Are Copywriting Courses Worth It? (Know The Truth)

There are thousands of copywriting courses out there if not hundreds of thousands on the web that promise you to teach everything from A to Z.

A lot of beginners do take those copywriting courses with so many false claims and then either end up regretting or blaming that you don’t get paid as a copywriter.

Does anyone know the truth? Are those copywriting courses actually worth it? Should you take one of them? How much do ‘real’ copywriting courses actually cost?

If you are in search for answers to all of these questions (and more), you have come to the perfect place/page.

In this post, I’m going to remove the dust and answer all of your burning questions regarding copywriting courses and guide you in the best possible way.

So, let’s not stretch the intro or else you’ll start thinking of me as a typical blogger who wants to waste people’s time and earn a decent ad revenue! Let’s go!

Are Copywriting Courses Worth It?

You know, it’s is quite hard and unsatisfactory to answer this question bluntly. There are a lot of things and clarifications required before a conclusion can made out but guess what, I have one drawn out for you:

Copywriting courses can teach you some strategies and tactics to level up your skills and help you find new income opportunities but it’s a skill that is worth learning on your own, by making mistakes, and by learning from the experiences.

Courses are there to make you learn a few basic and intermediate things here and there but they for sure, can’t teach you how to become an expert copywriter for that comes from practicing.

However, that’s not a universal answer once again. You can’t rely on the answer one hundred percent. When someone’s asking any question, the perspective, the cause, and the need is always different.

Sometimes, it can actually happen that a course can be a hundred percent worth it. Sometimes it can be really beneficial and effective.

Okay…but when? Well, that what we are going to talk about next.

Should I Take A Copywriting Course?

This isn’t a different question that the one that we just discussed about, right?

So, do you really need a course to learn and master copywriting for the better?

Well, it depends on a lot factors. For instance, if you are beginner who doesn’t know a thing about copywriting, taking a course can be extremely helpful and help you get started the right way.

I often say this, beginners take copywriting as a way to make money but it’s way more than that. As a matter of fact, I call copywriting as the most important equation without which the whole marketing world would collapse.

So, if you are someone who is really eager to hone his/her craft and make it to the top as a great copywriter but you have no idea where to start, giving a try to a good copywriting course can be worth the investment.

But there are a lot of other situations where an individual should not purchase a course and they are:

  • For generating ‘thousands’ with this new ‘skill’
  • For finding and attracting ‘tons’ of clients ‘as a complete beginner’

Yes, these are the common sales point of views that sell extremely well in the industry. You should only purchase a course when you are passionate about the work and you want to learn as much as you can.

Still, there’s a problem that comes in here. You have to invest in a copywriting course that’s ‘worth it.’ You can’t just go and purchase any course out there on the web!

What To Look For In A Copywriting Course?

A course is only worth giving a shot when it actually provides something valuable, something useful to the end user.

Just like there are thousands of videos on YouTube and people watch only a few of them, there are thousands of courses and you are going to want to be very picky because a lot of people don’t even know what they are talking about.

Here are some of the vitals that you need to consider before purchasing a course or in other words, here’s when you should buy one:

  • Value Instead Of Just Tactics & Templates
  • Practical learning
  • An Active Community
  • Live Training/Mentorship
  • Support
  • Cost and Upsells

1. Value Instead Of Just Tactics & Templates

People love tactics and templates. That’s because tactics and templates make stuff look super easy. No one wants to work to earn the amount nowadays. Everyone wants to be overpaid.

And that’s the reason you see these gurus selling people ‘Done For You Templates’ on platforms like YouTube, Google, and social media.

Don’t get me wrong, tactics, new strategies, and templates are great but you can’t use the same thing over and over again. To be paid handsomely, you are going to want to stand out.

No one can provide you with a template that’s going to assure you fantastic returns. You should only consider or shortlist a course when it offers real value instead of just ‘tactics.’

Never even think about investing in a course that’s promising you to offer with templates (‘simple sales pages’) that can make unlimited money.

2. Practical Learning

Sure, when you are learning the basics, theory is something that a person has to go through while learning the basics but a course should not just have theoretical lectures in it.

There has to be something practical. A good course involves more than just ‘learning.’ If the course creator throws a bunch of videos to watch, loads of written material to read, and gives out nothing practical, it’s a bad idea to get into a course.

There should be a lot of practice sessions in the course where the teacher/tutor actually makes you do the stuff.

3. An Active Community

The third thing to look for in a copywriting course is an active community. Beliee it or not, a community with like-minded people is worth way more than thousands of dollars.

When you start hanging out with copywriters, you will gradually start to become one…and a good one!

You can always learn loads of new things for the members or the community, ask them questions, provide them with suggestions, and help each other out in achieving success and growing.

4. Live Training/Mentorship

Another thing that a solid copywriting course should include is – live training and mentorship.

The creator should take the time to get on the screen live and teach you the necessary stuff for a brighter career.

You should be provided the opportunity to learn from the mentor’s experiences, understand his/her thought process, and ask/tell him/her what you have got inside your chest.

5. Customer Support

The fifth thing a course should offer its customer is customer support. Imagine you are taking a course and you had to ask something…where will you go if there’s no active customer support offered?

That would be strange, right? And I don’t really need to elaborate this a lot as it’s pretty self-explanatory.

6. Cost and Upsells

The last factor that makes a course worth it or not is the price. A lot of people might tell you that the higher the pricing of the course, the ‘better’ information you are going to get inside of it but that’s not always true.

Sometimes, all the creator wants is to push a high ticket product with uncountable upsells. You will have to make sure that you aren’t falling in that trap. Read out some reviews on the internet, and do some research before taking your credit card out.

A good course doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. There is only one expert copywriter out there. If you find a course expensive, look for some other ones that teach the same thing for an affordable price.

It’s quite understandable that if someone is really trying to offer value, he is not going to charge a ton of money for that. He will make sure that the course/creation is affordable for everyone.

What Are Some Of The Best Copywriting Courses?

While there are unlimited courses online, here are some of the best copywriting courses that I would recommend to every beginner and intermediate:

  1. Copywriting Secrets
  2. The Complete Copywriting Course
  3. Copyblogger

All of these courses will teach ‘real copywriting courses’ to the students and help them become better at the skill as well as the business.

In Conclusion

As you have already read, copywriting courses are worth it and not worth it at the same time. The answer is different for different individuals.

Once again, I would advise individuals to learn everything on their own. And even if they purchase a course to avoid overflow of information, I would not recommend that they spend a huge sum of money on the course alone!

This is all I for now. I hope I was helpful in the post. In case you have something to ask or suggest, comment your thoughts by scrolling down below.

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