10 Best Long Tail Pro Alternatives (Updated List)

Long Tail Pro has been one of the most used keyword research software as it helps people generate results fast with reliable data and insights. It is used to find different long tail variations of a keyword at ago.

Getting a good keyword idea is very important to be able to rank well and generate traffic. Long Tail Pro helps business people compare the performance of their competitors easily.

Long Tail Pro, however, has its cons even though it is considered to be one of the best for less competitive and profitable keywords. Marketers will hence need to find other alternatives that they can use for SEO.

Long Tail Pro has a lot of alternatives and some of them are way more versatile and functional, providing tons and tons of additional features.

With that said, in this post, I’m going to share with you the best Long Tail Pro alternatives you should surely check out for better keyword research and overall SEO.

Long Tail Pro Alternatives

  1. SEOProfiler
  2. SEO Powersuite
  3. Spyfu
  4. Semrush
  5. SERanking
  6. KWFinder
  7. Ubersuggest
  8. Keywords Everywhere
  9. Serpstat
  10. Ahrefs

1. SEOProfiler

This is a tool that helps customers to check exactly recorded snippets, different outcomes, and rankings. You can also check the rankings of your competitors as well.

The tool helps doing competitive analysis, keyword search, site Investigation, management of connections, website analytics, site audits, link tracking, and a whole lot of SEO stuff. SEOProfiler allows you to have an overview of how your website is performing on Google, Google mobile, Yahoo, and even Bing.

SEOProfiler provides a Standard plan that goes for $46 a month, allowing a 20000 site audit; Smart Plan going for $65 a month, allowing a 50000 site audit; and a Professional plan going for $164 per month that allows 150000 site audits.

Official Website: https://www.seoprofiler.com

2. SEO Powersuite

This is an SEO software used by numerous SEO professionals on a monthly basis. They have a lot of things to offer to their clients. SEO Powersuite gives researchers the ability to look for keywords without limitations.

People can search for anything that they want from anywhere. They also help their clients get Social Media Stats from any site. You need a 2-minute setup to get your jobs automated, from tracking ranks, auditing sites, and backlinking checks.

SEO Powersuite allows individuals to have a scheduled task at any time. One can perform SEO Audits, tracking rankings, and analyze backlink history using the tool. They have Free, Professional, and Enterprise plans to pick from. You can also customize your plans if certain features are not required to do some cost-cutting.

The Professional plan goes for $24.52 monthly whereas the Enterprise plan goes for $58.25 monthly. SEO Powersuite tracks changes in algorithms every 12 minutes. It is a rising alternative to Long Tail Pro that offers so many cool and nifty features.

Official Website: https://www.link-assistant.com

3. SpyFu

SpyFu is used in the identification of profitable keywords. It is good at doing competitive analysis as it looks at competitor’s organic and paid traffic data. Spyfu helps in knowing the best-performing keywords. It helps people to get ideas about their competitor’s sites easily.

SpyFu gives one access to API, SERP analysis, access to exclusive keywords, unlimited backlink results, analysis of SEO performance, rank tracking keywords, exporting data, searching domains among others.

SpyFu offers 3 plans; basic, professional, and team plans that one can settle on. The basic plan goes for £38 monthly. The professional plan will cost $56 every month and the Tea, Plan rate is $199 giving you over 2000 leads and contacts of domains.

Official Website: https://spyfu.com

4. Semrush

Semrush is an SEO tool that helps people grow their organic traffic. One can get to find numerous keywords with this tool. You can also do an analysis of any domain lank and run technical SEO audits.

This platform helps spy on the performance of your competitors in the market. It has a database of billions of keywords, millions of ads, and URLs that are updated on a regular basis. They do data analysis and help you find the right recommendations. You get to enjoy a 7 day trial with full access to all tool kits when joining.

They have 3 plans that one can choose from: Pro goes for $119.95 a month. This is ideal for starters with a limited budget to work with and it gives over 40 advanced tools to use. The Guru plan goes for $229.95 per month and it is ideal for growth marketers. It includes features like content marketing, history data, extended limits, Google stats studio integration, and all the features in the Pro plan.

The Business plan is priced at $449 a month and it is good for businesses with a big web presence. Comes with API access, extended limits, and sharing options, Google Data Studio, is of voice metric and all other features in the Pro and Guru plan.

Official Website: https://semrush.com

5. SE Ranking

This SEO tool and an alternative to Long Tail Pro is helpful in tacking special keywords, backlink monitoring, and SEO Audits. It also helps in SERP analysis, accessing low-competition and long-tail keywords, backlink analysis, rank tracking, exporting data, social media management, page changes monitoring.

They help companies do search engine optimization by providing automated tools for reporting, competition analysis, tracking, keyword proposal, and more. They are customer friendly and offer 24 hours consumer support. They offer a 14 day trial period for free to have a feel of their platform. Other features include; online marketing plan, advanced keyword suggestions.

