Shopify Affiliate Program Review: Can You Make $3K A Month?

Shopify is the biggest, greatest, and most powerful Ecommerce store or online store builder used by more than 1.2 million businesses and individuals all across the world.

A lot of businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs are using Shopify to generate an income online in various different ways.

Some use the platform to make money through dropshipping, some build online stores for clients, some sell their own physical and digital products, and some promote the company as affiliate marketers by participating in the Shopify affiliate program.

Wait, what did I just say? The Shopify affiliate program? That’s what we are here to talk about.

With that being said, in this Shopify affiliate program review, I’m going to share with you all the details about Shopify as a company, how much they pay to affiliates, what promotional material they provide to affiliates, how to promote Shopify in a better way, other important details about the affiliate program, and last but not least – the pros and cons of joining the program so that you can make a better decision.

So, without stretching the introduction any further, let’s get right into the review and talk more about Shopify’s affiliate program in detail.

What Is Shopify – A Quick Intro


As I have already described the company above, I won’t write a very long description and background of the company to fill in the words. This is only for the readers who don’t know much about Shopify.

Short and sweet – Shopify is a platform that allows business professionals and entrepreneurs to create efficient online Ecommerce stores in optimum time without compromising on the frontend and backend functionality.

Whenever you find content related to Ecommerce or dropshipping, you will often find the name of Shopify around because of the high-quality solutions they offer and also because they pay high affiliate commissions to affiliate marketers promoting their platform to their audiences.

What Is The Shopify Affiliate Program?

Shopify Affiliate Program

Now that you know about Shopify, let’s learn about the Shopify affiliate program. The Shopify affiliate program is a partner program that interested marketers, publishers, content creators, and individuals can join to promote the company as an affiliate.

Basically, it is an opportunity for people to partner with Shopify and recommends the platform to other people to help the company acquire more leads and paying customers. In more than simple words, if you signup for the Shopify affiliate program, you are doing free marketing for them as their associate.

That’s cool, but what does it do to you? Well, when you join the Shopify affiliate program, you will be provided with a unique link with your unique affiliate ID in it (affiliate link/promotional link), which you will use while recommending Shopify to your audience and whenever someone clicks and makes a purchase of a Shopify plan, you will earn money for that.

The money you earn promoting those links is known as commissions or compensations. Isn’t that cool? All you have to do with the affiliate program is take your unique Shopify affiliate link and get it out there to people for earning commissions on qualified sales.

Thousands and thousands of affiliates, publishers, content creators, and agency owners promote Shopify to their audiences and clients to earn nifty affiliate commissions on a consistent basis. It’s as simple as that, nothing complicated than this.

Details About The Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify affiliate program is managed in-house on their official website and affiliates do not need to signup for a third-party affiliate network to be able to get started.

Affiliates are allowed to get going with the program for absolutely free. The company offers a two hundred percent commission on all qualified sales. Yes, that’s right! Whenever someone buys a paid Shopify plan using your link, you earn a 200% commission for that.

The cookie life of the affiliate program thirty days. What this means is if a person clicks your Shopify affiliate link and buys a paid subscription plan anytime within the next 30 days using the same device/browser, you still get credited for that.

The company offers various affiliate marketing tools and resources such as text links, tacking tools, real-time statistics & insights, banners, training material, guides, and a dedicated affiliate management team to help you out with any problems or answer your questions.

Affiliates have the ability to link to recorded webinars, content pieces, educational resources, tutorials, and automated funnels to boost the conversion rates and earn more money in partnership with Shopify.

The company offers four different paid plans and the commissions exceed as we go from the low-priced plans to the high ones (which is obvious – funny, right?).

Let’s have a look at the paid plans and the different commissions you get in a tabular format:

Shopify PlanCommission Offered
The Basic Plan$58 in commission
Shopify Plan$158 in commission
Advanced Shopify Plan$598 in commission
Shopify Plus Plan$2000 in commission

As you can see, the company offers $58 on ‘The Basic Plan’ (costs $29/month), $158 on the ‘Shopify Plan’ (costs $79/month), $598 on the ‘Advanced Shopify Plan’ (costs $299/month), and $2000 on ‘Shopify Plus Plan’ in commissions.

Payments are released after every two weeks and affiliates have to have a PayPal account in order to get paid. That’s the only payment method available right now.

Official Website:

Affiliate Signup Page: Shopify Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 200% commission on qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

How To Join The Shopify Affiliate Program

Joining Shopify’s affiliate program is definitely free and straightforward but you will at least have to have some expertise with the platform and some form of an audience to be able to get accepted and get approved.

To join, you can visit the official Shopify website, scroll down to the bottom section, and you will find a link to their affiliate signup page as shown below.

Access Shopify affiliate page

You can also land on the page by simply visiting to make the process much easier.

Shopify affiliate signup page

Once you do that, you will have to click on the Apply Now button on the page that you are going to want to click. When you click the button, another page will open where you will have to fill in the account information and create a partner account.

Shopify affiliate review

They will ask you for various details such as your name, website, contact information, and social media profiles. Fill in the necessary information and you will be taken to a new dashboard as shown below.

Apply for Shopify affiliate program

Now, head over to the Affiliate Tools section, and here, you will need to provide the required information to signup as an affiliate.

Once you submit the application, it can take up to 15 business days before you get a response from Shopify about whether or not your affiliate application has been approved.

Shopify Affiliate Review

If you are approved, great! If not, you can always reapply after working on your skills and background.

Who Can Join The Affiliate Program?

Although it seems like anyone and everyone can join the Shopify affiliate program but unfortunately, that’s not the truth. If you don’t have any valid reason why you need to be approved or accepted as an affiliate, you won’t.

