How Often Should You Post Instagram Reels? (Read This)

how often to post Instagram reels

Instagram is a picture and video-sharing social networking website started by Mike Kreiger and Kevin Systrom in 2010 and later bought by Facebook. Users may post photos and videos that can be modified with filters and categorized using tags and geotagging. Posts can indeed be posted publicly or with people on the friends’ list. Users …

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How Much To Charge For Social Media Post Design?

how much to charge for social media post designs

There are thousands and thousands of graphic designers/social media post designers out there who are doing a great job at creating designs. Though what breaks my heart is that they aren’t getting paid the money for doing so as they should be. Most social post designers are underpaid and they always have to suffer with …

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How Much To Charge For Facebook Ad Design? (Read This)

how much to charge for facebook ad design

Designing Facebook ads is one of the most in-demand tasks or skills in the growing era of PPC ads as well as digital marketing. Yet oftentimes, individuals, freelancers, and agency owners don’t charge clients what they should be while providing these ad designing services. So, what’s the deal here? How much to charge for designing …

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