10 Best Hunter.Io Alternatives To Find Business Emails (2023)

Hunter.Io (Email Hunter) is a great tool for online businesses to find relevant and important contact information for successful outreach campaigns and all other types of necessary things that a business requires.

But Hunter.Io is not the only solution out there on the web. There are hundreds of other tools/software other than Email Hunter if not thousands, that are not only affordable but deliver fabulous service.

With that being said, in this listicle, I’m going to share with you the 10 best Hunter.Io alternatives that you surely don’t want to miss out on before making a choice.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into our pool of Hunter.Io alternatives real quick.

Our Pick: Tomba.io

Tomba.io is a comprehensive email finder, verifier, domain search, and author finder tool, comparable to the well-known Hunter.io.

This powerful platform simplifies the process of finding and verifying email addresses, enabling users to effortlessly connect with their target audience.

With its advanced domain search feature, Tomba.io provides valuable insights into domains, including the associated email addresses and contact information.

Additionally, the author finder feature aids in identifying the authors of articles or blog posts, enhancing research capabilities.

With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Tomba.io is an indispensable tool for businesses, marketers, and researchers looking to streamline their email outreach and domain analysis efforts.

Official Website: https://tomba.io

Pricing: Starts at $28 a month

Free Trial: Forever free plan

1. Snov.Io (Snovio)

10 Best Hunter.Io Alternatives.

Snov.Io is a versatile tool for business that allows finding emails and contact information, launching successful drip campaigns, verify email addresses, track sent emails in Gmail, integrate your favorite applications/platforms (over 2,000) for automation, and make your marketing as easy as it could be in general.

Snov.Io has over a hundred thousand users onboard, using the platform actively and growing their businesses with the right strategies.

Official Website: https://snov.io/

Pricing: Starts at $33/month

Free Trial: Forever free plan

2. Lusha

10 Best Hunter.Io Alternatives.

Lusha is another Hunter.Io alternative and an extremely powerful tool (Chrome extension) that can help you find the right contact information in seconds. Lusha helps you save a lot of time so that you can spend more time on your sales strategy to acquire targeted customers every single day.

Since Lusha provides accurate data, you will have a high conversion rate with this platform because you will be reaching the right audience/person.

Over 120,000+ customers are already using Lusha to grow their businesses and sales. If you are looking for an affordable yet trustworthy tool for prospecting and sales, you might want to consider Lusha on your list.

Official Website: https://www.lusha.com/

Pricing: Starts at $79/month

Free Trial: Forever free plan

3. Find That Email

Find That Email or findthat.email helps you find super targeted emails and other contact information for various important tasks such as sales, recruitment, content marketing, business development, press, outreach campaigns, and much much more.

They call themselves “The Yellow Pages Of Email”. Other than finding contact info, Find That Email also has an email verification service/tool that you can use to validate the information you have found to eliminate inactive emails.

You can add their chrome extension on the browser easily and get going with your data collection pretty easily. This is an affordable tool and customers have access to instant support if they have any questions/problems.

Official Website: https://findthat.email/

Pricing; Starts at $29/month

Free Trial: Forever free plan

4. LeadFuze

10 Best Hunter.Io Alternatives.

The fourth Hunter.Io alternative and lead finder/email finder tool have on the list is: LeadFuze. It’s a powerful prospecting tool out there that is loved by its customers for providing accurate data at affordable rates.

The tool has very impressive ratings and reviews on TrustRadius and Caperra. Whether you want efficiency in your sales, marketing, or recruiting…LeadFuze can assist you with all these tasks.

LeadFuze can integrate with popular marketing tools out there such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, Pipedrive, Google Workspace, and many others.

Official Website: https://www.leadfuze.com/

Pricing: Starts at $132.30/month

Free Trial: Free 25 leads for beginners

5. UpLead

Best Hunter.Io Alternatives.

UpLead is another powerful alternative to Hunter.Io that helps businesses/individuals drive extraordinary growth with hyper-targeted leads. UpLead was founded back in 2017, and since then, it has been a very popular software/tool in prospecting works, sales, and content marketing.

It’s trusted by some of the biggest companies on the planet including Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Microsoft, and others.

Other than finding emails and contact info, UpLead also helps you verify the leads for quality outreach/sales campaigns to get a high response and conversion rate. As a customer, you will get a wide variety of perks such as special support, quality service, tons of features, and other bonuses.

Official Website: https://www.uplead.com/

Pricing: Starts at $99/month

Free Trial: 5 free credits to test drive the tool

6. Clearbit

Best Hunter.Io Alternatives.

Clearbit is a B2B lead data enrichment and marketing tool that not only helps in collecting emails and contact information but also help businesses with their advertising campaigns, sales, and overall marketing.

Clearbit could be integrated with all major sales and automation platforms out there on the web. The user interface inside this tool is easy to understand and talking about trustworthiness, it has positive reviews on popular review websites.

Official Website: https://clearbit.com/

Pricing: Not revealed

Free Trial: No free trial offered

7. Norbert

Best Hunter.Io Alternatives.

Norbert is an email finder tool that can find valid emails easily. Whether you are looking for an affordable yet versatile sales solution, recruiting solution, content marketing tool, list building solution, or PR…Norbert is definitely a tool you might want to check out.

Currently, they have over 58,000 happy customers and impressive ratings on popular review websites. You can find the right emails, verify them, and contact people at the right time using Norbert.

Official Website: https://www.voilanorbert.com/

Pricing: Starts at $39/month

Free Trial: 50 free leads for beginners

8. AeroLeads

Best Hunter.Io Alternatives.

The next popular Hunter.Io alternative we have is AeroLeads. A tool that helps you find business email addresses ad phone numbers to make prospecting easier for marketers, business owners, and individuals.

They are trusted by big companies like IBM, Tata, Domino’s, and many others. Currently, there are over 98,000 people actively using the tool every single day. You can find up to 15 data points using AeroLeads (for example, location, job title, company info, etc.).

Official Website: https://aeroleads.com/

Pricing: Starts at $49/month

Free Trial: 10 free credits to starters

9. Anymail Finder

Best email finder tool

Anymail Finder is a powerful email finder tool that I personally use at the moment. Not only it is affordable, but also provides highly accurate data points for efficient and smooth prospecting, sales, and content marketing outreach campaigns for my blogs.

With Anymail Finder, you will get to see 97% accuracy. You can perform bulk searches to save time, and they also have training lessons to teach you various different ways you can apply for finding contact information without any problem in a short period of time.

You don’t have to use an email verification tool when you use Anymail Finder because all the data you will get is already verified.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts at $49/month

Free Trial: Forever free plan

10. FindThatLead

Alternative to Hunter email finder

The last Hunter.Io alternative we have on our list is FindThatLead. Use this tool to find the right emails to contact the right person. With FindThatLead, you can find emails and other contact information, verify your leads with their verifier tool, and send email campaigns all in one place.

They offer an amazing Chrome extension to make your work even easier. As their customer, you will have access to priority support, exclusive webinars, training lessons, guides, and advanced features to make your research work simple and automate the hardest part of your business (sales/prospecting).

Official Website: https://findthatlead.com/

Pricing: Starts at $49/month

Free Trial: Forever free plan

These were the 10 alternatives to Hunter.Io you definitely want to check out for better sales, outreach, and marketing campaigns for your online business.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to jump into the comments section down below and let me know what you think.

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