Grammarly Vs Turnitin: A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to checking plagiarism and grammar, the two tools that come into consideration are Grammarly and Turnitin.

Both of them are pretty amazing tools and they have been around for a long time now. But which of the two is a better solution for you?

Should you use Grammarly for your tasks or should you use Turnitin? What’s the difference between the two tools and what are the cases when you should use Grammarly instead of Turnitin and vice versa.

Well, if you want to find out everything about the two tools and want to know what’s the right platform for you, I got you covered.

In this Grammarly Vs Turnitin post, I’m going to share with you all the details you need about the two tools and hopefully, help you make a better decision.

So, without any further ado, let’s get our match of Grammarly Vs Turnitin started real quick and find out who the winner is.

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly Vs Turnitin

Grammarly is an extremely popular San Francisco-based software company that helps bloggers, writers, publishers, and all other individuals in editing their articles, checking typical and advanced grammatical errors, enhancing the written-word quality, and checking plagiarism.

It was 2009 when the tool first came out in the growing world of the internet and today, it’s one of the most utilized grammar checker and plagiarism checker tools used by millions of students, business professionals, and all general internet users.

Grammarly can be used on Microsoft Word or as a Chrome extension to help people express their ideas efficiently and uniquely.

I have been using Grammarly ever since I got into blogging and it has saved me a whole lot of time in the process of content creation.

What Is Turnitin?

Grammarly Vs Turnitin

Turnitin is a tool/software (or whatever you call it) that is extremely popular in the academic sector. It is mainly known for checking plagiarism from millions of sources on the internet and its own database.

This software was first launched in the year 1997 and as of now, Turnitin is used by over 15 thousand well-known institutions around the world.

The companies headquarters are based in California, United States and they have been known for the work flexibility it provides to students and universities, as well as the reliability of the service.

But not only it checks plagiarism, but it also can be used to check and correct general spelling and grammatical errors.

What Are The Features Of Grammarly?

So, there are a lot of helpful features Grammarly offers to its users to help them enhance the quality of their writing, check the uniqueness of their written content, and make the process of writing much easier as well as faster.

Let’s just have a look at all the features Grammarly provides:

  • It checks common & advanced spelling and grammar errors
  • Helps users write content within Grammarly’s own editor
  • Helps users check and correct grammar errors in Microsoft Word and across the web
  • Provides definitions of unknown terminologies
  • Provides word suggestions and synonyms
  • Helps users check plagiarism thoroughly
  • Assists people to adjust the tone of their writing style
  • It also helps businesses work with their team members collectively or separately
  • Provides research & writing support to Libraries
  • Helps institutions improve the writing skills of their students by providing advanced-level functionalities
  • Helps users with their preferred English types (US, UK, Canadian, and Australian)

What Are The Features Of Turnitin?

Turnitin is also a great company and software that is used by millions and millions of students…however, it actually has pretty different features than Grammarly.

Let’s have a look at the features of Turnitin:

  • Turnitin scans through millions of sources to compare assignments and detect if there are any plagiarism issues
  • It automatically gives grades after scanning through the assignments
  • Checks common spelling and grammar errors
  • Helps instructors to allows students for resubmitting and receiving revised reports
  • Helps instructors give feedback on assignments in a short period of time

What Is The Pricing Of Grammarly?

Grammarly currently offers three different plans to their users and all of them have their own special features and nifty specialties. Let me show them to you in a tabular format.

Grammarly PlanMonthly Pricing
Free Plan$0.00/month
Premium Plan$11.66/month
Business Plan$12.50/month/member

What Is The Pricing Of Turnitin?

Turnitin has a totally different pricing system. As Turnitin is only used by Universities and educational institutions, the pricing is finalized after a discussion.

But compared to Grammarly, Turnitin is much more expensive (which is really a big downside).

When To Pick Grammarly?

If you are trying to write blog posts, general articles, do some research work or just write high-quality, clear, concise, and professional documents with a limited budget, you should prefer or pick Grammarly over Turnitin.

When To Pick Turnitin?

If you are trying to check plagiarism in your institutional assignments to know the originality of your documents or papers, Turnitin can be a good option. Many of the institutions prefer Turnitin so if. yours is using Turnitin, you can definitely use it for the better.

Grammarly Pros

  1. Easy to use if compared to other platforms
  2. Fast and reputed company
  3. Can be used across all devices
  4. Extremely affordable for individuals
  5. Offers a free plan to beginners
  6. Easily integrates with other platforms

Grammarly Cons

  1. The free plan is very limited
  2. It’s not always perfect
  3. Doesn’t always work on every website
  4. Can be a bit slow sometimes

Turnitin Pros

  1. One of the best plagiarism detectors out there on the web
  2. Checks spelling and grammar
  3. Provides contextual data
  4. Easy to use for students and instructors
  5. Extremely reliable and trusted platform

Turnitin Cons

  1. Slower than other platforms
  2. Very expensive if compared to other competitors
  3. The sign-in process is too complicated
  4. Slow support in some countries

Grammarly Vs Turnitin: Which Is Better?

Grammarly is a grammar and plagiarism checker designed mainly for bloggers, writers, and business professionals. Turnitin on the other side helps students and instructors check the originality of their documents or papers. Hence, they both are pretty different from each other and users should pick what suits them.

To provide you with some more general information, here’s a comparison table you might want to have a look at:

Number of usersOver 30 million usersOver 30 million students
Character Count LimitUp to 150,00025-30,000
SpeedFastest softwareSlower than Grammarly
Free PlanAvailableNot available
DatabaseOver 16 billion sources all across the internet200 million student papers,
17 billion websites, and 90,000 journals, periodicals, and books.
Reliability Score8 out of 10 (8/10)9 out of 10 (9/10)
UsabilityExtremely user-friendlyNot as user friendly as Grammarly
Grammar Check10/105/10
Overall Rating9/106/10

In Conclusion

As you have read the comparison post on Grammarly Vs Turnitin, both of the tools are different and an individual or an entity should be choosing the one the fits their needs. Both of the tools specialize in their own terms but I personally believe that Grammarly is a more flexible, fast, and versatile tool everyone should try once.

Grammarly is my top recommended plagiarism checker as well as grammar checker tool of all time (especially for bloggers).

I hope you found this precise post helpful. If you have any questions or experiences to share, feel free to jump into the comments section down below and let me know what you think.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a platform designed to help writers enhance their writing skills and check whether or not what they are writing is unique.

What exactly is Turnitin?

A well-established plagiarism checker tool used by thousands of institutions all around the world.

Are both the tools reliable?

Long story short – both of the tools are highly reliable and you have full control over your information.

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