12 Best Massage Affiliate Programs (Huge Commissions!)

Stress is very common in today’s world of successes and failures and it needs to be released out or it can make the head very heavy.

Getting a great massage is one of the best ways to do that. Not only does it calm you down but also makes your life more enjoyable.

There are millions of people who make massage products and services in high demand. In the United States alone, the massage service sector is worth tens of billions of dollars and is still in a growing state.

But what we are here to talk about is massage affiliate programs and not the industry because everyone knows that the industry is extremely big.

So, in this post, you are going to find the best massage affiliate programs to join as a blogger, affiliate marketer, or content creator.

I’m sure that you will be able to start giving yourself a new check every single month if you join one of the mentioned programs.

Massage Affiliate Programs

  1. Feature: TitanChair.com Affiliate Program
  2. Massage Chair Deals Affiliate Program
  3. Massage Warehouse Affiliate Program
  4. Spafinder Affiliate Program
  5. Positive Posture Affiliate Program
  6. Furniture For Life Massage Chair Affiliate Program
  7. OPOVE Affiliate Program
  8. Prime Massage Chairs Affiliate Program
  9. Spa Week Affiliate Program
  10. Massage Naturals Affiliate Program
  11. Smoothing Touch Affiliate Program
  12. TruMedic Affiliate Program
  13. Moji Affiliate Program

Featured: TitanChair.com Affiliate Program

We’ll see many options for massage chairs on this list, but when you want the best, it’s better to go right to the source. These are a far cry from the tired old Lay-Z-Boys, by the way. But that’s hardly a fair comparison.

TitanChair.com might be based in Texas, but it’s affiliated with some God-tier companies that make some of the most premium massage chairs on the planet. 

From the various Osaki series to the Apex, Ador, and Inada, these high-tech lounging powerhouses look more like luxury rocketships than worldly furniture to me.

The products cost thousands of dollars, and your referrals will appreciate their upfront prices. No hidden fees behind these; they pay exactly what they see, shipping included. (except for Hawaii & Alaska, obviously) 

Affiliates can enjoy a ten percent commission on products exceeding $5000 and three percent on less expensive ones. They also offer monthly offers to spice things up and extra incentives for features on YouTube.

Check them out through the links below!

Official Website: https://titanchair.com/

Commission Rate: 3-10%

Cookie Period: Sign up & find out

1. Massage Chair Deals Affiliate Program

massage chair deals affiliate program

It won’t be difficult for you to guess what this company does, right? Still, I have got to tell you the company profile because you might only know what they sell but you might not know how well they do it.

Massage chairs are in great demand and for a reason, they deserve to be in the demand. Isn’t that a hundred percent correct?

Massage Chair Deals have got a lot of interesting products/chairs from the top brands on the planet, such as Titan Chairs, Osaki, infinity, Apex, etc.

This company has been in the existence for a very long time now. Though it isn’t that popular but one of the reasons why it isn’t is because not everyone can afford massage chairs.

They sell the chairs at competitive prices and don’t include sales tax as other companies or retailers do, which is pretty amazing.

Interested affiliate partners and individuals will be able to join the Massage Chair Deals affiliate program on the official website itself, for the marketing program is managed in-house.

You are promised a seven percent negotiable commission on every qualified sale. Since massage chair is a high ticket item, a seven percent commission will be a good start.

Just think about it…a seven percent commission for $3000 (a price very common for chairs like this) would be $210.

You can fill out the affiliate signup form present on their registration page and once they review your details, you will get an approval notification and further details via email.

Official Website: https://massagechairdeals.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Massage Chair Deals Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 7% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

2. Massage Warehouse Affiliate Program

massage warehouse affiliate program

Massage Warehouse is one of the few online places where you can go blindly and expect to see some really beneficial and relaxing massage products like portable massage tables, chairs, oil lotions, massage sheets, cleaning products, and other related items.

First of all, Massage Warehouse also includes products from the highest-rated brands in the market including:

  • MassageFX
  • NRG
  • EarthLite
  • Biotone
  • TheraPro
  • etc.

If you are wondering where the Massage Warehouse affiliate program is currently active, the answer is Yazing.

Yes, that’s correct. You will have to create an account on the Yazing affiliate network first and then you will be able to join Massage Warehouse as a partner.

You will be paid a three percent commission on qualified sales and the network on which the program is managed won’t charge a fee when it’s time for you to get paid.

The cookie window hasn’t been mentioned anywhere but you will have access to things like coupons & deals, banners, and affiliate support (email).

Official Website: https://www.massagewarehouse.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Massage Warehouse Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 3% on approved sales

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

3. Spafinder Affiliate Program

Spafinder affiliate program.

The next one on the list I have is Spafinder. I’m damn sure you must have heard of it. You might not realize it but you must have surely had if you are someone who’s interested in the massage niche.

