10 Vacation Affiliate Programs In 2023 (Crazy Commissions)

People love to travel, spending time where they love to spend, and with the ones who love. There are millions of people around the world who like to make plans and travel the world to enjoy their vacations.

If you are someone who’s passionate about traveling and vacations, or a publisher/blogger/individual with an audience that would be interested in the same, why not recommend them some fantastic options/choices to make their vacations even more joyful and make money doing that, right?

Sounds awesome? Well, with that being said, in this listicle, I’m going to share with you the best vacation affiliate programs you definitely want to check out for earning more money through affiliate marketing.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into our pool of vacation affiliate programs and find out which one is going to work the best for you.

1. Yovada Affiliate Program

The first option on the list of our vacation affiliate programs is Yovada. Yovada offers different kinds of retreats for people looking to have a good time, enjoy beautiful places around the world, learn yoga and meditation for peace, and enjoy delicious food treats as well.

The reason why I love the Yovada affiliate program is that you don’t really have to be niche-specific in order to promote. You can be in the travel niche, the yoga niche, health & fitness, food, and detox…and still, be able to promote their retreats to earn handsome commissions and get to see high-conversion rates.

If you have a quality traffic source or audience that would be interested in any other niches that I mentioned above (and some similar niches), you definitely want to check out their partner program for the better.

Their affiliate program is managed in-house and interested individuals can signup by visiting their affiliate signup page which is linked down below.

Official Website: https://www.yovada.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.yovada.com/affiliate

Commission Rates: 40% commission per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

2. Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner is a travel search website operated globally that provides comparisons for hotels, flights, and car hire. Skyscanner is an extremely trusted platform that has been out there on the web since 2001. The company is currently based in the United Kingdom.

Their affiliate program is one of the best choices an affiliate can make who is seeking some great vacation affiliate programs to earn good money. For each and every booking that happens through your referral link, you are paid a certain percentage of commission. Interested affiliates can get started with their affiliate program which is managed by CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction).

You can learn more about the company and their affiliate program by clicking the navigation link down below.

Official Website: https://www.partners.skyscanner.net

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.partners.skyscanner.net/affiliates

Commission Rates: 20% and variable

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Agoda Affiliate Program

Just like Skyscanner, Agoda is also a travel agency and a travel search website that is used by millions of people around the world to compare vacation rentals, hotels, and flights. The company was founded in the year 1998 and is currently based in Singapore. Agoda operates globally so publishers don’t have to worry about any country-specific traffic/readers/visitors/audience.

Their affiliate program allows users to earn decent and consistent commissions through your blog or any other audience source. All sorts of promotional material and affiliate tools are made available to affiliates for having successful promotional campaigns.

They generally have high conversion rates because of the brand value and multilingual facilities that help customers find what they are looking for more easily. Click the links below to find out more about their affiliate program.

Official Website: https://agoda.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://partners.agoda.com/

Commission Rates: 5% commissions per sale

Cookie Duration: One day affiliate cookie length

4. KAYAK Affiliate Network

KAYAK is one of my favorite platforms for booking flights, hotels, and rental cars whenever I plan vacations with my loved ones. KAYAK is a fabulous company founded back in the year 2004, and operated by Booking Holdings: a brand/organization that people have always admired.

KAYAK has one of the most straightforward vacation affiliate programs in the entire industry. But before you can join their affiliate program, you will have to have a travel website/blog that is actually bringing in a decent number of visitors each and every single month.

Their affiliate program is managed on both Webgains and CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction). Those who think they meet the requirements that I mentioned just above can give KAYAK a try for the better as they pay extremely competitive commissions.

Official Website: https://www.kayak.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://affiliates.kayak.com/

Commission Rates: 50% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

5. G-Adventures Affiliate Program

G Adventures is the best adventure travel company for small groups. The company has been in the industry for over 30 years now and they have constantly been loved by their customers all across the globe.

