How Do I Find Saved Reels On Facebook? (Read This!)

Facebook and reels sound odd, right? 

For those who don’t know what reels are? They are short-duration videos posted on various social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and now Facebook. 

Reels depend on the creators who choose to give their videos a genre like entertainment, dance, music, educational and motivational. 

Nowadays, thousands of creators earn their daily bread only through reels and get famous through them. And so many people find reels intriguing and call them “a good time pass.” 

Short-duration videos or reels started from Musically, now known as TikTok, and it steadily made its way through various special media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook. 

It has been noted that nine out of ten people are active on these platforms watching reels almost the whole day.

I cannot remember the last time I used Facebook, to be honest…but it was interesting to find out that Facebook, too, has updated reels for its users. 

Like Instagram Reels or TikTok films, Facebook Reels are brief 60-second videos. You may see them in your newsfeed or on Facebook Watch.

Reels are available in the Facebook app alone; the desktop version of Facebook does not offer them. 

A Reels tab is next to the Stories tab at the top of your home page. You can view the reels that other people have contributed once you click the Reels tab.

Now everyone knows how to use reels on Instagram because Instagram is more accessible.

But people face a slight issue with using reels on Facebook, and one of the most commonly asked questions about Facebook reels is, “How do I find my saved reels on Facebook?”. 

So let’s have a look below to help you out with the issue! 

What Are Saved Reels On FB? 

Now that you know what reels are, you should know what saved reels are. Saved reels are short-duration videos that can be saved into your account for future reference. 

There are multiple times when we scroll through Facebook and find some informational videos that can help in the future or some funny video that we save to show our friends and family to make them laugh. 

This is when the “save reel” option can be used. 

To save a reel, you just have to click on the three dots in the bottom right corner and select the save reel option to save your favorite. 

Like on Instagram, you can save any reel into your Facebook account and access it when needed. 

How Do I Find Saved Reels On Facebook? 

Finding your saved reels on Facebook is relatively easy. 

All you have to do is tap on the profile icon on your screen’s top right corner while in the reels section or watching a reel video.

Then you will be directed to your profile page, and then you have to select “saved” on your screen, and you will have access to all the reels you have saved so far. 

All these reels are saved with the dated reference and sequence. You can find the recently saved reels on the top and the reels saved before below them. 

Wondering if you can save limited reels? No, you can save as many reels as possible, be it a few or thousands. 

You can also save reels made through a private account, but you need to have that account in your friend list to keep its reels.

For a public account, you don’t need to have that account on your list. 

Can The Saved Reels On FB Access For Life? 

Yes! Of course. The saved reels on your account can be accessed for life, but only if the creator of that video has not deleted the video or the account through which that reel was posted. 

Once it gets deleted, you cannot access that reel for life. 

But if you want to save those reels for a longer duration or lifetime, you can use a third-party application to download that video, and by this, you can have easy access to that reel lifetime. 

Many people already use this way to get hold of their favorite reels. 

Another benefit you can get by downloading these reels is that you will not need the internet to access the reel, whereas, on your account, an internet connection has to be there to access those reels. 

In Conclusion

Well, nowadays, Facebook is also keeping up with its competitors in terms of short-form content.

They’re bringing in n number of new features and entertainment options with every single update. You should definitely take a look.

So if you do not have a Facebook account, build one to get access to the exciting reels! 

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