Whenever you type is anything related to massage and ‘near me’ on Google, you will notice Spafinder popping up every now and then.

I know you are a bit confused and you want to learn more about Spafinder. Well, here you go – it is a platform where you can find great spas, relaxation points, and gift cards for obvious purposes.

They connect customers with thousands of spas and massage centers that offer services like deep tissue massage, couples massage, Swedish massage, facial, and the list continues…

They do have an affiliate program…I mean it’s pretty obvious that Spafinder has a program or else I would be a fool to list it here!

So, you will be able to partner with Spafinder easily but you will require a Rakuten LinkShare account because the affiliate program is listed on the same.

As an affiliate, you will be getting a six percent revenue share on gift card sales and you will be getting forty days to convert a visitor into a customer.

Updated creative resources, promo material, special offers, and a dedicated affiliate management team are going to be made available as well.

Official Website: https://www.spafinder.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Spafinder Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6% revenue share

Cookie Duration: 40 days

4. Positive Posture Affiliate Program

positive posture affiliate program.

Positive Posture is once again a great company that sellers massage chairs, mattresses, and zero gravity recliners for people to feel good and relax their bodies.

Positive Posture is a company that focuses on both comfort and functionality. It’s not just about chairs and recliners…if you want to feel fresh and get the most out of your sleep, you need relaxing mattresses as well!

That’s what Positive Posture makes available to you as a customer. They have actually been in the business for a long time now and also offer a thirty-day free trial where customers can try their products and if they don’t like it, Positive Posture will happily give them their money back.

For joining the Positive Posture affiliate program, all you will have to do is head over to their affiliate signup page and fill out an interest form that doesn’t ask for much details!

Once a member from their affiliate management team approves your application, you can get promoting products on the site.

On all qualified or approved sales, you will be earning an eight percent commission and there will be a thirty-day cookie window.

There will be an affiliate kit provided to you as a partner so that you can promote the products with flying colors, which will be beneficial for you as well as the company.

Official Website: https://www.positiveposture.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Positive Posture Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 8% commission on all sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Furniture For Life Massage Chair Affiliate Program

Furniture For Life is the parent company of Positive Posture. Yes, to the company that I just talked about above.

And you are guessing it correct…they do sell furniture but all of their products touch the massage industry/zone in some way.

Okay…I know you are confused so I’ll just quickly list the products that they sell:

  • Japanese massage chairs
  • Fully body massage chairs
  • Recliners
  • Kneeling chairs
  • Mattresses
  • etc.

You see? All of the products fall under the massage industry! The company has been in the market since the year 1996 and you as well as your visitors/audience can definitely trust it.

Just like you can with Positive Posture, you will be able to join the Furniture For Life Massage Chair affiliate program on the affiliate registration page on the official site.

The commission rates are going to be the same, the cookie window is the same, and the affiliate management is going to be the same as well. You can navigate to the links below to learn more.

Official Website: https://www.furnitureforlife.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Furniture For Life Massage Chair Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 8% commission on qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. OPOVE Affiliate Program

opove massage gun affiliate program.

OPOVE specializes in ‘perfect’ massage guns. If you are a person who trains a lot or someone who does a lot of physical work, the product that OPOVE sells/offers is going to be extremely useful for you.

The OPOVE Apex massage gun is a product that will help you recover fast and relax your muscles after you have made them suffer a lot.

It’s a pretty impressive product and something that people will be highly interested in. Moreover, the pricing is decent and the commission rate is too! You will love promoting it!

Now, let’s shift our attention to the OPOVE affiliate program because that is equally important as it is to talk about the company profile.

You are going to want to become an approved member of ShareASale if you are curious to join or learn more about the OPOVE affiliate marketing program.

In case you have never heard of ShareASale, it’s an affiliate network that is trusted by thousands (including me).

As a promoter, you will be getting anywhere from ten to twenty percent commission per sale according to the products.

The referral window is forty-five days, which is pretty decent and the company claims that their average order value ranges from $60 to $200.

It’s not that bad if you can send a decent amount of traffic every week. There will be a newsletter, discount codes, text links, and exclusive deals for all partners.

Official Website: https://www.opove.com

Affiliate Signup Page: OPOVE Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10-20% commission per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days

7 Prime Massage Chairs Affiliate Program

prime massage chairs affiliate program.

Of course, if the name of the company is Prime Massage Chairs, it can’t be a dating website, right? I know, but sometimes bad jokes are important too!

Prime Massage Chairs is an online store where you can find the best and most practical massage chairs from tens of brands.

Yeah, brands like Bookstone, Daiwa, Infinity, Inner Balance, Human Touch, Kyota, and many others.

They promise to sell massage chairs to customers at the lowest prices with the help of their 6 Month Low Price Guarantee.