There are three plans the tool offers: Optimum, Plus plan, and an Enterprise plan. They go for $31, $71, and $151 per month respectively.

SE Ranking is ideal as it helps in tracking the site and performing other tasks related to SEO. It is a very reliable tool that makes it easy for SEO professionals to run accurate campaigns. It can help businesses push their digital services to a different level.

Official Website: https://seranking.com

6. KWFinder

This is a tool that is very friendly to new users. It is well designed, has powerful features and a seamless interface. It allows users to do keyword research and rank tracking. The tool offers features that allow users to do backlink analysis, competitor analysis, and advanced keyword research.

There are some mini tools within the tool such as SERP Analysis, SERP Watcher, Site Profiler, and SEO metrics and Insights.

This tool is considered to be the most accurate in giving difficult measurements. It gives you access to concealed long-tail keywords within just 3 minutes. New keywords can also be found easily with the tool.

It allows you to organize a good keyword listing with their good keyword management tool. KWEPinder gives people good results and numerous perfect ideas. They have three subscription plans – A, B, and C. The prices are $29.90 a month for plan A, allowing the lookup of 100 keywords daily; $39.90/month for plan B that allows 500 keywords daily, and plan C goes for $79.90 every month for analyzing 1200 keywords daily.

Official Website: https://kwfinder.com

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a tool that can help you give strong SEO metrics for profitable internet marketing business practices. With Ubersuggest, you can analyze your competitor’s website, see their top pages, the keywords they are ranking for, and the websites that have linked back to them.

You can also enter a keyword in the tool and find keyword ideas to rank well on Google and drive traffic to your blog or website.

It is a good tool that can be used for research purposes. Ubersuggest features include: data reporting, unlimited daily site reports, years history of backlinks, 500 tracked keywords, historical data, up to 100,00 search suggestions, daily updates, mobile ranking tracking, and many others. They have Individual plan, Business, plan and Enterprise plan.

The individual plan goes for an $11.67 per month subscription and it is good for looking up to 100 reports a day. The Business plan goes for $19.97 per month, targeting 300 reports; and the Enterprise plan targets 900 reports a day and costs $39.59 a month.

Official Website: https://ubersuggest.org

8. Keywords Everywhere

This is a tool/Chrome Extension that analyzes search results and gives keyword suggestions. They show data like search volume, CPC, and competition for keywords. It helps in saving time and making you find other long-tail/easy-to-rank keywords.

Keywords Everywhere comes with customized settings and allows you to take your SEO strategies to the next level. You also get the option of marking your favorite keywords for future references. It is a good tool with the ability to test a list of websites.

They have a good customization feature helping one look for the right keywords. They offer six different plans ranging from $10 to $1000. You can, however, get the data that you need without making payments.

Users can enter many phrases and get results with updated and easy-to-understand metrics. You can easily group data and also save a lot of your time.

Official Website: https://keywordseverywhere.com

9. Serpstat

This is yet another SEO tool with a database of over 100 million keywords, search ideas, and ads. With Serpstat, you can look for the keywords you and your competitors are ranking for to outrank them by creating better content and attracting better links.

I belive it is a stron competitor to Long Tail Pro and if you are looking for an affordable yet powerful Long Tail Pro alternative, Serpstat is a software you should definitely check out. The features that Serpstat comes with include:

  • Infographic reports
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Market insights
  • Advertising analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website SEO audits
  • Search analytics
  • Rank tracker
  • On-Page SEO checker

They offer four plans: Lite plan that gives access to only one user and is priced at $69 a month; Standard plan allows access to 3 users and goes for $149 every month. The Advanced plan gives access to 5 users and costs $$299 per month; and the Enterprise plan which gives access to 7 users, is priced at $499 a month.

Official Website: https://serpstat.com

10. Ahrefs

The last tool we have on our list of Long Tail Pro alternatives is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is my favorite tool when it comes to keyword research, competitor analysis, content ideas, rank tracking, and monitoring backlinks.

With Ahrefs, you can check long tail variations of a keyword, analyze keyword search intent, check and compare SERP results, find guest posting opportunities, and check what’s trending.

The tool offers four different plans but generally, individuals like to go for their Lite plan that costs $99 per month. You can also upgrade your plan to the Standard Plan ($179 per month), Advanced Plan ($399 per month), or Agency Plan ($999 per month).

Official Website: https://ahrefs.com

In Conclusion

While there are many alternatives to Long Tail Pro as depicted above, people have the choice of choosing what they want. Every tool has advantages and disadvantages and hence, you need to weigh them keenly.

The highlighted alternatives to Long Tail Pro provide some of the most lucrative offers and hence, it depends on your SEO needs and the right tools that will be good for your business.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Long Tail Pro alternatives. If you have got any questions, let me know in the comments section down below.

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