Are Amazon FBA Courses Worth It? (All You Need To Know)

Learning is always good…especially if you are planning to start an Amazon FBA business. There are tons of sources available on the internet to learn Amazon FBA but the most frustrating thing for beginners is that the information is extremely overwhelming!

You can visit different sites, know about various free and paid Amazon FBA courses, but it can be quite a chaotic situation. On the web, you will hear some good and bad things about it as everyone has their own opinions.

Heck…sometimes you will ONLY see positive reviews/opinions because the course creator might have manipulated promotions!

Considering the opinions of multiple individuals can become confusing and you might not be able to decide whether you should buy an Amazon FBA course or not.

With that said, in this article, I’m going to share some really helpful information regarding whether it is worth buying an FBA course or not.

Moreover, I will also let you know when you should invest in an FBA course and when not. Besides this, I am going to share some more information that will surely help you make the right decision. So without wasting time let’s dive into it!

Are Amazon FBA Courses Worth It?

So, I know wondering about buying an Amazon FBA course online! Let’s find out whether or not buying FBA courses is worth it.

Amazon is one of the best online selling platforms and in an FBA course or training program, you will come to know how you can start up as a seller and how you can take it to the next level.

There are millions of people who are facing unemployment and the other ones aren’t satisfied with their jobs. FBA courses come out to be ‘life savers’ here as that’s how they are promoted/advertised on social media and content consumption platforms.

So, what’s the deal? Is it really worth taking a course? Well, here’s your answer:

There is no doubt amazon courses are worth buying but only for those people who are serious about it. They are going to train you but you also have to put your efforts and interest into it.

Yes, as long as you purchase the right course, it should make your life easier and help you get started selling on Amazon fast as well as strategically.

Okay…but how exactly? Well, here’s how:

Reasons To Buy A Paid Amazon FBA Course

If you personally ask me, taking an FBA course can be really beneficial for all beginners, intermediates, and experts. There are many reasons for it and here are some of the main ones to consider:

  • Understanding The Business

Selling goods on Amazon is not as easy as you think. If you are thinking that you are going to put your items on Amazon, and they will be sold immediately…you are frankly wrong, my friend!

It requires a lot more than just putting your stuff on the platform. You have to market and promote yourself and have to make your page visible to others.

People won’t magically find your products and start ordering them. By taking a course, you can learn about all the crucial pieces of the puzzle for starting a business like this.

  • Pricing The Items/Products

The reason behind the success of Amazon is its ideal rates and product quality. Amazon is very feasible about the prices.

It has some restrictions on how much you may charge. And in some cases, I noticed that the accounts of sellers got restricted/suspended for not uploading the suitable price.

You won’t go on Amazon just to bring in dollar bills and chill out. You will have to offer value to people/customers.

Now you know that you will have to set a suitable price but have no idea what those pricing sections will look like, right?

Well, that’s when a course is going to help you out. Almost all good courses include all details related to the pricing of the product.

In an informative and actionable course, you will learn about suitable pricing and all other relevant things. If you are going to ignore these crucial things, you will face a huge loss in the future and no one likes that!

  • Choosing A Shipping Method

Most of the people with their products on amazon find the shipping method confusing or they probably don’t understand it completely.

Even I scanned the whole web for weeks and didn’t find a proper solution when I first got started with the platform as a seller.

Purchasing an Amazon course is going to teach you how you can store your items appropriately and choose the best shipping options to ensure that all of your orders are delivered on time, which will indirectly boost your business.

  •  Being Aware Of Entry Barriers

It’s becoming very difficult to get an entry in amazon in order to start selling. Today, you will find a vast number of sellers on Amazon and due to the increase in sellers, the competition has also increased.

Keeping in view all these things, Amazon has added some rules on the approval of the products/items. This can get very complicated if you don’t know how the ecosystem works as a whole.

If you are not familiar with the product approval criteria and other rules, you will surely face a lot of problems.

So, just keep yourself away from this hassle and switch to a helpful Amazon FBA course. A good amazon course will highlight these key challenges for you to be in a better place.

