12 Golf Affiliate Programs (Great Payouts!)

I’m sure you know ‘golf’ is considered a Rich Man’s sport. 

Only the elite was allowed to play this sport in the past because of its cost. 

You would be astounded to know that more than 66.6 million people are currently engaged in this game (as per National Golf Foundation). 

For affiliates, I recommend looking for programs that have superior value in society and pay you well, even with low effort. 

If you find golf fascinating, let’s look forward to what these top Golf companies have to offer to their affiliates. 

Golf Affiliate Programs

  1. Rain or Shine Affiliate Program
  2. Edel Golf Affiliate Program
  3. Golf Outlets of America Affiliate Program
  4. Bushnell Golf Affiliate Program
  5. Two Guys with Balls Affiliate Program
  6. Golf4Her Affiliate Program
  7. Golf Avenue Affiliate Program
  8. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program
  9. Trendy Golf Affiliate Program
  10. TeeOff Affiliate Program
  11. Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program
  12. Swing Man Affiliate Program

1. Rain or Shine Affiliate Program

Rain or Shine Affiliate Program

Rain and Shine is one of the best golf companies that would help you to dodge your day-to-day problems…but only if you can dedicate a little extra time to your favorite game, golf. 

Rain or Shine Golf is here to assist you in enabling you to place the ball on the tee.  

Despite a tight budget, Rain or Shine would deliver perfect golf simulation equipment and accessories (isn’t it cool?)  

You can become a high-paying promoter of Rain and Shine just by applying to the affiliate program available on their official website, which I have cited below.

Yep, the partner portal is managed in-house! You got that!

Although the commission starts at five percent, there is a scope of earning more, and a referral period of thirty days, is what you should be looking for!

Official Website:  https://rainorshinegolf.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page:  https://rainorshinegolf.com/pages/rain-or-shine-golf-affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: Upwards 5% on all validated sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Edel Golf Affiliate Program

Edel Golf Affiliate Program

Edel Golf excels in making road maps and educates its clients about golf accessories, such as iron, wedges, and gear. 

If you want to associate with Edel, apply to its affiliate program with the ShareASale network.

 Its interface makes transactions transparent, so keeping records would be easier for the company and the affiliate. 

The company offers seven percent as a commission rate, and cookie duration stands for forty-five days; I believe you will get ample time to convert leads.

Promotional materials such as videos, banners, and ad details are available to every affiliate. You will get everything in hand once you get accepted by Edel Golf.

Official Website: https://edelgolf.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://edelgolf.com/pages/edel-golf-affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: 7% commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

3. Golf Outlets of America Affiliate Program

Golf Outlets of America Affiliate Program

Americans are obsessed with golf, and why shouldn’t they?

It is an exciting game.

Golf Outlets offer the best golf value, which makes everyone’s experience outstanding. 

Golf Outlets understand the cost correlated with golf, so their mission is to bring forth shoes, accessories, or bags of the highest quality at the lowest price.

Anyone across the globe can be a Golf Outlet’s affiliate because the company ships worldwide. 

This broadens the spectrum for the creators, which I see in a positive light. 

Commission Junction and Affiliate Future are their two affiliate program service providers.

So, hurry and grab the opportunity to earn a five percent commission rate on the sales.

Official Website: https://golfoutletsusa.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.golfoutletsusa.com/affiliates 

Commission Rates: 5% on the sales

Cookie Duration: Not listed

4. Bushnell Golf Affiliate Program

Bushnell Golf Affiliate Program

Accessories are the salient part of any game.

I must add, golf is no exception. 

Bushnell Golf has cases, GPS watches, refurbished launch pros, and more for its clients. 

On top of that, Bushnell even has the mechanism to compare its rangefinders with other alternatives available in the market (For higher customer satisfaction).

Monetize your passion by being an affiliate with Bushnell. 

This corporation has a base commission of three percent, and any sale over $149.98 will make you eligible for higher rates. 

Commission rate of up to six percent is listed on the website for the affiliates.

With a cookie duration of thirty days, the company also offers additional promo stuff to its affiliates.

Official Website:  https://www.bushnellgolf.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.bushnellgolf.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: Up to 6%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Two Guys with Balls Affiliate Program

Two Guys with Balls Affiliate Program

Two Guys with Balls did not first introduce the concept of used golf balls. 

But my research says;

Indeed, they are one of the top competitors in the market.

Because the founder believes that everyone should be able to enjoy playing the game without worrying about losing their balls every time they are in the woods.

Does your audience like saving money on golf balls? 

If so, then recommend this website (or its products more specifically) to your blog visitors, and earn a commission rate of two and a half percent on every sale you make.

It might help you to have your golf course one day.

Become the Two Guys with Ball’s affiliate with a simple process of signing up.

Get checks (commission) every month when you reach fifty dollars or more.

Official Website: https://twoguyswithballs.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://twoguyswithballs.com/golf-affiliate-program/ 

Commission Rates: 2.5% and more

Cookie Duration: Not listed

6. Golf4Her Affiliate Program

Golf4Her Affiliate Program

Women are not like men. I know they like to style comfortably, where trends and class shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Golf4Her has been helping women since 2010 to look fresh, energetic, and unique even while playing golf.

