Cinchbucks Review: Legit Website or A Waste of Time?

If you’re on this article, you probably must have heard about Cinchbucks and you’re doing some research on whether or not it is the right option for you to go after.

Is Chinchbucks light? Is it worth your time? Do they actually pay? What is the best alternative for Cinchbucks?

Looking answers to all of these questions? You’ve come to the right place.

In this Cinchbucks review, I’m going to share everything you need to know about Cinchbucks and help you decide whether or not you should try it.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into the review and figure out what Cinchbucks is all about.

Cinchbucks Review: What Exactly It Is?

Cinchbucks is an online platform/website/application where you can do certain tasks such as taking surveys and in return for your time, they will pay you some money.

This website has been around for about 6 years now and they have gotten a bunch of testimonials, social proof, and a decent website authority.

You can join Cinchbucks from anywhere in the world and start completing simple tasks if you’re looking to make an extra $10-50 per month.

Cinchbucks Review: Is It A Scam?

Well, as the platform has been around since 2014 in the online world and the reviews I have seen after doing some research, Cinchbucks is definitely a legitimate website/application and not a scam.

But that doesn’t mean you should go about trying it. Keep reading this review to learn more about Cinchbucks and also, I’m going to share with you my best recommendation for you to start making consistent $10,000 a month online.

How To Get Started With Cinchbucks?

Getting started with Cinchbucks is fairly easy and straightforward. You can signup with Cinchbucks just like you do with any other survey website.

Once you fill in the required details, you are going to see a portal/dashboard where you will be able to see certain tasks and surveys that you can complete and earn rewards from as shown below.

You can select any survey you want to take and then, you will be redirected to another website where you will need to complete the survey.

One survey might take you anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Sometimes it can be less, sometimes more. That’s just a simple process of getting started.

Other than this, Cinchbucks also have an affiliate program where you can get your unique referral link, invite other people who you know, and earn 10% of whatever they earn on the platform.

Cinchbucks Review: Is it worth your time?

So, if you got to know about Cinchbucks by a YouTuber or a blog post, there are more than many chances they invited you through their own referral link to earn 10% of whatever you make. Don’t be fooled by these “content creators”.

Now, let me tell you how much is the earning potential with Cinchbucks in a practical way.

Cinchbucks Review: How Much Money Can You Make?

As the story goes with most of the survey websites, you are not going to make any substantial income with Cinchbucks.

For every task you complete, they credit you some points known as CB. $1 = 100 CB’s. For each survey you complete (which takes about 20-30 mins), you might earn anywhere from 5 CB’s to 50 CB’s.

So, if you complete 2 surveys in an hour, you will earn somewhere from $0.05-$0.5. If you personally ask me, that’s a pathetic payout rate. What this means is…if you work 10 hours a day, you will earn about $5-$10 for that.

If you are thinking about making thousands of dollars every single month (which you are) taking surveys, that won’t happen. I have been working online over the past 4 years and tried a lot of these ‘make big money’ websites and none of them worked.

Also, as they claim on their website, Cinchbucks has over a million users registered and they have paid over 1 million dollars in rewards over the past six years…if I do the math, this is what the result comes out to:

Cinchbucks Review: Is it worth your time?

Over the last 6 years, one person has been able to make not more than $1 working with Cinchbucks. And this is a total waste of time.

So, you are not going to make any big money by investing your valuable time in Cinchbucks.

Cinchbucks Review: How Do You Get Paid?

Cinchbucks Review: Is it worth your time?

Once you have the required number of points or CB’s in your account, you can withdraw money by redeeming various gift cards like PayPal, Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, Steam, Xbox, and many others.

As some countries don’t have services such as PayPal, people can still withdraw their money using different gift cards.

Cinchbucks Pros

Available in most of the countries
Earn a few bucks on the side every month.
No skill or prior experience needed.
Redeem money via gift cards.

Cinchbucks Cons

Extremely low earning potential ($0.5/hr)
No skill development involved.
Not a sustainable way to earn money online.
Inconsistent work.
Annoying technical glitches.
Not the best use of your free time.
Very slow customer support team.

Cinchbucks Review: My Final Verdict

After using the website myself, doing research online, and considering everything from the payout rates and the support team…my conclusion would be to stay away from Cinchbucks. It might not be the best use of your time.

There are other trusted and sustainable ways to make five figures every month online. But for now, Cinchbucks isn’t worth your time at all. And pretty honest, no other survey website/application is worth your valuable time.

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