  • Acquiring Positive Reviews

It is very difficult to get feedback from consumers on Amazon. Consumers are horrible at posting feedback. According to a survey, on Amazon, only one out of 30 consumers leave feedback. So you will need to sell many items in order to get more feedback!

There are several ways for getting positive feedback for your product from consumers. An ideal Amazon FBA course will provide you with all strategies for getting feedback. 

  1. Conceptualizing Amazon Costs And Complications

Amazon has videos and written content that helps you to understand how you can use FBA and other amazon programs. But recognizing the costs and complications is important; especially, if you are selling on an FBA program.

Once your product is sold, Amazon stores it in the warehouse, and after that Amazon packs and ships the item to the purchaser.

Learning the preparation system to put items in the warehouse is comprehensive and challenging. Many things can go wrong like the items can get damaged or something else.

Other serious challenges can also occur that might be difficult to handle. But, by having an Amazon FBA course, you will be able to tackle these challenges.

  1. Comprehending The Tax Setup

A lot of people believe that Amazon automatically receives the tax from the purchased item regardless of the state where the customer purchased the item.

This can be a head burner for you as a seller. So, keep in mind that the seller is responsible for paying taxes to each state.

Unless you are in one of the eight states where Amazon acts as a marketplace to collect the taxes, it’s all left for the seller.

This is one of the biggest reasons for having/taking an Amazon FBA course. You will learn about the tax services and other related things. 

  • Estimating Profitability

Amazon FBA courses can help users to understand the profit estimation and it’s a very important thing that every seller should know for a successful journey.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to estimate the profits? Why would he/she exist in the business world otherwise? Many people working on Amazon are always more concerned about top-line profit than bottom-line profit. 

Being a seller on Amazon has a few long-term benefits. Amazon has begun to recognize the same and now offers big fishes a dedicated Amazon account to optimize their businesses.

It is better for the sellers to focus on bottom-line profit. Sellers who reduce their costs and focus on their bottom line profit are more likely to make rapid progress in their performance. A course will teach you all of this.

Should You Invest In An Amazon FBA Course?

Well, you have learned a lot about Amazon FBA courses till now, but still, a question might be knocking on your mind that whether you should go for it or not, right?

Let us answer this question with the real-life experience of my reader. According to a person I know, Amazon FBA was the hardest work for him. 

No doubt, the task was hard for him, but, he was really interested in it. His hunger to become an Amazon FBA agent forced him to spend a lot of time researching and learning. Even after spending tons of hours on Youtube, he didn’t find the proper guide. 

The biggest problem in YouTube tutorials was that proper step-wise details were not included. So, finally, the reader decided to go for an Amazon FBA course. After taking the course, he started earning a handsome income. His earnings are the best answer and reason you can get:

amazon fba earnings after taking a course

So, the final answer would be – if you can make the investment, you should definitely go for it but in case you are on a tight budget, wait until you have sufficient funds.

Who Should Be Trying Amazon FBA Courses?

Well, the answer is really simple! These courses are for anyone who is looking to work from home! And also for the people who are seeking additional streams of income.

Don’t take these courses if you are not willing to take action and start selling on Amazon. These courses are also for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business. Basically, aspiring entrepreneurs who love arbitrage should try an FBA course and not the lazy lads!

When To Invest In Amazon FBA Courses?

Getting an entry in Amazon is not a piece of cake, as we already discussed. It has several different requirements that you have to fulfill first.

Well, the difficult journey starts when the account is activated. You have to look for different elements, such as product ranking, Amazon SEO, selling points, marketing strategies, and other vital things in order to become get going without any problems.

But if you are a beginner and don’t know how to make your page highly successful, then I would highly recommend you to invest in Amazon FBA courses.

If you are serious about taking your business to the peak, then Amazon FBA courses are going to be the best guide for you. These courses are going to provide you with all the information that you need to keep in consideration while selling. 

In simple words, the best time to invest in an Amazon FBA course is when you are serious with your goals. Also, if you have a good business mindset and want to boost your product sales on Amazon, go for these courses. It’ll be worth it!

