15 Dental Affiliate Programs (With Great Payouts!)

A person’s smile is a big factor in how presentable they look and, in turn, the opportunities that are available to them. 

I remember when I used to work for a major hotel, a senior staff woman told all us freshers about how she used to have crooked teeth and never thought much of it until one day, the owner of the hotel suggested she get braces.

Influenced by his kindly delivered advice, she went through with the procedure. She told everyone in this induction program that her entire life changed because of that small decision, as it gave her a whole wave of confidence.

Similarly, a person can also be deeply affected by losing their teeth. You might also know that dental care tends to be extremely expensive. That’s why I’ve created this list of dental affiliate programs.

After searching for ways in which you can earn a share of the massive investments people make in their dental health, these are the opportunities that stood out to me.

Check them out, and you might find something awesome.

Best Dental Affiliate Programs

  1. Dentistry Support Affiliate Program
  2. Dental Save Affiliate Program
  3. Practice By Numbers Affiliate Program
  4. Dental Insurance Affiliate Program
  5. Apex Dental Sensors Affiliate Program
  6. TeethTalk Ads Affiliate Program
  7. Avia Dental Plan Affiliate Program
  8. TempStars Affiliate Program
  9. DirectDental Affiliate Program
  10. GO Smile Affiliate Program
  11. Dental Portal Affiliate Program
  12. AutoBrush Affiliate Program
  13. Cocofloss Affiliate Program
  14. Glo Science Affiliate Program
  15. Keeko Oral Care Affiliate Program

1. Dentistry Support Affiliate Program

The first company on this list is a remote dental support team that helps sole practitioners expand their businesses. A dental education can take up to thirteen years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete.

Imagine the frustration when you finish it and realize that you also need to handle so many other administrative parts of your business, like accounts, insurance, and patient support. 

Labor can be very expensive, which is why hiring such a support team can be a viable option for many dentists. They take care of insurance, billing, AR support, Credentialing, and phone handling for your audience.

Dentistry Support’s affiliate program offers you a one-time ten percent commission on the first month of paid services for every dental office enrolled using your unique coupon code.

Payments are made through PayPal.

Niche: Dental Support

Company Page: https://www.dentistrysupport.com

Sign Up Page: https://www.dentistrysupport.com/affiliate

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: Coupon Code System

2. Dental Save Affiliate Program

Here is a service you can sell to people who want affordable dental care, which is actually most people.

Healthcare, in general, is pretty expensive, and most people dread the dentist for the bills rather than the painful procedures.

Dental Save offers a subscription service to your audience that gives them access to discounts and offers on all dental procedures. They are able to offer these discounts by partnering with dentists throughout the country.

These discount plans can help your audience save between 25-50% on their dental expenses. Now, who doesn’t want cheaper dental care? It’s important to clarify that this is not an insurance service.

By affiliating with Dental Save, you can earn a thirty-five percent commission every time one of your referrals signs up for a membership.

Your referrals can also save money on vision, hearing, and prescription drugs.

Niche: Dental Discount Plans 

Company Page: https://dentalsave.com

Sign Up Page: https://dentalsave.com/affiliates

Commission Rate: 35%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

3. Practice By Numbers Affiliate Program

Practice By Numbers is a software company that provides a range of SaaS solutions for dental practitioners. This is a good company to promote to smart, business-minded doctors who aren’t afraid of techy solutions. 

The company offers a ton of different services that can help dentists with marketing, CRM, operations, and analytics. These include everything from patient forms and payments to revenue and goal management.

Their aim is to help doctors run their practice like CEOs, having dominion over all aspects of their business despite being hard-pressed on time.

This affiliate program will earn you a respectable two-hundred-dollar bounty for each new customer who subscribes to any of these services through your links.

Tracking is available, but a cookie duration is not mentioned.

Niche: SaaS For Dentists

Company Page: https://practicenumbers.com

Sign Up Page: https://practicenumbers.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: $200

Cookie Duration: Not Shared

4. Dental Insurance Affiliate Program

We have another company for consumers, this time for dental insurance rather than discounts. Most people can’t afford medical care in the US without health insurance, so this might be a good website to promote.

DentalInsurance.com allows users to compare various different dental insurance plans online in one place and choose the best one for them. The website also has agents and customer support to help with the process.

The website is rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot and is certified by Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. This makes the website more trustworthy.

Just like the case of similar comparison websites in the travel niche, DentalInsurance.com has not shared a standard commission rate for its affiliates, and you will have to sign up in order to find out more.

Niche: Dental Insurance Plans

Company Page: https://www.dentalinsurance.com

Sign Up Page: https://www.dentalinsurance.com/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Not available

5. Apex Dental Sensors Affiliate Program

This company makes high-quality and durable dental sensors that are affordable and easy to use. To be more specific, Apex specializes in high-resolution CMOS sensors that come with optimized imaging software.

