15 Best RV Affiliate Programs (Huge Commissions)

RVs or recreational vehicles have always been exciting since the year they were invented. If you don’t know when the first RV was invented, it was in 1915.

Some of the top researchers have forecasted that this marketing going to be worth tens of billions of dollars in the few upcoming years.

As a matter of fact, the RV industry is already worth billions by the time I am writing this but that’s not what we want to discuss here, right?

That’s true but you know what? Before you get excited about promoting a product, you should know whether or not people show interest in purchasing the same, and if the product going to be sustainable or not.

So, looks like promoting RVs is a pretty good choice here…people are showing consistent interest in recreational vehicles according to the Google Trends data:

rv and caravan industry growth

Now that we have the data, let’s not let a single second get wasted and find out some amazing RV affiliate programs that cover various sectors like RV rental, RV insurance, etc.

Best RV Affiliate Programs

  1. RV Life Affiliate Program
  2. Escapes RV Club Affiliate Program
  3. Tochta Custom RV Mattress Affilaite Program
  4. Camping World Affiliate Program
  5. LightStream Affiliate Program
  6. RVT Affiliate Program
  7. RV Water Filter Store Affiliate Program
  8. RVshare Affiliate Program
  9. Camper Travel Affiliate Program
  10. RV America Insurance Affiliate Program
  11. RVnGo Affiliate Program
  12. RVezy Affiliate Program
  13. Outdoorsy Affiliate Program
  14. Good Sam Affiliate Program
  15. Vintage Trailer Supply Affiliate Program

1. RV Life Affiliate Program

rv life affiliate program

Well, the first company on our amazing list of caravan affiliate programs is RV Life. Yep, life with/in RVs is what the company wants you to experience.

To be honest, I haven’t rented or lived inside an RV yet but I definitely am going to try that out soon.

Okay, enough about me, let’s focus on the company now. RV Life is basically an application that can make your camping and RV experience much better.

As a customer of this company/application, you get to enjoy loads of perks like forum communities, turn-by-turn navigation, RV maintenance, trip wizard planners, campground reviews, etc.

As of now, this application is used by over 1.6 million people, which is a lot of RVers, actually! Other than the services this company offers to RVers, it also offers educational and useful content for free!

You can join the RV Life affiliate program for free and it’s managed by Post Affiliate Pro, which is again a popular affiliate management software.

The company offers a twenty-five percent commission to affiliates for the new customers they bring to their revolutionary business and guess what – there’s a satisfying cookie duration of a hundred and eighty days.

Official Website: https://rvlife.com

Affiliate Signup Page: RV Life Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 25% commission

Cookie Duration: 180 days

2. Escapes RV Club Affiliate Program

escapes rv club affiliate programs

The next one I’ve got for you is Escapes RV Club.

Yep! As you can probably guess, it’s a membership club for keen RVers. By the way, if you are an RVer yourself, do let me know what’s the average maintenance cost of an RV…that’d be really helpful.

Coming back to Escapes RV Club, they claim that they are one of the oldest RV clubs out there (and that’s totally possible, ha).

Well, the vast majority of RV lovers prefer to join this club/group because it’s become one of the most popular clubs with over 60,000 members/RVers.

As a member of this club, customers get access to a community of like-minded RVers, a lot of resources that help people learn more about RVs, and loads of discounts to save money.

Escapees RV Club likes to manage its partner program on its official website itself. They’ll only accept affiliates from the States so, if you are from outside, you will have to request and convince the management team.

The commission rate is ten dollars per valid referral. That’s actually pretty good because a lot of times, these ‘clubs’ don’t pay much because the subscription charges aren’t that costly.

It’s a good company to become a partner of…if you don’t want to sell physical products to your audience.

Official Website: https://www.escapees.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Escapes RV Club Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $10 per referral

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

3. Tochta Custom RV Mattress Affilaite Program

tochta custom rv mattress affiliate program

Once again, the name is quite self-explanatory here. I don’t need to talk hundreds of words for this company (it’s such a relief).