This institution is dedicated to making women feel more comfortable and secure in their choice of outfits bought by them. 

So, be a supporter and help fashionable women to discover this page with extra cash from the brand itself. Oh, will you?!

With a cookie period of thirty days, this affiliate program offers a five percent commission rate.

Official Website: https://www.golf4her.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.golf4her.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 5% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Golf Avenue Affiliate Program

Golf Avenue Affiliate Program

Golf Avenue Affiliate Program is created as a distinctive site where golfers can sell and purchase used equipment. 

Their huge pricing range attracts the most customers.

The company’s vision is to assist golfers in creating their new best.

A company that helps you make memories by giving you a chance to score your best is worth investing in.

Let’s dive into the Golf Avenue affiliate program, where I would tell you that you, as an affiliate, have thirty days to earn commission after the link is clicked. 

They have yet to disclose the commission rates, but from many sources that I have come across, the payouts are quite competitive.

Official Website: https://www.golfavenue.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.golfavenue.com/us/affiliates

Commission Rates: Not publicly disclosed

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

Callaway Golf made it easy for its customers to buy their products in installments which is admirable considering the price of golf products. 

Travis Mathew got inspired by the Californian lifestyle and, in 2007, decided to launch a golf equipment, accessories, and apparel company that caters to everyone’s needs.

Becoming a Callaway affiliate will help you to generate more traffic in your handle or blog, which I know for a fact is a win-win situation for both of you.

Commission starts from nine percent for an incentive-based program. The payout is monthly, and you will get a twenty-five dollar minimum.

Official Website: https://www.callawaygolf.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://callawaygolf.com/become-an-affiliate

Commission Rates: 9% commission

Cookie Duration: Not listed

9. Trendy Golf Affiliate Program

Trendy Golf Affiliate Program

Ian and Ben were two self-described golf experts who started Trendy Golf in January 2004. 

TRENDYGOLF was created as a one-stop shop for all the most trendy outfits seen by professional golfers worldwide.

Since 2004, the business has expanded internationally and has UK and USA offices. 

TrendyGolf makes you look stylish on the course.

Stay with TrendyGolf as their affiliate, and they will compensate you for every sale. 

This will not only assist you in earning more (a six percent commission rate) but also build a network when your followers visit your website or social media channel.

I believe you can do well with a cookie duration of thirty days!

Official Website: https://trendygolf.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: Click to join on VigLink

Commission Rates: 6% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. TeeOff Affiliate Program

TeeOff Affiliate Program

NBC Sports Next is the parent company of TeeOff. It works to provide accessible and affordable deals for all golf lovers out there. 

Considering clients’ budgets and giving them the best is what TeeOff believes in. 

All over the day, you can access the TeeOff course for Tee times, an additional benefit for all its patrons.

So, from what I have found out, Teeoff comes across as very demanding while recruiting their affiliate partners.

You must fill out an application form on their official portal to request more information about the partner program.

The company first wants to know whether the partner signing up is a good fit. Once approved, you will get access to all the details about the payouts, promo material, etc.

Official Website: https://www.teeoff.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://www.teeoff.com/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

11. Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program

Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program

Austad’s Golf offers a large variety of brand golf equipment and accessories for customers throughout the year.

Fitting centers by Austad’s and their skilled staff will guide you with your golf game to become better.

The Austad family still runs Austad’s Golf, and the company is honored to run its eight retail and custom fitting sites in the USA.

The company has a flat commission of seven and a half percent which increases with the sale of over Five thousand dollars. 

I know, amazing, right?

The highest commission you can get is up to nine percent. Austad’s has an average order size of $145 to avail of the commission, with a considerable cookie duration of sixty days.

Official Website: https://austads.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://austads.com/affiliate-program 

Commission Rates: Up to 9% according to the products and performance

Cookie Duration: 60 days

12. Swing Man Affiliate Program

Swing Man Affiliate Program

Swing Man promises to teach you how to gain 30-40 yards in just thirty days with their industry-leading swing speed training initiative for everyone.

They have several packages depending on the learner’s requirement and availability of time. I found the best part of their swing speed training program: you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

The company offers training consisting of digital activity, expert audio programs, and so much more.

Swing Man has two different commission structures on their affiliate program for affiliates.

For the All-access program, you can quickly get half of forty-nine dollars (as commission), and the certification program of speed trainer will fetch you twenty percent of $588 (that’s nearly $120 bucks into your pocket straightaway).

You can sign up for Swing Man’s Affiliate Program to get great commissions.

Official Website: https://swingmangolf.com

Affiliate Sign-up Page: https://swingmangolf.com/affiliate

Commission Rates: 20-50% commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

In Conclusion

Having an interest in something will make you like it more, which means productivity also increases in that field. 

Here we are talking about golf. If this game enthralls you, I suggest you enroll in the above programs because scoring easy money is everyone’s favorite!! 

For affiliate programs, you can always lean on us.

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