How to Crush Sales During COVID-19 (Digital Products)

COVID-19 is getting really worse. You had a lot of plans but now you’re not even breaking even with your advertising as an individual or business selling digital products.

But every problem has a solution. In this quick post, I’ll guide you how to still crush your sales when you think no one’s going to buy your products/services.

Let’s get it!

1. Think About Survival

Majority of the people owning digital products are still pushing the same offer to people over and over again.

If you’re serious about getting results, you’ll want to acclimatize yourself according to the current situation.

A whole lot of people are affected by the crisis right now – you can have a look at the present scenario below.

So, at the moment, you can’t give people bonuses. Rather you want to show them ways from them to SURVIVE right now, so that they’ll be able to THRIVE later.

Business is all about relationships. Now is the best time to make that happen.

2. Double Down On List Building

The only powerful way that has been around (and will be) for years to generate consistent revenue is email marketing without a doubt.

Presently, you and people both have a chance to connect with each other, build deep relationships, and contribute to each others lives.

In other words, you can build a strong community.

Email list building is the only profitable and legit way to do it.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your list building, check out this definitive guide that covers it all.

3. Double Down On Content Creation & Education

As of now, there are so many people consuming content on the search engines and social media sites, you should put out educational content at scale while everyone is unhappy and complaining.

I strongly believe that educating your prospects is way far important than marketing them. That’s where a lot of people struggle to build a brand. 

For marketers, this is a great time to focus more on education at scale then chasing that one more high paying client.

Just think about it, we’re all going to be zooming our eyes on the screens a lot (everyone knows it). If you’re a Chiropractor, a Dentist, a Car Dealership, or even someone who’s not yet started a business but interested in something to start and looking for what social media marketing is,  what search engine marketing is, what the efficient process of getting more eyeballs on LinkedIn, Twitter,  Instagram is, that’s where you can pitch them to make business, for you’ll already be to the point of building authority or brand.

At that point, your services will be the key to lend long term and new clients faster.

Also, I mentioned that you’ll be able to lend clients that have not even started a business yet.

How exactly? It’s pretty simple:

Let’s say I’m someone interested in opening a Gym and I landed to a platform to learn how to make business with Facebook Ads, and if someone taught me everything about the same (from the power of FB Ads to the best strategies),  and then that person pitches me at the end that he can help me start a business if I don’t own one already, and help me lend clients for free just after the start, I’m a kind of person who’s going say yes.

And I know so many other people will be willing to say that as well. So,  if you give quality education to a thousand people (just an example), and if you got only 3 people to work with you from one content piece (which is pretty doable), there’s nothing to lose but win a lot.

4. Listen To Your Customers

Listening to your current customers and asking them their problems will give you a better understanding on what next steps your business model or organization needs to take.

On top of that, if you even decide to pitch a high-ticket product/service, you’ll be able to relate with a whole lot of audience.

This will lead to more trust, better exposure, and more sales.

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