So, Tochta is a perfect brand or company to go after if anyone’s looking for custom mattresses for their RV(s).

And you know what? I’m sure there are a lot of people looking for this very product. Oh, I should have said a lot of RVers’ instead!

Customers get two options – either they can buy the standard comfy mattresses they sell or have them make custom ones.

This company has gotten a lot of happy and positive reviews from thousands of people and I’m confident that your audience will love purchasing the products Tochta has to offer.

And let’s talk about the affiliate program now. It’s managed by ShareASale.com. ShareASale is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate networks in the space, in case you don’t know.

As a partner of Tochta Custom RV Mattress, you will be earning a three percent commission on all qualified purchases/sales.

The average order value (AOV) is $735 and all approved partners are going to get resources and benefits like exclusive banners, offers, data feeds, coupon codes, and affiliate support.

Official Website: https://www.tochta.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Tochta Custom RV Mattress Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 3% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Camping World Affiliate Program

camping world affiliate program

If you are familiar with RVs, there are very few chances that you aren’t familiar with Camping World!

Even if you aren’t, don’t worry at all! I’m here to explain to you what Camping World does as a company.

So, Camping World is a huge corporation that specializes in selling RVs, RV parts, electronics, and other related accessories.

This company has been in the RV market for a long time and as of now, its headquarters are based in Illinois, United States.

You can start promoting Camping World on the VigLink affiliate network. All you have to do is create a VigLink account, get approved, and start promoting the company to earn a six percent commission on all sales.

To learn more about Camping World and its program, visit the page I have linked below for you.

Official Website: https://www.campingworld.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Camping World Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5.99% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

5. LightStream Affiliate Program

lightstream rv loans affiliate

LightStream, a part of SunTrust Bank, specializes in offering loans to people who need them!

I mean, of course! An entity will only be able to offer loans when the consumers need it, ha! That’s nothing special about that.

Great…then why did I only pick LightStream here?

Well, that’s because LightStream loves offering loans to RVers and Motorhome enthusiasts. Individuals can get very low-interest loans ranging from $5000 to $100,000 via LightStream.

You will have to create an Impact Radius account to be able to promote LightStream as an affiliate because that’s where the program is hosted.

LightStream will offer you a sixty-dollar commission every time an RV lover or any other individual will click your affiliate link and get funded.

The cookie duration or referral window this company offers is quite amazing as well! It’s a hundred and five days.

Official Website: https://www.lightstream.com

Affiliate Signup Page: LightStream Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $60 per funded account

Cookie Duration: 105 days

6. RVT Affiliate Program

rvt affiliate program

Now, we have RVT (RVT.com).

RVT or RVT.com is one of the best places to buy new and used RVs for a luxurious lifestyle.

This marketplace is extremely easy to use for both beginners and experts. All you have to do is head over to the site, select the filters to filter the type of RV you require, and then contact the sellers to move further with the purchasing process.

RVT has built very strong credibility by offering valuable service for years. If you pull up their profile on Trustpilot, you will see over 5,700 happy customers who have given excellent ratings to the company.

The two platforms you are going to want to navigate to for joining the RVT affiliate program are VigLink and FlexOffers.

Don’t worry, both of them are absolutely free to join and both of them offer the same commission rate of fifteen percent.

Affiliate resources are going to be there for better marketing campaigns and the referral window is going to be forty-five days.

Official Website: https://www.rvt.com

Affiliate Signup Page (VigLink): RVT Affiliate Program

Affiliate Signup Page (FlexOffers): RVT Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 15% commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

7. RV Water Filter Store Affiliate Program

rv water filter store affiliate

RV Water Filter Store. Yep, the name is shouting for itself and telling everyone what this business/company is all about.

RV Water Filter Store has been in the business since the year 2016. It was started by two amazing humans named Dave and Tracey.

