of them. After all, 

Theodore Roosevelt once said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. 

So keep on getting in touch with your clients and show them that you are there for them in every circumstance. It will not only boost your credibility but also give you passive referrals that you would love to work with.

Step 6: Grow and Scale the Agency

Scaling, for a whole lot of existing businesses is scary. Before expanding, you have to consider the following signs: 

If everything is impressive, it’s definitely the time to grow and scale the venture to the next level. For doing so, bring new experts in the environment, simplify client onboarding, work with recruiters, and stabilize systems with keeping an eye on the analytics.

 One of the best solutions to get it done the right way is by seeking beneficial partnerships as it’s pivotal to outsource basic work when you are scaling up.

Then, Enjoy Owning a Successful Agency

If you are aware of the ‘why’ and follow the steps with custom processes and systems, it’s going to operate in the right direction. Next, you will want to keep testing new things to see the firm stand out, and enjoy the success.

About Shivansh

Shivansh Bhanwariya is founder and Co-CEO at Shivansh Bhanwariya Digital, currently helping small businesses succeed with effective marketing campaigns. He’s currently driven to personal branding for both SMBs and medium sized businesses.