The Super Affiliate Network Review: Know The Truth

So you’ve just come across The Super Affiliate Network and have been doing some research to find out whether it’s another ‘make money online’ scam or a legitimate network, right?

Well, in this Super Affiliate Network, I will tell you if you should join the program or stay away from it. Without any further ado, let’s get right into the details and learn more about The Super Affiliate Network.

What Exactly Is The Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network Review

The Super Affiliate Network is a training program put together for affiliate marketers who are looking to succeed online. It’s been started by Misha Wilson who is a traffic generation and conversion optimization expert.

And he actually is an expert. Well, why am I saying this? It’s because the sales pages themselves on the official website show it. Those sales videos make you excited to find out more by joining the program, the perfect color schemes, headlines, and scarcity you get to see with it. That’s what conversion optimization is.

Getting back to the topic, The Super Affiliate Network actually is a Multi-Level Marketing company. What this means is, once you enroll, you have to recruit other new members under you to earn commissions and the people you recruited will do the same. This process goes on and on.

There are tens of upsells in the system once you join that can start from a couple of dollars and skyrocket up to thousands of dollars. There are various products offered by The Super Affiliate Network which I’ll be listing down below.

Products Offered By The Super Affiliate Network

The Super Affiliate Network has a variety of products that teach you different skills to master the game of affiliate marketing. I must say that the value in the courses and products is quite good but at the same time, it’s not the best. Still, I’m going to present their various products down below and explain what they are all about.

#1 The Profit Boosting Bootcamp

The Super Affiliate Network Review USA

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp is kind of the basic product offered by The Super Affiliate Network. In this mini-course, you are going to learn about the business model of affiliate marketing thoroughly.

This mini-course has 15 modules that walk you through the strategies you need to know to be a successful affiliate marketing. I must say that this training is quite organized and really helpful if you don’t know much about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that can allow you travel the world, have a good time, and make you passive income at the same time.

As far as the question is about quality, I think this $7 investment is worth it. But it’s not just about $7, you will discover the real prices further.

#2 The Solo Ad Success Formula

The Super Affiliate Network review

Solo ads are really popular in the online world. Often people watch a couple of YouTube videos on solo ads, try it, and fail miserably. And that’s where everybody gets it wrong. To learn how to use solo ads properly, you need to have and know the right skills and strategies.

Considering how greatly solo ads can be profitable for you as an affiliate marketer, The Solo Ad Success Mastery will teach you how to choose the right vendors, write the right copy to get conversions, and how to perform the necessary tracking part properly.

There are a total of 11 modules in this course and it’s priced at a $297 one time payment. I think an investment of $297 is worth it to acquire knowledge about solo ads. But at the same time, I think solo ads are going to be saturated after a period of time because customers are getting smarter and smarter.

If you just keep sending promotions after promotions to your list, they eventually will stop checking your emails. Hence, for now, solo ads can be a great option to build a strong budget, and then you can try other different methods.

#3 The IM Profit Formula

The Super Affiliate Network Review

The IM Profit Formula is a book by Misha Wilson teaching you specific strategies, tactics, and hacks to launch your first profitable online business without getting overwhelmed by the information available here and there.

As a bonus with this book, Misha is going to reveal the exact formula he used to make 10 million dollars by the age of 27. He will also give you Done For You traffic sources, 3 consulting calls, the first 6 modules of the Super Affiliate Profit Boosting Bootcamp, and a 2 hours webinar.

This is going to cost you $7 and shipping, which isn’t really a big deal again.

#4 The Super Affiliate Inner Circle

The Super Affiliate Network Review

This product is again going to cost you $297 (one time) and it gives you access to the inner circle coaching calls, a community of top affiliate marketers that are earning huge sums of money with The Super Affiliate Network, monthly coaching, and access to The Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0.

That’s what you will get in this investment. And that’s not where it stops. They keep updating the program and there are multiple upsells that actually cost you thousands of dollars.

#5 The Basic Membership

If you choose the free trial while getting started, you are going to pay $47 per month for being a part of The Super Affiliate System and if you directly get started, it’s going to be $37 per month.

Here, you are going to be taught about email marketing, psychology, mindset, email list building, email marketing, automation, and selling.

There are a total of 21 modules and you are going to want to complete 1 module per day, so it’s going to take you 21 days (3 weeks). You can’t really go through each all of the modules or multiple modules in a single time.

This is actually really good for not getting overwhelmed. People buy courses and join programs just for preventing the extra useless information that does nothing but diverts you. And The Super Affiliate Network fulfills that.

#6 The Super Affiliate Network Pro Membership

In this membership, you earn the maximum amounts of commissions (like $1000+ per sale). Other than this, you’re going to get access to exclusive weekly and monthly training, the private Facebook group, and other Done For You services and bonuses.

This is going to cost you a $2, 497 one time payment. Which could be and could not be much depending upon what kind of results you are getting from the previous implementations of strategies you did.

#7 Maui Intensive Mentoring Event

This event is held in Maui, Hawaii where you are going to meet Misha and his team personally and get an opportunity to work with him closely.

Getting mentored by an expert is the best option ever, but the problem is that it is going to cost you $12,497 (one-time payment) to be there. Therefore, this option should only be chosen if you are already doing great profits with their network. Else not recommended!

Is There Any Customer Support?

Well yes, there’s a customer support team to help you out but rather, you are going to have to chat on the basic membership! And I don’t really think ‘chatting’ is a good solution when you need any help with something.

Is There Any Refund Policy?

The SAN refund Policy.

For their digital products, if you don’t like them, you’re welcome to request a refund within 30 days of buying period and a refund will be initiated.

On the other hand, for the exclusive events you participate in, no refunds are available. So, if you’re not confident with the events, you will be at your own risk.

Pros and Cons of The Super Affiliate Network


  1. Organized Information
  2. Valuable Coaching
  3. Chat support if you are comfortable with it
  4. Misha Wilson is an executor himself
  5. No useless information
  6. Solo ads course
  7. Mindset and psychology classes
  8. A positive community
  9. Program is updated regularly
  10. Done For You system


  1. Extremely Expensive
  2. Video lectures a limited
  3. Chat support isn’t a good choice
  4. Very competitive
  5. Too many upsell
  6. No refund policy for physical events
  7. Some areas could have been more detailed in the courses
  8. Confusing payments
  9. Limited niches

The Super Affiliate Network Review: Final Verdict

The Super Affiliate Network is not a scam and a legit training program and system for affiliate marketers. It does provide value but I would not recommend it because of the huge upsells that can drain your budget within days.

You don’t have to spend $12,500 – $15,000 or $20,000 to learn a business model. That’s really silly! So, if you are a new affiliate marketer, I highly recommend you stay away from The Super Affiliate Network.

The best alternative option I could give you is the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge by David Sharpe (a person I’ve learned from) which is nothing more than a small one-time fee! You can get started with the business builder challenge by navigating through the button below and they’ll actually help you launch a business within 15 days!

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