 Obviously, this one is also for dentists and can help them speed up their workflow, saving them time and money. The sensors are also thin, lightweight, waterproof, and dust-proof.

I would suggest you ask an unbiased dentist before you choose to promote these products. It’s always good to get a second opinion from someone in the field before potentially losing credibility with your audience.

Apex Dental Sensors offers two different affiliate programs; the first one pays you one hundred bucks on each sale, while the second one earns you a five percent commission. Both have a month-long cookie duration.

Niche: Dental Equipment

Company Page: https://dentalsensors.com

Sign Up Page: https://dentalsensors.com/partners/affiliates

Commission Rate: $100 or 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. TeethTalk Ads Affiliate Program

TeethTalk Ads is an interesting company, to say the least. It was started in 2019 by three people to help others find reliable dentists and to help dentists save time by giving them a way to do effective marketing for their practice.

The company has a platform on social media and this website, as well as a huge community of people interested in dental care. They provide free value to their audience through their YouTube channel called Teeth Talk Girl.

What’s interesting is that TeethTalk has essentially become a rather effective multi-media agency that’s run by dentists.

Other practitioners can sign up with them, and they will run digital marketing campaigns for them that deliver.

The website looks great, and judging by their YouTube channel, they definitely know what they are doing. Sign up through the link below to find out more. This can be a great program if you have an audience of dentists.

Niche: Marketing Services for Dentists

Company Page: https://www.teethtalkads.com

Sign Up Page: https://www.teethtalkads.com/affiliates

Commission Rate: Not shared

Cookie Duration: Unavailable

7. Avia Dental Plan Affiliate Program

Did you know that about fifty percent of all Americans cannot afford dental care? I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it was that dire. Well, companies like Avia are here to help improve the situation.

Their discount dental plans for families, individuals, groups, and seniors can save customers thousands of dollars on all kinds of dental procedures.

Members also receive discounts on prescriptions and vision care without additional charges.

Avia Dental Plan’s affiliate program offers you a thirty-five-dollar bounty on each dental plan purchased through your referral.

This might seem a bit less, but it can still be a good option to consider since the services are more affordable. 

Niche: Discount Dental Plans

Company Page: https://aviadental.com

Sign Up Page: https://aviadental.com/avia-dental-plan-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: $35

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

8. TempStars Affiliate Program

Being a dentist is demanding work. All sole practitioners seem to have a never-ending stream of tasks that always require their attention, and they are commonly short on time. 

Combine with that an unreliable staff or a moody temperament, and you have a recipe for disaster. Everyone faces emergencies sometimes, or they just need the occasional break. 

That’s why TempStars is such an awesome platform. It allows practice owners and managers to find reliable staff on short notice and dentists to find their dream jobs with just a few clicks.

Their commission structure has a three-tier structure with a different cookie duration and commission rate for each level. Click on the link below to check out all the details.

Niche: Dentist Hiring Platform

Company Page: https://www.tempstars.com

Sign Up Page: Click here

Commission Rate: 10-50%

Cookie Duration: 30-365 days

9. DirectDental Affiliate Program

Direct Dental is a blog that has evolved into a fully-fledged platform for dentists. The website has tons of posts on all kinds of dental-related topics and queries, with tons of featured products and services.

Owners can also hire by posting jobs or requesting temps, and dentists can find and search for jobs by signing themselves up. Safe to say, Direct Dental is a unique company on this list.

You can sign up for this affiliate program and earn up to fifteen percent commissions on all sales made by dental offices that use your code while signing up for their account.

You will earn a commission on any sale they make within a year of signing up.

Niche: Dentist Hiring Platform

Company Page: https://blog.directdental.com

Sign Up Page: Click Here

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Duration: 365 days

10. GO Smile Affiliate Program

As they love to say in the dental community, prevention is better than cure. That’s why many people would also prefer this company rather than all the other ones featured thus far on this list.

GO Smile is a woman-owned business that was founded by a dentist twenty years ago. It is an online store with original dental care products that range from automatic toothbrush devices and toothpaste.

The products specialize in teeth whitening, which is one of the most in-demand categories of toothpaste. They also have different products for children and adults. 

Their catalog and website look great, and their stock can be found in major retail stores like Target, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, and on Amazon.

Sign up for GO Smile’s affiliate program through FlexOffers to find out more. 

Niche: Dental Care Products

Company Page: https://gosmile.com

Sign Up Page: https://gosmile.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rate: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Not shared by GO Smile

11. Dental Portal Affiliate Program

This one is a no-nonsense website that serves as a professional network for dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and other dental professionals across the US. The site is minimalistic and to the point.

