Is Copywriting A Good Career? (In-Depth Explanation & Analysis)

There is a lot of confusion regarding choosing copywriting as a career. Some content creators or individuals say that you should definitely get into copywriting as it’s one of the highest-paying career options out there while others deny it.

I was talking to a group of aspirant copywriters and beginners recently, and found that some of them were very cautious about becoming professional copywriters because they weren’t a hundred percent clear.

Even if you go to different communities where people hang out on the internet (like groups and social sites), you will see people not being crystal clear or giving answers that are backed by data.

Well, in this post, I’m going to share with you, whether or not copywriting is a good career, whether or not copywriting is realistic for beginners, whether or not copywriters make a good amount of money, and a lot of related things that are important.

All the answers here are going to be full of context as I’m writing those ones from my own experience, as well as, other fellow copywriters who are extremely successful.

There will be a lot of examples, data, numbers, and satisfactory conclusions to be drawn out in the post itself. Make sure you avoid any sort of distractions and sit concentrated because it’s a lot to cover!

Is Copywriting A Good Career?

So, you should always be skeptical about a career option and do your full research before choosing it as a means of earning a living, but at the same time, you should not be negative as well.

I’ll not simply say ‘it depends’ and finish the discussion quickly. From the charts and numbers shown me (I’ll share those charts and numbers below), this is my answer:

Copywriting is surely one of the best career options out there that have been growing in market size tremendously over the past two decades. It’s a high-paying, creative, independent, and rewarding career that new individuals should get into if they have any interest.

There are over a hundred and thirty-one thousand copywriters in the United States alone and the numbers will only skyrocket in the upcoming times.

If you are thinking of getting into copywriting, it’s a perfect time because the competition is going to rise very enormously all across the world in the upcoming decades.

According to Career Explorer, the copywriting job market is expected to grow by 7.6% until the year 2026 arrives.

And I just did a search in Google Trends to see if people are still interested in the industry or not and here’s what came out in front to me on the screen:

coywriting market size

You see how people are getting more and more interested in the industry?

Well, that’s because businesses are getting online and they need to sell online, which is only possible with great copywriting!

So, yes, copywriting is a great industry or career option to choose if you really like writing, testing, getting people engaged. By the way, let me answer this question separately:

What Does A Copywriter Do?

It’s pretty obvious that you need to write great sales copy if you pick copywriting as a career but here are some additional things that a copywriter does:

  • Learns and does conversion rate optimization tests to write a copy that sells
  • Learns more about the company and the executives to add relatible story to the copy
  • Learns psychology and strenthens emotional intelligence to stand out
  • Seeks for new clients since very limited companies have fixed roles
  • Doesn’t mix content writing and copywriting

Yeah, these were some very important things you should be knowing before you get into this industry.

Is Copywriting A Realistic Career?

I won’t take a lot of time answering this very question…

Copywriting is definitely a realistic career as there are any other types of jobs like marketing, accounting, or anything else. As a copywriter, you write commercial content for companies and get paid for doing so.

There’s nothing hypothetical about this job. Since a lot of content writers don’t get paid well, people think of copywriting in the same way but that’s very far from the truth.

As a matter of fact, the data from PayScale shows that copywriters make around $21.55 per hour on average.

This comes out to an average annual income of $53,792, which is definitely not bad at all. This proves that copywriting is a realistic job option available!

Are Copywriters In Demand?

Well, it is quite obvious that if the industry is growing at a promising rate, the demand for copywriters is going to be increasing as well!

Copywriters are in very high demand and they will continue to be as long as businesses exist regardless of them being online or offline.

Once again, I searched for ‘copywriter’ (as a profession) in Google Trends and the graph speaks for itself:

demand for copywriters

If I talk about myself and my company, we are always looking for talented copywriters and I’m sure other companies in the marketer are as well!

Is The Industry Over Saturated?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask and answer in all industries. What people generally think is that if a lot of people are interested in becoming copywriters, it’s very saturated and not worth it.

But the truth is, if the volume increases, the pay increases as well. That’s because there’s a lot of competition out there…and competition in the creative market is always good!

None of the industries or markets are over-saturated. If you hone your skills really well and know what it is that you are doing, there are always going to be new opportunities.

Advantages Of Copywriting As A Career

In this growing online world, being a copywriter has its own perks and advantages, and that’s what makes this job very exciting. So, the advantages are as follows:

  • Time and location freedom – as a copywriter, you can work anytime you want to and do that from anywhere around the world. You can be a freelancer and travel that world while working!
  • Makes you more creative – as a copywriter, you get learn every single day, which makes you more creative as you have to think about things from different angles.
  • Competitive pay rates – if you know your job really well, there’s no limit on the amount of money you can make. Some of the most successful copywriters out there are making millions of dollars every single year!
  • Always in demand – as said above, copywriting is a skill that’s always going to be relevant and in demand, and hence, you will have job security as well.
  • Exciting projects – it’s really exciting to become a copywriter because there are always going to be new projects that you will not know how to go about. This will make your life more exciting and you will love your work.

Disadvantages Of Copywriting As A Career

Yeah, no job or career out there is perfect. There are going to be a lot of merits and demerits with everything. Here are some with this industry:

  • Deadline pressures – at the end of the day, copywriting is also a job and you are working for someone else. If you want to get paid and get paid one time, you will have deadlines to meet or else you won’t be certain about the future.
  • Long-term contracts – sometimes copywriters only see the pay and get into long-term contracts with clients or companies. This does nothing but bounds them and they get tired of their job after a while.
  • Finding clients – as a freelance copywriter, you will always have to keep looking for new clients and it can be extremely challenging because not all clients will fit your work profile.

How To Succeed As A Copywriter

To become a successful copywriter, you don’t really have to do something special other than the following stuff:

  • Always keep learning new strategies
  • Do a lot of practice to get better at writing
  • Interact with people/customers and understand their psychology
  • Never undercharge for what you do
  • Make yourself unique and develop your own style
  • Always keep evolving with time because the trends can change
  • Try taking new courses to learn new strategies

Other than all of this, a copywriter should also have to be analytical. It’s not necessary that your idea is always unique…sometimes multiple people can come up with the same set of ideas and balance that out, a copywriter should check before handling the task and make changes if required!

There are a lot of tools that can be used for checking whether or not your creation is unique. So many paid ones but I love the plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool by Small SEO Tools.

I believe these are some of the most basic things or concepts to understand and I won’t fill the post with fluff explaining common stuff.

You just have to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. Tweak how you interact with clients, learn how to close deals, and deliver what you promise on a consistent basis. It will be enough to become successful in this industry.

When To Avoid This Career Option

Although you should precisely pursue this career, here are some circumstances in which you should avoid getting your feet wet in the industry:

  • If you want to make quick money because you have watched an interview of a copywriter who makes thousands of dollars per month.
  • If you are not comfortable with working for other people
  • If you don’t love writing a lot

To Conclude

Ah, it was really challenging to put together this content piece because I had to go through a lot of statistics and opinions, and frankly, they were very hard to find.

But let’s stick with the topic here. So, what’s up with copywriting? Is it a good and legitimate career for you? Well, the answer will depend from one individual to another but if you are serious, the answer is a big yes! It’s definitely worth it as a career.

I hope I was helpful in this post. Please leave your thoughts below in the comments section and share this post with your friends.

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