How to Gain More Followers Using Reddit (Practical Guide)

There is no doubt that Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet today. You can find pretty much everything that you need from this platform. From creative to informational and controversial content, your needs are covered

Reddit might be very confusing for beginners given that the jargons and symbols used are “weird.” However, as you continue to use the platform, you will notice that everything falls into place. There are a lot of factors that come together to make Reddit what it is today.

Being a social sharing website, Reddit users submit links, pictures, and text, which every user can vote on. The more the people “upvote” your content, the more it rises to the top and more people can see it. On the contrary, “downvoted” content becomes less visible with every vote.

By now you can tell that having more followers who can “upvote” on your content maximizes the chances of growing your account and reaching more people from around the world.

Here, we take an in-depth look at how you can use Reddit to gain more followers for your website, social media accounts, or any other place where you want to establish credibility.

1. Keep Your Posts Relevant

While it is true that you can talk about anything on Reddit, there is a need to pick a topic that is relevant to the users that you wish to attract. Always ensure that your posts are relevant to the subreddit that you are posting in.

If you post content that is too broad, chances are that people will miss it, or worse still, it may be downvoted. The more the downvotes, the lesser the chances your posts will be seen by anyone at all as time goes by.

To ensure that your content is relevant, thorough research is needed. Research and learn what your preferred subreddit entails. Find out what topics and posts are already popular on the subreddit. Learn how the audience reacts to each post and from there, you will be able to create popular posts of your own.

Remember, the main aim is to gather as many relevant followers and sell your products and services conveniently. This means that you must be patient enough to wait and develop your customers gradually.

With that, you can always deliver what your audience wants. It also saves you tons of time as you always know what works for your audience and what doesn’t.

2. Emphasize on Quality

Reddit is one of the online platforms that you cannot afford to go wrong with your content. To begin with, the content must not only be right but also perfectly structured. Always ensure that your content is in-depth, unique, informational, well-written, and addresses your topic perfectly.

Short and generic content will not perform well, leave alone the fact that it is likely to be down-voted. Downvotes on Reddit result in losing valuable reputation points (karma) that you may have gathered.

Once Reddit users click on your post, they will decide whether to upvote or down-vote your content based on what they think. Again, if you understand your target audience, producing the right and quality content should not be an issue.

3. Have Fun with Your Posts

In as much as you want to emphasize on quality, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some fun in your posts. This is an aspect that many marketers overlook and is definitely one of the reasons why most of them are having terrible traffic from Reddit.

The first step to achieving is this is by being a Reddit user. Show people that you understand how the site works by creating posts that depict you as a typical Reddit user.

Normal Reddit users are funny and witty, especially with their comments and posts. If that is what it takes to attract traffic, so be it! However, this does not mean that you should spend countless hours on the site trying to look for sources of humor.

You can take about 15 minutes to talk about your favorite topics and comment on some of the funny GIF images that you come along with. You will be surprised by how passionate Reddit users are.

If a Redditor suspects that you are a marketer, he will visit your posts to confirm his suspicion. Imagine how disappointing it will be for the Redditor to find out that your posts are not as funny or engaging as your comments.

4. Stay Ahead of Your Community

As it stands, there are a lot of concerns with the Reddit community especially if you incorporate links to your post. Given that some people have been posting links claiming that they can offer useful courses only to turn out to be shoddy, Reddit users are now on the lookout.

People are now looking for the slightest excuse to downvote posts, report you to moderators, or bad-mouth you in any way possible. When looking to gain more followers using Reddit, always address such issues before they occur.

To achieve this, always attach a small text regarding what your attached link offers (if you are confident that your services are genuine). The main purpose of doing this is to ensure that users have a glimpse of what to expect beforehand.

If they don’t like what they see, they won’t open the link and, therefore, they won’t be irritated by your content to the extent of downvoting or reporting your post.

5. Know What to Submit

To further stress the point of relevance, it is important to know what to post. Redditors want something that is worthy of their time. Your content must capture their attention as soon as possible. The best way to achieve this is by knowing what to post and when to post.

Here are some of the most popular content on Reddit at the moment:

  • Infographics

To make successful infographics on Reddit, avoid narrow topics. Instead, focus on the humorous ones. They should always be trendy.

  • Interviews

After learning about your audience, you can share relevant interview links that will appeal to them. Alternatively, you can host an interview for a subreddit.

  • Videos

Redditors love funny videos. Simply drop one into an appropriate subreddit and you are good to go.

  • Questions

Ask questions that generate emotional responses. People like to engage in such topics, especially if they relate with their daily activities or current situations.