Their affiliate program is managed in-house and offers a five percent commission on all considered referred sales. The AOV of this company is around $3500.

This means you can expect to earn around $175 in commission every time you refer a new customer or generate a sale.

Payments are made after 90 days because of their guarantee and the payout threshold is as low as twenty-five dollars ($25).

Official Website: https://primemassagechairs.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Prime Massage Chairs Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Spa Week Affiliate Program

spa week affiliate

You can actually compare Spafinder and Spa Week here because they both do the same thing: provide access to thousands of spas/relaxation centers with the help of gift cards.

You could send a gift card to anyone and everyone you know using Spa Week to make their days more interesting.

If I were to complete the company profile in one line, I would say Spa Week is a trustworthy solution to corporate gifting, wellness, and spa gift cards.

You have got to have a Rakuten LinkShare account in case you have made your find to become a Spa Week affiliate partner.

Don’t worry, LinkShare is totally free to join and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get started with the network.

All approved affiliates of Spa Week will earn nine percent of every sale that they are going to generate while running the promotional campaigns.

The referral window is thirty days and the company has appointed a dedicated affiliate team that’s going to help you optimize your promo campaigns/strategies for better revenue. All other promo stuff will be made available too.

Official Website: https://www.spaweek.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Spa Week Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 9% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Massage Naturals Affiliate Program

massage naturals affiliate program.

Ah, I already find the name very interesting – ‘Massage Naturals.’

You know what? There is a reason why the company adds ‘naturals’ to its name. This is because all the products they have to offer to their customer are healthy for the users as well as the environment!

This praiseworthy has been helping customers with various products for a lot of time now. Yes, they have been doing what they are doing since 2001!

Here’s a small list of the product they sell:

  • Massage linens
  • Lotions
  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Gel
  • Body treatments
  • Portable massage tables
  • Massage chairs
  • etc.

The good news is…Massage Naturals also users the ShareASale affiliate network to run and operate its affiliate marketing program.

The reason why I consider it as a piece of good news is that ShareASale is very easy to use, intuitive, and the best part is that it pays on time!

You will be earning a ten percent commission of the net sales, which isn’t too shabby in this industry.

The cookie duration is standard – thirty days. All other information will be revealed once you are an approved partner of the company.

Official Website: https://massagenaturals.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Massage Naturals Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% of net sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Smoothing Touch Affiliate Program

smoothing touch affiliate program

You can’t really consider Smoothing Touch as a niche-specific company or site because it doesn’t just sell massage or spa products but also sells a dozen other products in various industries.

I won’t take too long to describe the company because it doesn’t do anything specific. You will be able to promote things like massage oils, creams, lotions, massage kits, gifts, pain relief items, and a few other relevant ones.

They run an in-house affiliate program that offers a fifteen percent commission on validated sales and offers a forty-five-day cookie length as well.

There aren’t any marked details other than the rates and the cookie tracking window on the site. You would find out more only after you have joined the program.

Official Website: https://www.soothingtouch.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Smoothing Touch Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 15% commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

11. TruMedic Affiliate Program

trumedic affiliate

And here’s TruMedic – the second last company on the list.

TruMedic is frankly the best solution for fitness freaks and people engaged in high-intensity bodywork. Well, how and why is that?

Umm…here’s how – these are the products TruMedic sells:

  • Neck massagers
  • Back massagers
  • Massage chairs
  • Foot massagers
  • Massage guns
  • etc.

Basically, TruMedic sells everything that you need to relax your tired and stressed body.

Their affiliate program is managed on VigLink. The commission rates, as well as other details, are not mentioned but you can surely expect some good payout rates from the merchant.

Official Website: https://trumedic.com

Affiliate Signup Page: TruMedic Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Unlisted

Cookie Duration: Unlisted

12. Moji Affiliate Program

moji affiliate

Moji is the last one we have on the list. Moji offers phenomenal heated massage rollers, foot pain relievers, massage therapy tools, and other muscle recovery solutions.

When you visit the official site of Moji, you might feel like it’s a new company but that’s not true! It’s been there for a while and huge publications like Men’s Journal, Women’s Health, HuffPost, and many others have noticed it as well!

The Moji affiliate program is currently active on Avantlink (an affiliate network). You will be earning a ten percent commission on all qualified sales if you become a Moji partner and the cookie tracking period is a hundred and twenty days.

You can learn more about the Moji affiliate program by clicking the non-promotional links present down below.

Official Website: https://gomoji.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Moji Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% on qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 3 months (120 days)

In Conclusion

So, these were the top massage chair, massage gun, massage therapy, and spa affiliate programs I wanted to share with you guys.

There are a lot of companies you can partner with in the spa and massage industry as well. I tried to pick only the highest paying and the most relevant ones.

I hope you found some value in this post. If you did, don’t forget to share it with your audience, for sharing is caring!

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