5 Must-Have Plugins That Every Website Should Use

WordPress directory is full of amazing plugins that millions of people use for their websites. But many websites I’ve seen use a bunch of ‘cool’ plugins but still not the ones that are the most important ones.

Yes, in this post, I’m going to share the top 5 plugins that every WordPress website owner should use to be able to get better results both in terms of functioning, performance, and usability.

Without wasting a second, let’s turn our eyes to the list of the plugins.

Plugin #1 – Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most powerful plugins I’ve ever used that not only takes care of my site’s health and ensures safety, but also provide amazing features related to traffic, speed, user experience, and marketing.

It’s been around one year of using Jetpack myself and I’ve got zero cons about this plugin.

  1. It helps your site stay safe.
  2. Improves your security.
  3. Provide marketing essentials.
  4. Improves site speed.
  5. It provides all the necessary statistics so you won’t have to go to Google Analytics.
  6. Automatically generates sitemaps and take care of your SEO.
  7. Uses CDN (Content Distribution System) for better user experience internationally.
  8. It helps you customize your site in minutes.
  9. And, collect recurring and one-time payments with no brainer.

They do have super quality support and help you whenever you have a problem or query. It’s better than any other support out there.

You can remove all other image resizing, marketing, payment gateway, and social sharing plugins because Jetpack is going to take care of that.

I highly recommend using this for your website too! Click below to get it.


Plugin #2 – Yoast SEO

If you want more traffic and exposure to your website and business, which I’m sure you do, you’ve got to have the Yoast SEO plugin.

It’s the ultimate plugin that will boost your site’s SEO. Not only for Google but also for Bing and Yahoo.

See, websites are all about more traffic and appearance on search engines. And Yoast SEO makes it easy for you.

It allows you to generate sitemaps, edit your search appearance on social media and search engines, manage your URLs, and check on your On-Page SEO for the better.

Other than that, It also tells you what’s your readability score and lets you add schema markup for rich search results.

Every marketer and SEO uses this popular plugin. By the numbers, there are over 5 million people using Yoast and are extremely happy with the service.

You can click the button to visit the plugin:

Plugin #3 – OptinMonster

I love collecting people’s contact information, notify them of offers that I have, or announce a giveaway to grow my business.

Well, who doesn’t?

OptinMonster is a plugin that allows you to create super quality popups that allows you to collect leads, or offer discounts to get more sales.

Leads are super important for every business and having popups have always worked for capturing the same.

You just don’t have to overuse it. Strategic use can boose your conversions and numbers exponentially.

YOu can provide conditions to trigger popups for better results according to timing and visitor intent.

It’s simply a pretty amazing plugin you want to consider using. Click below to learn more about OptinMonster.

Plugin #4 – Elementor

Elementor is the ultimate page builder plugin that can create amazing pages and posts with an intuitive drag and drop editor.

I love the plugin and me and my team design all of our websites with Elementor Pro.

But the free version works like charm as well. You can create fantastic blog posts that get lots of love and conversions with this amazing page builder.

You can check out this post that was recently designed by my team using Elementor.

Click below to get the plugin…

Plugin #5 – WooCommerce

WooCommerce is another powerful and popular plugin that allows you to create eCommerce and dropshipping stores without having to high prices to Shopify or some other store builder.

With over 89 million downloads, WooCommerce proves itself as the best store designing plugin on the entire planet and currently powering over 28% of all eCommerce stores around the globe.

But hey, you can’t only sell physical products but also digital products and membership products if you want to.

Within a click of a button, your website can turn into a massive eCommerce or dropshipping platform that converts like crazy.

Click below to get WooCommerce and increase your profits by selling products.


These were the top 5 fantastic plugins I wanted to share. Get and download them today to skyrocket your online presence.

If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help.

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