Dental Portal is an online directory of dentists. A dentist can benefit greatly by utilizing this platform, as they also provide turnkey solutions related to internet strategy. 

The website is also quite successful; a dentist who uploads their profile here can expect to be featured in up to fifteen other high-profile job directories and hiring websites like Indeed and Simply Hired.

Their affiliate program can earn you a twenty percent commission on each signup fee paid by one of your referrals. This would amount to forty dollars on a yearly subscription.

Niche: Dental Network

Company Page: https://www.dentalportal.com

Sign Up Page: https://www.dentalportal.com/affiliateprogram.php

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

12. AutoBrush Affiliate Program

I’m sure you might remember what a chore it was for you to brush your teeth as a child. I, for one, never wanted to do it myself.

I dreaded the discomfort of a toothbrush, the cold water, and the painfully minty toothpaste in the morning.

Imagine how hard it is for parents to make sure the job is done. Worry not, AutoBrush is here to the rescue! This one might easily be the best-looking website on this list thus far. 

AutoBrush’s products are designed especially for kids, and their toothpaste comes in all kinds of tasty flavors. Their toothbrushes have a “Kid-proof” design which guarantees a fun and complete brush every time.

The company has also been featured on major platforms like Popsugar, Forbes, and BuzzFeed. Earn up to ten percent commissions by signing up for this affiliate program. 

Niche: Dental Care For Kids

Company Page: https://tryautobrush.com

Sign Up Page: https://tryautobrush.com/pages/influencers

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

13. Cocofloss Affiliate Program

Cocofloss is another awesome dental care brand that was started by a dentist and her sister. Apparently, I was saving the best for last because this website also looks very attractive.

Their iconic floss is designed with a loofa-like texture that does the job really well in a gentle way, and all their other products also match this deep-but-gentle cleaning experience as well.

On the one hand, consumer products like these are great for you to make bulk sales to your average audience member. On the other, they don’t cost that much.

Good thing that the commission rate is way above average, then!

You can sign up for Cocofloss’s affiliate program through Refersiona dn earn a twenty percent commission on all sales made by your referrals within a thirty-day cookie duration.

Niche: Dental Care Products

Company Page: https://cocofloss.com

Sign Up Page: https://cocofloss.refersion.com

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Glo Science Affiliate Program

I must admit, I’ve never heard of a teeth whitening device before, but I’m not exactly huge on self-care in the first place.

Still, I tend to be skeptical when I hear about some kind of technology that delivers these kinds of results.

Glo Science does a pretty good job of putting my worries at ease through its well-designed sales funnel and scientific explanations of how these products actually work. Science is always good when it comes to tech.

Their website has all kinds of awesome products that range from very high-end sophisticated devices to basic toothbrushes and whitening gels. Their average order value is quite high, at around $100.

This affiliate program offers you a ten percent commission within a thirty-day referral window on sales of all Glo Science products. You will also get custom digital assets for your promotional needs.

Niche: Teeth Whitening Devices

Company Page: https://gloscience.com

Sign Up Page: https://gloscience.com/pages/teeth-whitening-affiliate-program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. Keeko Oral Care Affiliate Program

Add Keeko Oral Care to the list of the best-looking dental care websites as well. Bright, white, and delightfully attractive is how I would describe all their products and the website to match!

What’s more, this Australian company is all about natural products. This means all their products are vegan, cruelty-free, oral microbe friendly, and also happen to be certified plastic neutral. 

I mean, what more can you ask for? They have teeth-whitening pens, cool-looking toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, floss, and mouthwash with special options for everything from bad breath to gum care and cavities. 

Join Keeko’s affiliate program through the link below to earn a six percent commission within a thirty-day cookie duration on all their products.

Niche: Dental Care Products (US & AUS)

Company Page: https://www.keekooralcare.com

Sign Up Page: https://www.keekooralcare.com/pages/affiliate

Commission Rate: 6%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

A ton of professionals have been coming to the internet to capitalize on their immense expertise. We have seen doctors, surgeons, first responders, and chefs starting their side hustles as content creators online.

Real talent, skill, and knowledge are very rare, and if you know your stuff when it comes to teeth, you should definitely share it with the world. 

This means that dentists have a lot of potential as content creators, as we have seen in TeethTalk Ads on #6. 

You can also make use of the consumer-oriented options at the bottom of the list for something that’s appealing to a wider audience. Yet, the real money is in the niche stuff. 

I advise you to get a professional opinion before you promote any of these companies, just to be more safe in your promotions. It’s easier to sell a product or service that works. All the best, and I hope it helped!

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