So, what does RV Water Filter Store sell?

Umm…here you go:

  • Water filteration systems
  • Water pumps
  • Water pressure regulators
  • RV water hoses
  • RV drinking water filteration systems
  • etc.

Okay, so, you can join the RV Water Filter Store affiliate program on their official website for no upfront fee whatsoever.

All approved affiliates will earn a ten percent commission on all qualified sales and the rates can increase if an individual marketer/partner performs well.

Exclusive promotional material, deals, and coupon codes along with a supportive affiliate management team, are assigned to all affiliates. Click the links below to learn more or get started.

Official Website: https://rvwaterfilterstore.com

Affiliate Signup Page: RV Water Filter Store Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% and more per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

8. RVshare Affiliate Program

rvshare affiliate program

RVshare is one of the most popular platforms out there that connects RV owners to people who are interested in renting RVs.

So, yes, RVshare connects people/customers with RV rentals to make their travel journeys extremely special as well as easier.

Oh, and it would not be fair if I don’t tell you about the ten thousand plus positive reviews they have gotten from their happy customs or Trustpilot!

That’s pretty amazing, right? You as an affiliate should be happy that you are getting to know about a company that delivers what it promises.

There are hundreds of RVs that customers can rent using RVshare’s platform. RVs on RVshare start from $99 per night and go all the way up to hundreds of dollars.

Now as an affiliate of RVshare, you get paid in two ways:

  • Affiliates get paid a certain percentage per new renter
  • Affiliates earn a seven-dollar fee per new RV listing

That’s pretty cool, again! Yeah, you can get started with this affiliate program on CJ Affiliate. It’s free to create an account there.

Last but not least – the cookie window is thirty days and marketing resources, as well as support, are offered as well.

Official Website: https://rvshare.com

Affiliate Signup Page: RVshare Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% per customer and $7 per listed RV

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Camper Travel Affiliate Program

camper travel affiliate program

And now, it’s Camper Travel!

Don’t worry, it’s the same as RVshare! It’s also a “platform where you can search for RV or caravan rentals” for amazing trips.

Well, when you visit the official Camper Travel USA website, you are going to feel like you have come to an old-school search engine because that’s what it looks like.

Anyways, the process here is quite simple and obvious. You or the people who click your affiliate links will have to search for RVs and motorhomes according to their requirements, results will pop up, and they’ll choose the ones that they want to go for.

So, the Camper Travel affiliate program is managed in-house. You can join the program on their official website but before you join, I want to tell you that you will have to have a decent audience size because that’s when the company is going to approve you as an affiliate.

The commission rates and other related info aren’t revealed but a lot of YouTubers (trusted ones) are claiming that the pay rate is pretty decent. If that’s so, why not give it a shot, right?

Official Website: https://www.campertravelusa.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Camper Travel Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

10. RV America Insurance Affiliate Program

rv america insurance affiliate

Here again, I don’t think I’m going to have to explain or describe a lot about the company.

RV America Insurance is an agency that helps people with their RV/caravan/motorhome insurance.

They believe that RVs are ‘special’ vehicles and they require ‘special’ insurance coverage! I’m a guy who doesn’t know a lot about caravans but I do believe that insurance should be different for RVs.

With RV America Insurance, you can become an active affiliate and get paid variable commissions if people click through your website and request a quote.

No worries, I have checked all the statistics and reviews about the company. It’s well trusted and you can definitely join as a partner for the better.

Official Website: https://rvainsurance.com

Affiliate Signup Page: RV America Insurance Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

11. RVnGo Affiliate Program

RVnGo affiliate

Oh, God! Are there only rentals in this space?

I was expecting a lot of brands selling RVs and motorhomes for hundreds of thousands of dollars! Honestly, that’s what I have seen in those YouTube videos!

Keeping jokes somewhere on the side, RVnGO is a fully functional online platform where you can find and books RVs at happy prices.

