Poll Pay Review: Is It Just A Waste Of Time? (The Truth)

So you’ve just got to know about Poll Pay: a place where you can take surveys and easily earn some extra money on the side online without doing much work.

Well, is that really so? Is Poll Pay a real website or application? How much time you will need to invest while working with this website? Is it worth the time? And what is a better way to generate money online instead of Pool Pay?

If you are looking for answers to all of these questions, I’ve got you covered. In this Poll Pay review, I’m going to share every little detail you need to know before you think about joining Poll Pay and start taking surveys.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into this Poll Pay review and figure out whether or not you should check it out.

Poll Pay Review: What Exactly It Is?

Poll Pay is a website and application where you can take surveys and make money doing that. You can either use it as a website or download the Poll Pay application on your mobile phone.

There are various different surveys offered by the website that you can take and in return for your time, a few cents are paid to you every time you do that. In simple words, it is a survey website/application.

Is Poll Pay Real or Fake?

Poll Pay is definitely a real website that has its own as well as third-party surveys you can participate in. It is not a scam and a legitimate website/app. But at the same time, many users have reported that they have had a lot of issues taking surveys, getting paid, and a variety of different problems.

This could make you feel it as a scam but it actually is not. As the website and application is constantly under construction, users may face some technical glitches.

Poll Pay Review: How to Signup & The Interface

You can register with Poll Pay just like you do with any other survey website or application. The signup process is quite straightforward. You can join Poll Pay via Google, Facebook, iTunes, and Twitter accounts.

Once you signup for Poll Pay, you will see a dashboard where you will be able to see the available surveys just as shown below.

Poll Pay Review: Can You Make Money Taking Surveys?

I don’t know what actually was the problem but I signed up on the website and continuously for two days (after providing every information correctly), a message stating “We couldn’t find a survey for you” was appearing in my account.

On the third day though, I was able to take a survey and everything was working fine. I had to invest 37 minutes answering irrelevant questions for earning $0.08 so I decided not to do that…but else there wasn’t any problem.

I did check a lot of people’s reviews and feedbacks about getting paid for the surveys and the majority of users said the amount for the surveys does get credited into your account.

Also, they have an affiliate program that you can join, and every time a new user creates a Poll Pay account under you and starts earning, you get paid a little bit of extra money.

Poll Pay Review: Can You Make Money Taking Surveys?

As you can see above, you earn 15% of what they earn inside Poll Pay.

Poll Pay Review: How Much Can You Make?

As the story goes with most of these survey apps and websites, you can’t really make much money taking surveys. Sometimes, even if you spend 10 hours working per day, you only end up making anywhere from $2-5 or $5-10 (if you get extremely lucky).

Also, you won’t be seeing surveys available on the website every single day. The availability is very irregular and after working for two or three days, you might get annoyed by everything and never open the website again.

And that actually is the real truth of these survey apps and websites. I have a real, working, and legit way to make money online at the end of this post so keep reading.

Poll Pay Review: How Do You Get Paid?

Poll Pay Review: Can You Make Money Taking Surveys?

At the moment, if you have $5 in your Poll Pay account, you can cash out via PayPal anytime you want. Other than PayPal, there are no other payment methods available.

Pros Of Poll Pay

Easy way to make some money if you have no skill.
Everyone around the world can join.
You can get paid via PayPal.
Easy to use website and application interface.

Cons of Poll Pay

Not the best use of your free time.
People have experienced technical glitches.
Extremely low earnings.
No consistent work.
No skillful work and no growth.
PayPal charges are deducted.
Not a sustainable way to earn money online.

Poll Pay Review: My Final Verdict

After trying and testing the website myself and a lot of other survey websites, my final conclusion would be that Poll Pay might not be a good option for you to check out. And honestly, no other survey website or application would ever be recommended if you are serious about making money online. Therefore, I would suggest you stay away from Poll Pay.

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