G Adventures offers one of the highest paying vacation affiliate programs on the entire web that affiliates can actually take advantage of for earning more money promoting exciting offers to their audience. Affiliates will earn 6% commission per order and their average order value is about $2,600 (which is pretty cool).

Their partner program is managed on Commission Junction and interested readers can learn more by navigating to their official website and affiliate signup page.

Official Website: https://www.gadventures.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.gadventures.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: 6% commission on all sales

Cookie Duration: 90 days

6. Booking.com Affiliate Program

Booking.com is an extremely popular online travel agency that allows travelers to book incredible places to stay (from hotels to homes and lodges), and reliable as well as affordable transport options. Booking.com is available in 43 languages and by the time I’m writing this listicle, have over 28 million listings that people can choose from to enjoy their vacations.

Their affiliate program is completely free to join and get started with. Interested affiliates can join the program by visiting their official website. Their affiliate program has over 12,500 publishers already promoting the company to earn huge commissions consistently.

Affiliates who decide to promote Booking.com will have access to all kinds of resources and an affiliate support team that is going to be ready to help any time of the day.

Official Website: https://www.booking.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 25% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: Session-based referrals

7. AirHelp Affiliate Program

Well, travel rights are a serious issue nowadays and the vast majority of people don’t really know much about their travel rights at all. That’s where AirHelp comes into play. AirHelp is a claims management company founded back in the year 2003 that rights of the passengers against airlines in circumstances of flight disruptions.

You can join the AirHelp affiliate program to help people across the globe get compensation and earn money at the same time. And you know what? Those people will be extremely grateful to you that you introduced AirHelp to them.

To learn more about the company and their affiliate program, click the navigation link down below.

Official Website: https://www.airhelp.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.airhelp.com/affiliate/

Commission Rates: €35 per conversion (on average)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

Well, who doesn’t know about Tripadvisor? We just keep seeing their ads over and over again while watching YouTube videos or browsing social media websites (and honestly, it’s pretty annoying). For those of you who don’t know what Tripadvisor is…it is a huge comparison shopping website and a travel company that is currently based in the United States.

They are the world’s largest travel website that is loved by people who frequently plan vacations with their friends and family. Tripadvisor offers an amazing vacation affiliate program that pays a minimum of 50% commission per booking/order.

If your website/blog has quality traffic, you can actually earn pretty impressive money with just a few clicks. To learn more about their referral program, visit their official website which is linked right below.

Official Website: https://www.tripadvisor.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.tripadvisor.com/affiliates

Commission Rates: 50% commission and beyond

Cookie Duration: 14 days

9. Travelpayouts Affiliate Network

Travelpayouts is not really an affiliate program, but a huge CPA travel affiliate network instead…that I couldn’t afford to avoid on our list of the best vacation affiliate programs at any cost. The platform currently has over 270,000 registered affiliates already, and they are growing extremely fast.

Affiliates can promote over 80 travel/vacation affiliate programs by joining the Travelpayouts affiliate network to earn steady commissions. From advanced analytics to priority support and affiliate resources, everything is made available to affiliates who make their mind to join Travelpayouts.

Interested readers can join the network by clicking the link below and navigating to their official website.

Official Website: https://www.travelpayouts.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: Variable

Cookie Duration: Variable

10. Lonely Planet Affiliate Program

Lonely Planet is a large company/platform that publishes helpful travel guides to assist people/travelers with their vacation journeys. There are a whole lot of guide books that customers can buy and get an idea of what needs to be done while visiting their favorite places.

Publishers/bloggers can join their affiliate program for absolutely free and earn competitive commissions on each sale they generate. Their partner program is managed on Commission Junction and Awin. Affiliates can expect an average conversion rate of 12% (which means there’s a huge earning potential) with their promotional campaigns.

Visit their official website and affiliate signup page to learn more about the company and their affiliate program.

Official Website: https://www.lonelyplanet.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/about/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 15% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

This was my list of the best vacation affiliate programs you should check out to earn high as well as steady commissions every single month by monetizing your blog’s/website’s audience.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to jump into the comments section down below and let me know what you think.

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