Asos Affiliate Program: Worth Joining? (If Yes, Where)

In this article, you will thoroughly understand what the ASOS affiliate program got for you.

I have done my unbiased research and have brought up all the essential points for you in this article.

There are many sources over the internet, but this piece will simplify complicated terms and focuses only on what’s important, which is commission rates, cookie duration, and additional befits you as an affiliate can get after joining the ASOS partner program. 

I don’t want to waste any time of yours, that’s why I have categorized all the details (into smaller sections) so you can look for them without getting confused. 

ASOS: Company Overview

ASOS Company Overview

ASOS is a British online seller of fashion and beauty goods. Founded in 2000, the company has become one of the world’s leading fashion retailers that offers a diverse selection of goods, including clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, and beauty products. 

ASOS also has an extensive range of designer collaborations and its own line of products.

The company offers more than 850 brands in addition to its own line of apparel and accessories.

With its global presence, ASOS offers customers access to over eight five countries worldwide.

In addition to providing customers with the latest fashion trends, ASOS also provides them with a convenient shopping experience through its website and mobile app. 

With its commitment to customer service, quality, and sustainability, ASOS is dedicated to delivering an exceptional shopping experience for all customers around the world.

ASOS Affiliate Program Overview

ASOS Affiliate Program Overview

It’s not that I think you do not know what an affiliate program is, but for a better understanding, let me rephrase it in simple words;

An affiliate program is an arrangement that companies initiate to increase their web traffic and sale with the help of another person or company (majorly influencers and bloggers) in exchange for fees or commissions. 

Like other companies, ASOS has an affiliate program where marketers are approached to promote its product and earn money after sales are made through them (it is as simple as it sounds!).

Official Website:

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to check the signup page

Commission Rates: Up to 7% commission, new customer – 6%, existing customer – 3%

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Affiliate Network/Platform: FlexOffers

This company offers several benefits for its global partners to refer its products to the masses; the brand’s policy includes-

  •  Earn up to a seven percent commission rate (this is the upper limit in the rates!)
  •  Where for every new customer, you get six percent
  •  And for existing customers- three percent
  •  Tracking dashboard
  •  An affiliate team to help you with promotions
  •  Promotional materials
  •  High-quality product feed 
  •  A forty-five-day cookie period
  • Associate network: FlexOffers
  • No minimum payout
  • Payment modes- bank transfers and Paypal
  • Monthly payments

Payment or compensation is one of the most crucial things to take into account when selecting an affiliate program; because, let’s be honest, we all are working primarily for the payouts. 

The ASOS partner program offers single-tier commissions (which means affiliates only get paid after they make sales!). There’s a fixed commission structure with no minimum threshold. 

Please read the detailed information or get in touch with the ASOS Affiliates team to know more about its program. 

How To Join The ASOS Program?

Joining the affiliate program is a simple process; ASOS is connected with FlexOffers to run its partner program, so you need to register yourself with this network.

Once approved, you will get an account to start your affiliate journey!

And signing up is free, so you can join anytime you want to earn a passive income.

The process might be effortless, but you should know that ASOS is a global company that approves people with the same interest as the brand.

Your values and working strategy should collide with each other, and the person applying must have a base following to attract the brand.

Additionally, have a stable blog or website; a genuine and good number of followers across your social media handles so the approving team trusts you to promote its products. 

If you are an established fashion or beauty blogger with a large audience and create content that is religious or political agenda-free, then there’s a high chance you will get accepted. 

Now you know all about the joining process and the benefits you can get from ASOS, let’s look at what advantages and disadvantages you have if you join this affiliate program. 

Pros of ASOS Affiliate Program

This brand is famous among all fashion lovers because of its trendy designs and stylish wearables; from shoes to accessories, it has everything you would need to look contemporarily updated.

These are the grounds on which I think any affiliate should join ASOS as its partner-

  • Reasonable Commission Rates for its partners.
  • Conversion Rates are higher (industry data says so!).
  • Market leader globally in the fashion industry, so people already recognize this brand.
  • Eye-Catching Affiliate Banners.
  • A wide range of clothes, accessories, shoes, and cosmetics for all genders and age groups (you can target any audience!)
  • Special Affiliate Link.

Also, ASOS has many offers and attractive policies for its customers that make your job easy to promote: student discounts, free shipping worldwide, and premier delivery for just nineteen dollars a year.

Cons of ASOS Affiliate Program

From all the analysis I have done, there are indeed a few reasons that can be considered valid for not joining this program. 

Firstly, the average commission rate of 4-4.5% is not much when the brand’s products are not highly-priced. 

Then, the waiting period is really long to get accepted because not everyone can get in as ASOS’s partner (the brand has high standards, apparently!).

A third-party affiliate network (FlexOffers) does not have very good customer support (might keep you hanging!)

Only influencers with big and popular pages are accepted by ASOS (I mean, this is their policy, but if you are a newbie in social media, then this affiliate program is not for you!)

Two Alternatives An Affiliate Can Join (Instead Of ASOS) 

If you are looking for alternative brands of ASOS that are offering high commissions without any substantial downside…I have two for you- look and decide for yourself if these brands are better for your affiliate journey!

At first, I have Mott & Bow.

1. Mott & Bow

It is a NewYork based brand that excels in basics but offers premium quality at fair prices. 

This place is majorly known for its high-quality jeans for both women and men; the fitting and material of the apparel attract customers the most.

Talking about its affiliate program (managed by Pepperjam), it offers- a twenty percent commission rate, a fourteen-day cookie window, and updated banners and product catalogs. 

It can be quite a competitor for ASOS as this brand offers high rates, and the prices are comparatively higher, so you can get lofty commissions. 

Affiliate Signup Page:

2. Pretty Little Thing

I am sure you must have seen its products all over social media because it offers a variety of apparel, shoes, accessories, home decor, and beauty.

From casuals to dressy, aesthetics to runway collection, they have everything for their customers. The prices are also quite reasonable, which benefits the affiliate in attracting their audience. 

To its affiliates, they have exciting banners, exclusive offers, a tracking dashboard, and a thirty-day cookie duration.

The affiliate network partner is AWIN (one of the best!), and the standard commission rate is ten percent. 

Affiliate Signup Page:

In my opinion, these two brands are great if you want to enter the fashion industry as an affiliate, but ASOS is not on your list.

In Conclusion

If you are a fashion lover or catering to the audience who watches you because you post fashion-related content, then I can assume how much you want to partner with ASOS.  

I have accumulated all the information about this brand’s affiliate program in one place for you to understand what benefits you might get after registering with it. 

I should add that this is not the only fashion brand you should look for, but if you are an ASOS enthusiast, follow the steps and sign up with Flex Offers.

It might take time; if you are not approved by the brand immediately, keep trying. As persistence is the key to earning high commissions and being associated with great brands like this.

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