This company connects RV rentals and RV enthusiasts all across the map in the country. And you know what? Other than these services, RVnGo also runs a content blog where people can learn more about RVing.

Interested affiliates can join the RVnGo affiliate program on the official website. The commission rate is fifty dollars per new customer and a hundred dollars per new RV that you get listed on their platform.

The referral window and other important information about the referral program will be revealed once you join as a partner.

Official Website: https://www.rvngo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: RVnGo Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $50-100 per referral

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

12. RVezy Affiliate Program

RVezy affiliate program

RVezy was created with two objectives in mind. First, providing amazing RVs to people for rent, and second, doing that at prices that are going to be affordable.

It’s very nice to see that they are still sticking to those two objectives. And yeah, I’m not the only one who’s saying this. Over a hundred thousand of their customers say this as well!

From towable RVs, pet-friendly RVs, motorhomes, and deliverable RVs to stationary RVs. You can expect their services across the whole country, so, don’t think too much about the locations!

Readers can join the RVezy affiliate program on their modern website for no cost at all. The reason I said ‘modern site’ is because they have invested a little bit into the design.

Although I haven’t been able to find the exact commission rates but the rate is surely going to be satisfying. There are no limits placed by the company for affiliates when it comes to sending referrals.

Tracking facilities, marketing resources for profitable campaigns, and marketing support is offered as well. To learn more, you can click the links below. It’s free as well!

Official Website: https://www.rvezy.com

Affiliate Signup Page: RVezy Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

13. Outdoorsy Affiliate Program

Outdoorsy affiliate program

The last on this list is also an RV rental marketplace but I like really really like this one. Oh…and how and why did that happen?

Well, firstly, I love their official website…and secondly, they have got a freaking amazing collection of RVs like the 1984 Volkswagon Westfalia and the 1945 Custom Teardrop Camper!

I just love that! But this post is about affiliates and not crazy people like me, I get it. So, let’s go ahead with the formals here.

Since Outdoorsy is a giant when it comes to renting RVs and motorhomes, let’s get talking about its affiliate program straightaway.

The Outdoorsy affiliate program is managed by the following affiliate networks:

  • HasOffers
  • CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)
  • AvantLink

As an Outdoorsy affiliate, you will be earning a hundred dollars per successful referral on average. Sometimes it’s going to be a little low and sometimes it’s going to be a bit higher.

The payment threshold is a hundred dollars…which means you will need a minimum of hundred dollars before Outdoorsy will pay you as a vendor.

Outdoorsy is also going to give you access to fantastic tracking tools and tools like Outdoorsy’s Trailblazer API, Outdoorsy Affiliate Widgets, banners, and many others. The referral window is thirty days.

Official Website: https://www.outdoorsy.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Outdoorsy Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $100 per valid referral

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Good Sam Affiliate Program

good sam affiliate program

Good Sam is another fabulous platform where people can find RVs to rent, find parks, and get a lot of road assistance for completing their journeys/adventures with ease.

Official Website: https://www.goodsam.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Good Sam Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to $15 per qualified sale

Cookie Duration: 10 days

15. Vintage Trailer Supply Affiliate Program

vintage travel supply affiliate program

RVs without parts would be impossible to recreate, right? That’s what Vintage Trailer Supply does. You can get various amazing RV parts from their online platform.

From wheels, bulbs, luxury and cozy interior items, seals, and all other vintage items you can think of. Visit the links below to join or find out more information.

Official Website: https://vintagetrailersupply.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Vintage Trailer Supply Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% commission

Cookie Duration: 10 days

To Conclude

There are many listicles on this topic but what makes this one different is that I have only listed the active companies and affiliates programs here.

Quality is the key, right? Also, you will find this listicle updated even if you visit this blog after five years (if I stay alive).

I forgot to list some other great RV affiliate programs you can try as well! Here they are:

That’s all for now. I hope you found my post helpful and engrossing. Please use the comments section to start a conversation.

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