  • Drawings

If you are gifted artistically, you can drop a few humorous drawings into the comic subreddits. The main aim of these drawings is to keep your audience engaged in an otherwise boring day.

6. Know When to Make Your Promotion Posts

Before you make a promotional post on Reddit, ensure that you have your audience and Reddit users ready. For instance, you cannot make your first or second post a promotional one especially if you are new to a subreddit.

Having a promotional post as your first will give a bad impression to your target audience. You can start by posting a few comical posts or comment on what other users have to say. Let users feel your presence to the extent where they don’t view you as a “stranger.”

7. Avoid Over-Promotion

Don't promote too much

Still, on the point of promotion, avoid promoting your site on the same Subreddit repeatedly. Apart from the automatic spam filters that the Reddit platform has, moderators and other users can see your site’s activities.

The more your posts or links appear on the platform with the same domain, the higher the chances that they will be automatically filtered or a moderator will strike it. The punishments for spamming in Reddit are very unforgiving.

For instance, your posts may fail to show up completely or your account can be ghosted. The main reason for posting on Reddit is to gain followers and promote your products/ links. If people cannot see your posts, that would be wasteful.

8. Timing is Key

Knowing when to make your Reddit posts, comments and other general activities require perfect timing. Posting your content when a few people are actively engaged in the platform is equivalent to not posting at all.

Aim for the time when most users are likely to be free. For instance, you can post during lunch hours or in the evening when most people have come from work. You can also post early in the morning when most users are likely to procrastinate their work and make some time for visiting Reddit.

9. Avoid Double Dipping

You are probably wondering why it is wrong to post content or links immediately after posting one that is doing well. Yes, double dipping might sound harmless but, usually, it can cause some troubles. Let me explain!

After posting a post or a link on Reddit, it might spike crazy traffic. You get overjoyed knowing you took only two seconds to gain the users’ attention. At this point, you might be tempted to post another with the aim of spiking even more traffic- don’t!

The general rule of the thumb when using Reddit is to stay out of the “hot” areas. This simply means that once you have posted something, give Reddit users time to react, let it rest for a while. If you are posting something for promotional purposes, taking more than a week to post another is a wise idea.

10. Comment and Reply to Everyone that Reacts to Your Post

The way Reddit works is simple- activity leads to more activity. There is no specific route to gaining more followers on the platform. Take your time to comment and reply to everyone who reacts to your posts.

As long as your posts keep receiving comments and replies, the higher the chances other Redditors would want to know what’s going and, eventually, they will join the conversation.

It is okay to be the first person who comments on your posts. If anything, you can take the opportunity to further explain what your content is about. It is an opportunity for you to “clear the air” and start the conversation.

11. Accept Criticism

People are designed to take corrections and criticisms as a bad thing, which in truth, it isn’t. On the contrary, constructive criticism can help you grow and attract more traffic. When replying to the comments on your posts, always maintain a low and humble tone.

By listening and understanding where your critics are coming from, you can solve a number of problems. For instance, do you remember our point number four? The point about staying ahead of your community? Yes, accepting criticism can help you achieve this as well.

Every time you make a post and reply to the comments, concentrate and learn from your commenters. Adhere to the constructive criticisms and make changes where possible.

If anyone asks you why you ask questions from their comments, simply tell them that you are following the rules and you are trying to add some value to the community. By doing this, you will be surprised by the number of followers who are interested in your products or services that you will gain

12. Share Your New Posts with Your Friends

You do not have to have a Reddit team for you to achieve this. You can share your Reddit posts with your friends who are on other social media platforms such as Twitter. In most cases, friends who like your posts can give you an upvote, which is critical for attracting traffic to your site.

One of the ways through which Redditors know that a post is worth their time is by checking who else has commented or upvoted your content. Ensuring your posts reach as many people as possible (including those on other platforms), is by sharing your posts with friends.

Bonus Video For Redditors

Reddit is a great platform to drive tons of traffic as well as increase your following. The reason being is that Reddit is a community more than a social networking website and communities are way powerful in terms of engagement.

Reddit Statistics (Infographic)


In Conclusion

Gaining more followers with Reddit is very possible. However, your success will depend on the amount of effort that you are willing to put in. Your posts have to be captivating, relevant, timely, and top-quality.

Additionally, you can share your posts with friends from other platforms, accepting criticism and replying to all the comments on your post. Always keep your audience engaged while making sure not to spam.

With Reddit, you can be creative, innovative, controversial, and informational. You can be anything.

I hope you found this post about getting more followers with Reddit useful. If you have got any questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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