Mainly, bloggers with rich content on their website and a decent number of visitors coming in every month, social media influencers, YouTubers, content creators, and agency owners are accepted as affiliates by the company.

Individuals with no portfolio or not very strong expertise will not be accepted. That’s a harsh truth you need to know. Only established affiliates are able to join the program.

How To Strategically Promote Shopify

There are a lot of ways you can promote Shopify as an affiliate and earn a decent income through affiliate marketing but the best ways you can promote the program to get great results are as follows:

  1. YouTube marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Pinterest marketing

1. Promoting Shopify With YouTube

The first method or strategy to promote Shopify to make consistent sales is through YouTube videos. A lot of affiliates and internet entrepreneurs are doing it and generating thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions.

All you have to do is make quality videos around the topic – Shopify and recommend the platform through your unique affiliate link to earn commissions.

Just to show you an example, if I search for the keyword ‘Shopify store’ on YouTube, there comes a tutorial teaching people how to build a Shopify store, and down in the description box of the video, there’s a Shopify affiliate link.

Promote Shopify via YouTube videos

You can make all sorts of videos such as tutorials, comparisons, reviews, and what not to earn affiliate commissions with Shopify’s amazing affiliate program.

2. Promoting Shopify Through Blogging

Another great and proven way to generate affiliate commissions on a consistent basis with the Shopify partner program is blogging.

Blogging is one of the most well-known and sustainable ways to generate income online. You can earn consistent affiliate revenue through blogging as you get consistent search traffic for years.

If you are using the Shopify platform, Shopify app review management software is a good way to add social proof and improve conversions even more.

Just to give you an example of how people are promoting Shopify through their blogs, I searched for the term ‘Shopify vs WooCommerce’ and all the articles include affiliate links to Shopify.

Promoting Shopify through blogging

Just like you would do with YouTube, you can research various low competition keywords, write and publish blog posts, attract monthly visitors, and earn consistent revenue.

3. Promoting Through Pinterest Marketing

The third great way to organically promote the Shopify platform is through Pinterest marketing. This is probably the easiest way you can leverage to promote the company strategically and smartly.

All you have to do is create pins, link to landing pages, blog posts, or company pages in a way Pinterest allows, and get a hell of a lot of traffic as well as sales on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

I highly recommend you write your own views using a free platform like Medium or use URL shorteners such as or for a better user experience and to comply with the Pinterest terms as well.

Here’s an example how people are doing it to generate consistent sales…

Promoting Shopify Through Pinterest Marketing

But these are not the only ways you can promote the company. You can also launch free courses, guides, and training material on Ecommerce, dropshipping, and Shopify itself to get tons and tons of paid signups consistently.

How Much Can You Make With The Shopify Affiliate Program?

You will earn commissions on every valid sale you generate with the Shopify affiliate program and they offer 2x commissions for each sale which you already know.

If you are asking what is the limit in terms of how much you can make or earn with the program, then the answer is, there’s no limit. You can send as many referrals as you can and make your earnings graph go as higher you want it to go.

So, the sky is the limit. You can send 10 referrals a month, 100 referrals a month, 1000 referrals a month, 10000 referrals a month, or 100000 referrals a month. All up to you.

Can You Make $3k A Month With Shopify’s Affiliate Program?

Well, the answer is a definite yes. You can make $3k per month or way more with the Shopify affiliate program if you promote the company strategically through both organic and paid traffic sources.

If you look at everything realistically, you only need 52 sales a month (which is surely doable) of The Basic Plan, 19 sales of the Shopify Plan, 5 sales of Advanced Shopify Plan, and 2 sales of the Plus plan to make over $3k or $3000 a month with the Shopify affiliate program.

If you have a decent traffic source from YouTube, blogs, or Pinterest, I think that’s not a very huge milestone to achieve. It’s pretty practical and realistic.

Why Should You Join The Program?

One of the best reasons I have for you to join the Shopify affiliate program is that Shopify is an extremely trusted and reputed platform that people like to have their online stores on. This helps affiliates get higher conversion rates and is a great choice for them to boost their affiliate earnings by taking the advantage of brand value.

Another strong reason is they offer a free trial to users so that they can test the platform and see if it’s designed to fit their requirements. It leads to more conversions. Also, you can’t deny the fact that they pay huge commissions to affiliates and pay on time.

Pros Of Joining Shopify Affiliate Program

  • A trusted platform you can feel confident about
  • Higher conversion rates than other platforms
  • Offers 200% commission on qualified sales
  • Provide affiliate resources to help affiliates
  • Payments are made on time
  • Free to get started for affiliates

Cons Of Joining Shopify Affiliate Program

  • Not all applicants are selected
  • No recurring commissions for individual affiliates
  • The support team is a bit slow
  • A lot of restrictions to affiliates in the promotion process

In Conclusion

The Shopify affiliate program is a great choice if you have a good audience size that is interested in Ecommerce, selling online, and dropshipping. You can potentially earn substantial amounts of money with this affiliate program.

I hope you liked this Shopify affiliate review and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to scroll down to the comments section down below and let me know what you think.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shopify worth promoting?

Shopify is one of the finest Ecommerce companies you can promote that not only has a high brand value but also offers huge commissions to their affiliates.

Are there any limits on earnings?

The answer is, no. You can make as much money as you can with the program. The more you promote, the most. you earn.

How much do Shopify pay to affiliates?

Shopify offers a two hundred percent commission rate to its approved and active affiliate marketers. Affiliates can also earn close to two thousand dollars on high-end sales.

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