When Not To Invest In Nn Amazon FBA Course?

Knowing how to sell on Amazon can create a viable business for you. If you are already an expert in selling products on Amazon, you don’t need to take such courses.

If you are already capable of tackling all the challenges that might occur during your shipping process or some other challenges, it wouldn’t be a good choice for you to invest in an Amazon FBA course. 

Your experience is going to be the key to success on Amazon. If you have a lack of motivation and time, and you are not willing to commit to this platform for the long term, just don’t waste money by investing in the Amazon FBA course.

Also, if you are looking for short-time commitments or you can’t focus well on the business, I will highly recommend you to not go for Amazon FBA courses. 

How To Spot Legit And Fake Amazon FBA Courses?

All the reviews that you read online about Amazon FBA courses might not be legitimate at all.

There are a lot of course creators/gurus out there who are always keeping track of reviewers and have their own team to post and rank reviews on search engines for people to get impressed and buy their courses.

You’re going to want to be very skeptical and search for underrated reviews that talk about the product genuinely.

It’s not just about fake reviews/courses, but it is also about irrelevant courses. You have to purchase courses that are actually delivering what is being promised in the first place.

You will want to make sure that the course creator is someone who knows what he’s talking about. Just because selling digital courses is a trend right now, there are noobs selling $1000 courses and making a lot of money from that just because their promotional strategies are powerful.

So, here’s how you can differentiate between a fake/irrelevant course and a valuable course:

Legit/Valuable FBA CourseFake/Irrelevant FBA Course
Don’t show luxury cars in the promotionsA lot of show off in the promotions
Talks about the value you will getTalks about the outcomes you will get
Shows/shares personal journeysShares fake testimonials
Doesn’t cost a lot of money in most casesVery expensive in most cases
Doesn’t push the viewers/visitors/customersIs very pushy and attacks a customer psychologically
Has a lot of non-bias legitimate reviewsHas a lot of biased reviews because of an affiliate program

Should You Take A Free Amazon FBA Course Or Paid One?

There are both free and paid Amazon FBA courses out there but which one is should you choose? Both of these course categories have their own pros and cons.

If I talk about a free Amazon FBA course, the biggest pro of it is that you don’t need to pay for it. But, unfortunately, you will only get access to the generic stuff.

Where living in a consumer world end nothing is free here. If you want to learn and earn from Amazon as a seller, you will have to pay the price for it.

In the paid version of these courses, you will get plenty of facilities/perks. You are also given a certificate after completion.

Moreover, you can ask questions to the instructor directly. So, a paid course is way better than the free one.

Pros Of Taking Amazon FBA Courses

  • Saves Time

Starting with the Amazon FBA program can be quite intimidating initially. It is because you don’t know how to make your page/products visible to others and sell your products.

And while thinking about all this stuff on your own, a lot of your time is wasted. So by taking the Amazon FBA course, you will be able to operate the program in less time than you expect.

  • Learn Valuable Information:

From finding your client to sending your product to an Amazon warehouse, Amazon FBA courses can provide you with valuable information to set up your business and take it to the next level. You will also get access to a valuable community of like-minded sellers.

As the selling landscape of amazon keeps on changing, the course will always keep you updated with it. Amazon FBA courses help you to tackle all types of situations.

Cons Of Amazon FBA Courses

  • There aren’t many guns of purchasing in Amazon FBA course. One possible downside that I can think of is that sometimes a good course can be pretty expensive for beginners and this can lead to a lot of problems because generally, newcomers don’t have the money to invest in something that is actually worth it and can save them a lot of money as well as time in the upcoming times.

In Conclusion

Before ending the article, let’s conclude every single thing I discussed here. If you are planning to start your business on Amazon without any knowledge, Amazon FBA courses are for you.

Amazon FBA courses are available in both paid and nonpaid versions. Of course, you will get more benefits from the paid courses because there is the availability of the instructor, effective strategies, new updates, and certificates are also provided.

There are many misconceptions related to Amazon FBA courses. I have tried to clear all those myths by answering several pivotal questions. I hope you found everything helpful.

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