H&M Affiliate Program: Should You Join? (Where?)

Yes! This company is in the limelight because of its new fashion trends and elemental collection! 

The youth worldwide is more attracted to this brand because of its high-quality material, classic looks, and comparatively reasonable prices compared to other famous fashion brands; you know who! 

This company holds a value of 23.84 billion USD! I firmly believe that H&M has that much worth because I’ve seen people going crazy after this brand, and I, too, am an H&M freak! 

So I don’t see a reason not to join H&M as an affiliate because, mark my word, you can earn profit very easily as anyone would choose H&M over any other brand when buying branded clothes at the best price possible. 

Another reason to join them would be how prevalent they are worldwide. Not one person would’ve not heard of this brand! 

So enough with the talks; let’s dig in a little deep and learn more about their affiliate program and help you earn decent money from the fashion industry! 

First Things First, What is H&M? 


Let me shed some light on its basic information for those who have yet to learn what H&M is. This Swedish “fast fashion” retail brand company was established back in 1947, which is seventy-six years ago! 

Its first name was “Hennes” when it opened in Vasteras, Sweden. The name then changed to Hennes and Marutiz. 

They started by selling a variety of clothing for men and kids only. And slowly, they began manufacturing women’s sections and so on. 

Steadily they even began selling H&M home decor products, and this was, by the way, a recent development. 

Looking at their growth, this company has millions of trusted customers visiting its stores worldwide every day because of the quality promise that H&M has managed to keep since it was established. 

H&M Affiliate Program

H&M Affiliate Program - How to join

The H&M affiliate program has one of the best programs in the fashion and clothing niche. It allows you to join them as an affiliate and profit from every click-thru link uniquely curated.

Not only the links, but you will also have access to various banners and gifs for your website. 

After joining, not only can you avail the banners and links benefits, but you can also earn a generous commission of up to 10.5% on every new customer that purchases through your links and seven percent on regular customers. 

Looking at H&M’s affiliate network reveals that their commission structure favors new clients. They aim to attract new users who they may turn into devoted customers, just like many other fashion businesses.

They even provide a cookie window of thirty days for your links and banners. 

Additional information on this program is that you can earn two dollars on every click. And they have a 0.21% conversion rate and 1.18% conversion rate for two days. 

Hopping onto the payment information, an advertiser typically needs 119 days to confirm and pay for actions.

This company offers quite strong incentives to its affiliates. If H&M, renowned for its meager prices, has an average order value high enough for you to succeed with little volume, that is the question.

Official Website: https://www.hm.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Admitad, Sovrn (VigLink)

Commission Rates: 10.5% commission for new customers, 7% for existing customers, and variable (Admitted)

Cookie Duration: 30 days (Admitad)

Affiliate Network/Platforms: Admitad, Sovrn (VigLink)

How To Join The H&M Affiliate Program? 

Now, there are two affiliate networks in business by which you can join an H&M affiliate program. 

Admitad is one of the trusted affiliate networks that has tied up with H&M and made its affiliate program easy to access. 

I have given the details for this network above, but it does not hurt to mention again that through this network, you can easily earn a commission of seven percent on regular clients and 10.5% on new ones! 

They even have a thirty-day cookie duration for your links and banners that will be provided once you sign-up. 

Also, this program is globally open, which means anyone worldwide can join this program through Admitad. 

To avail of benefits like the above, you must sign up for Admitad and create a Mitgo ID to begin the process. 

Another network that you can join is Vigilink Sovrn Affiliate Network. This network provides an H&M affiliate program only for the North American and South American regions, including Canada, Mexico, and the United States. 

You must register and get approved to get any information related to the affiliate program. By the way, the registration process has no fee involved!! 

Who Can Join The Program? 

If you have a fashion content-related website, write fashion blogs, or are a fashion blogger or an audience that follows fashion, this is the right place to earn benefits from the H&M affiliate program. 

Suppose you do not have an audience that is fashion enthusiastic or wants to learn more about clothing and apparel. In that case, you can get rejected under this niche affiliate program! 

H&M Affiliate Program Alternative

Being one of the best fashion brands for so long in the fashion industry, there might be a teeny-tiny possibility that you might not get the opportunity to partner with them. 

But no worries, I have your back! 

ASOS, founded in 2000, is a UK-based fashion brand with a net worth of 974 million USD. This online fashion behemoth has one of Europe’s most well-known fashion affiliate programs.

You can market footwear, apparel, cosmetics, and more as an affiliate to consumers with various budgets.

It would be best if you recommended new consumers to the ASOS affiliate program to earn the most extensive commissions. If you refer a new customer to ASOS who makes a purchase, you could receive up to 6% of the sale.

Be aware that ASOS offers lesser rates of up to 3%, similar to many fashion affiliate programs, for coupon and reward sites.

Check Out The ASOS Affiliate Program Here.

In Conclusion

Looking at the details, H&M has taken its business to the next level regarding clothing and accessories. 

Every retail H&M store has something exciting to offer you on every visit, be it an upcoming sale, a discounted coupon, sustainability benefits, and so much more. 

Few people know this, but the company also believes in sustaining the environment. Because of this, they have started making their clothes out of recycled ones, and just as always, they have never compromised on the quality of the material. 

So joining them as an affiliate will not only help you earn a decent commission, but you can also do your part for the environment by helping them bring up sales for the sustained collection!

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Is there a possibility that I might not get accepted as an H&M affiliate? 

Yes! There is always a possibility that you might not get accepted as an affiliate for any company, but not only H&M! So it is vital to fulfilling all the criteria they look for in their affiliate. 

Will promoting H&M be worth it? 

For instance, for this brand, you need a decisive fashion enthusiastic audience for your website or blogs to get accepted.

Promoting this business is a dream for many eager partners because it is one of the trusted brands in the fashion industry that manufactures and sells clothing and apparel for men, women, and kids. And remember, they even began selling home decor items for your home.

So yes! I firmly believe that y promoting H&M as an affiliate will be worth it!

What does the H&M affiliate program focus on? 

H&M’s affiliate program directly focuses on reaching out to new consumers. You will get a generous tip if you get them a new client! 

Not only this, but you and your clients can also help them sustain the environment by promoting their new sustainability collection, where they have used recycled materials to give you a unique and classic look! 

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